2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Review

2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Review all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup truck if you found this video because of the title and the descriptions that contain references to the GMC Sierra then fear not the Silverado and the Sierra are as they have always been mechanical twins really the only difference between them is features
option packages and a little bit of

exterior and interior styling the
overall theme for 2014 is incredibly Square it also has just a little bit of Chevy Camaro going on right up front we have very bold lines very straight lines as well not a whole lot of character lines going on across the front as you can see there’s not a whole lot of a step down right here around the headlamps like you see in the Ford and the RAM pickup trucks still have a great deal of chrome even though we have parking sensors in our z71 version right here one thing to note up front is this low air dam it is
removable if you do value ground

clearance but the reason it’s here is
for fuel economy because fuel economy has been a big push in the pickup truck segment that something we’ll focus on a little bit in this review I think the Silverados front end styling is the most attractive of the big three players in the pickup truck segment but I’m not a huge fan of the side styling and it’s pretty much down to these very square wheel arches right here both front and rear I think that they would look a little bit more attractive if you could have a car with square wheels but since cars have round wheels I find square wheel arches just a little bit odd do let me know what you think in the comment section down below let me know if I’m crazy or if I’m not love to hear from you about what you think about the
styling other than that everything is

pretty much standard pickup truck fare
we have three different cab configurations and new for 2014 we now have three different bed configurations because this configuration wasn’t possible in 2013 and that’s a standard bed and this crew cab before if you have the crew cab you had to have a slightly shorter bed but now you can have the six foot six bed as well as the long pickup truck that means that were 20 feet long just about in this 2014 Silverado with form following function in every pickup truck on the market not a whole Lots changed for 2014 except this tailgate this is now an easy open easy closed tailgate and that’s not because this is made of fiberglass or some other light material it is still a solid heavy duty steel tailgate it’s just that it has some assist mechanisms going on inside

to allow you to open and close it with
one hand more easily that’s a great improvement because pickup truck tailgates have been pretty heavy the other thing to note back here is how pickup trucks have continually grown if you park this next to say in 1980s or 1990s Chevy pickup truck you’ll notice how huge this pickup truck has become and that’s what makes these steps integrated right here into the bumpers just a little bit more important because it makes it a lot easier to get yourself up into the bed of the pickup truck because if I open this tailgate right here you can see I’m 6 feet tall and this pickup truck tailgate right here hits me right around the crotch level that’s a pretty hard thing to just hike yourself up into if you have armfuls of whatever right here we have a 7 pin wiring harness a four pin wiring harness
nice and high up out of dirt and Grimes

way we have our standard 2 inch receiver
right there there is a maxxtow trailering package available in the 2014 Silverado let’s this thing tow about 12,000 pounds but we’ll cover that in a bit the big news for 2014 is right here under the hood because we don’t have one new engine we don’t have two new engines we actually have three new engines for 2014 things start out with a brand new 4.3 liter v6 engine it’s good for 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque one thing to note is this is a pickup truck dedicated v6 engine it’s not like the passenger car v6 engine that both RAM and Ford are shoving under the hood of their pickup truck engines that’s most notable in the torque figure 305 pound-feet of torque is fairly high for a v6 engine it also is delivered at a fairly low rpm making it much better at towing than some of those other

competition we then have the choice of

two brand new v8 engines we have a 5.3
liter v8 producing 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque then we have a 6.2 liter v8 engine good for 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque now all three of these engines feature new variable valve timing as well as direct injection for the 2014 model year making them very feature-rich engines the v8 engines also feature cylinder deactivation very similar to what Chrysler is using in the Ram 1500 with the 5.7 liter Hemi all three engines are mated to a General Motors 6-speed automatic transmission and you can optionally get a part-time four-wheel-drive system with a low-range gearbox thanks to these new engines fuel economy numbers for the silverado rise to 18 miles per gallon city 24 highway for the v6 16 23 for the 5.3 liter v8 and 15 21 for the 6.2 liter v8 you can deduct about one mile per gallon if you opt for the optional part-time four-wheel drive

system in the Silverado one thing to
keep in mind about those fuel economy numbers is that unlike certain models from the competition you don’t have to get an arrow trim package of the Silverado in order to get that 1824 in the v6 all v6 models of the Silverado that a two-wheel drive are rated for that 1820 for the 2014 Silverado tops the charts in terms of payload the days of a half-ton pickup truck only carrying half a ton are long gone payload capacity ranges from 1,800 to 2,100 pounds in the 1500 series Silverado the important thing to keep in mind with that is although it is higher than the RAM or the Ford pickup truck it also has a very narrow range so that means that if you get the extended cab
and extended bed your payload is still

about 1,800 pounds so you only lose
about 300 pounds of payload or so going for the long cab and short bed versus the standard cab and long bed which is usually where you find the high payload capacity in most of these pickup trucks do keep that in mind when you take a look at the Ram 1500 the Ford f-150 or the toda tundra or any of those other options out there because if you take a look at their maximum payload specifications typically it’s for the small cab and the long bed or even the small cab and the short bed do keep that in mind because the Silverado as I said it doesn’t change that much depending on which cab in which bed configuration you get there solidly high any way you slice it towing is a little bit less competitive on the v6 front the v6 can only toast 6,400 pounds versus about 7,500 pounds in the RAM 1500 v6 thanks to the new 8-speed automatic going on over there at Chrysler the 5.3 liter v8 engine like we have here it’s about 10,000 pounds and if you get the 6.2 liter v8 engine then that has class-leading towing capacity at about 12,000 pounds but do keep in mind that if you have a trailer with a gross trailer weight of over 10,000 pounds or more then most states in the United States will require that you have a commercial driver’s license so you probably won’t be towing trailers that
heavy with your regular old class a

license front seat comfort is excellent
in the LTZ model we have firmly upholstered leather wrapped front seats for both the driver and passenger multi-way power controls again for both the driver and the front passenger one disappointment is this two-way adjustable lumbar support General Motors had been known for a four-way adjustable lumbar support for quite some time and they’ve kind of cheaped out just a little bit for the 2014 Silverado it is just a little bit of a appointment I ranked these seats slightly better than the RAM 1500 seats because all of the RAM 1500 seats have a better range of motion for my body type they do feel like you’re sitting on the seat rather than in the seat the seat bottom cushion has a definite hump to it that you don’t find in this Silverado I rank both of them just a little bit more comfortable than the Ford f-150 the Silverado gets a tilt telescoping steering column but does operate very differently than most that you’ve seen out on the market we have two different levers one tilts the steering wheel and the other one telescopes the steering wheel as you can see there so you do have a two lever arrangement to deal

with when you’re tilting and telescoping

the steering wheel and of course since it’s not powered it’s not memory enabled however part of the reason they do this is because you get a much broader range of motion than you would in another steering wheel design can’t imagine anyone needing to have their steering wheel position in some of these fashions but if you do want your steering wheel tilted this low but still quite far out there really isn’t anything else that you can do that with on the market hopping in the back you really feel like you sink into these seats because the cushioning is an awful lot softer than the front seats makes them a little bit more comfortable for me than the front seats but it also makes them a decent amount more comfortable than the RAM or the Ford seats the RAM in Ford seats are also a little bit higher off the ground which makes it more comfortable for adults in terms of thigh support but not quite as convenient for kids over here we have height adjustable headrests for the two outboard passengers in the Silverado and the seat bottom cushions fold up so you can put larger items in
the Silverado you can also get an

optional storage caddy tray that’s
integrated right here into the floor it is something different than the RAM because the RAM allows that option to be installed from the factory it’s in there in most of the models of RAM whereas the Silverado it’s a dealer-installed option taking a look around the interior we have height adjustable seat belts we also have 4-way adjustable headrests in both front seats these are ratchet mechanisms they move up and down as well as back and forth since we’re in the top at LTZ model we have the perforated leather seats that are both heated and cooled moving over to the doors you can see that our interior is this tan and brown color combo and everything above this armrest right here is soft touch plastics the only hard touch plastics you’ll find are really right here on these lower doors and some port parts of the center console over on the dashboard it’s all soft touch plastic with this faux stitching right here this is actually just a single piece injection the dashboard and then they run a sewing machine along it to give it the stitching line right here even these glove box covers do have a
slight soft touch feel to them opening

up the glove boxes reveals two fairly
small glove boxes that’s one problem I did find with the interior of the Silverado although the interior quality is very high overall moving over to the center console we have our 8 inch touchscreen in this particular model the base model does not have a touchscreen at all some upper-level models do have a 4.2 inch touchscreen and then the top 2 or 3 trims of the Silverado have this 8 inch touchscreen as standard it is available in certain other models down here we have our dual zone automatic climate control heated seats as well as cooled seats the way these operators you can heat just the back or the bottom and the back or you can cool the entire seat right like that this button Bank is where you’ll find things like a toggle switch for the adjustable pedals traction control off the bed light parking sensors lane departure warning and hill descent control below that you’ll find your power ports wide variety power ports here there are three USB power ports is our power only they do not interface with the radio but they do provide enough power to charge things
like an iPad or another tablet computer

we have 2 standard 12 volt outlets right
here and a 120 volt outlet again we are in the LTZ model so do keep that in mind going further down we have two large cupholders these were easily capable of accommodating the largest take out cups that we were able to throw at it it is removable and when you pop it out you reveal these little compartments right here you can put a phone in those as I will show you right here so you can set your phone in those little slots it helps hold that little storage cubby right there another deep well right there and then if we open the center console this is where you’ll find the USB ports for the radio we have 2 USB ports right here auxiliary input and a secure digital card slot these two ports do interface with the radio but they’re also capable of charging a high draw USB device then we get another 12-volt power port right there in our LTZ model we have a 6 dial instrument cluster with this four inch LCD right here in the center this 4 inch LCD is very configurable it also displays a wide variety of information right now we’re taking a look at our media information that is quite different than the RAM system where they have a 7 inch LCD in the center of their instrument cluster but it won’t display iPhone information or certain other media device information we also can use this to give you trip computer information speed limits engine
hours transmission temperatures trip

economy etc we can go back and we can

choose our phone interface you can actually use your phone interface here for contacts recent calls etc the navigation screen isn’t quite as fully featured we can only resume roots and turn voice prompts on and off but we can see turn-by-turn directions right there on that small screen and then we have access to certain settings via this screen as well moving out we have an all-new steering wheel design for the 2014 Silverado this is not as thick or as chunky as the RAM 1500 steering wheel so it’s not quite as good to hold but we do have a nice array of controls here we have our cruise control buttons over here on the Left we have collision warning heated steering wheel right there over here on the right we have our voice command button hang up button for the phone and then we have this 5 Way joystick which controls that 4.2 inch LCD in the middle of the instrument cluster on the back of the steering wheel is where you’ll find the volume and track controls on the right side of the steering wheel we have volume up and down and on the left side we have track up and down over here to the left of the steering wheel you’ll find your integrated trailer brake controller this is a $230 option it is well worth the price in my book however because most good trailer brake controllers are about $100 after market then you have to install them in the car they never looked quite as good and they may not function quite as well as this integrated trailer brake controller
either the display for the game control

is in that 4.2 inch LCD between the

tachometer and the speedometer down here we have the mode selector for our part-time four-wheel drive system two wheel high auto for high and for low the first thing you’ll notice about the Silverado out on the road is how quiet this pickup truck is we registered 68 decibels in our sound meter test which makes this not only the quietest pickup truck in this 1500 segment but also a very quiet vehicle in general most Buicks aren’t this quiet and you have to get a Lexus LS 460 in order to get this quiet in the Lexus lineup do keep in mind that we are in a fairly expensive trim of the Silverado 1500 however even the base trim of the Silverado 1500 is a very quiet pickup truck and it is certainly still quieter than the base pickup trucks from Ford as well as Ram in terms of performance this 5.3 liter v8 under the hood scooted us from 0 to 60 and 8.17 seconds that is just about the same as Ford’s 5 liter v8 but it’s a little but slower than the RAM 1500 with the 5.7 liter Hemi and the 8-speed automatic ride quality is very similar to the Ford f-150 which is to say it’s just a notch below the ram 1500 the primary reason for that is the RAM 1500 suspension setup which uses coil springs all the way around as well as Rams optional active air suspension which uses a four corner air suspension setup very similar to the height adjustable suspension
that’s found optionally in the current

generation Jeep Grand Cherokee those two

suspension systems really outperform this in terms of ride comfort out on the road but they also offer an important benefit when it comes time to towing as well or with heavy payloads in the back and the reason for that is if you put a heavy payload in this pickup truck or any pickup truck or really just any vehicle without a height adjustable suspension the suspension drops to a lower point than the mid point of its suspension travel suspensions are really designed optimally to operate in their midpoint of the suspension travel lets you know up and down rather than just being stuck at a low position you’re stuck at a low position that means there’s not a whole lot of downward movement left in the suspension you can hit your suspension bump stops cetera and the feeling isn’t all that great air suspension solve that by returning the suspension to the midpoint of its travel it doesn’t mean that you can tow or haul any more than a regular coil or regular leaf spring setup using those exact same components it just improves the feel overall it’s not just found in Rams 1500 series pickup truck however if you’re a general motors fan and you want that kind of a suspension setup you can find that in GM’s full-size SUV products handling is something that’s very difficult to comment in a video like this our particular z71 handles fairly well but there are a wide variety of wheel and

tire options available in the Silverado

pickup truck so it really greatly
depends on exactly which Silverado you’re getting overall all three pickup truck options that would be the GM the Ford and the Chrysler pickup truck options they’ll handle very similarly I’m not spending too much time talk about the Toyota Tundra because the tundra doesn’t really sell in the same volume as the big three Ford GM and Chrysler so I’m not going to be spending too much time talking about that tundra in terms of comparisons really sorry about that Toyota fans but I really based most of my comparisons on what actual shoppers are cross shopping it doesn’t really seem to be that Toyota truck as this is a pickup truck you shouldn’t expect fantastic steering or handling behavior out of the truck and that’s pretty true about this as well as the Ford or the Ram pickup truck options transmissions however are an area where you will find a huge difference between Ford GM and Chrysler Ford and GM are still using 6-speed automatic transmissions well Chrysler is now using an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission this is a 6-speed GM unit right here in this truck the shifting is not exactly smooth especially 1st to 2nd gear shifts and second to first gear shifts depending on what’s going on in this transmission it’s not exactly that big of a problem for pickup truck owners until you have driven a ram 1500 with the 8-speed automatic and as much as I agree that there are definite allegiances between brands in this particular segment so if you’re a Ford guy you’re kind of unlikely to really test out a GM or a Chrysler pickup truck that heavily same goes for Chrysler guys that aren’t really going to test out GM and Ford

pickup trucks too much before they sign

on the dotted line but seriously if you are at least willing to try out a ram pickup truck you need to go try that 8-speed automatic transmission because it is a night and day difference between this 6-speed automatic in the Silverado 1500 and the 8-speed automatic in that Ram 1500 the shifts are crisp they’re smooth and the gear ratios are very evenly spaced in that transmission has a very low first gear and a fairly tall eighth gear but it’s the gears in the middle that really make the big difference even though the v6 engine in the Silverado has very good performance numbers the v6 in the ram 1500 is a better towing engine just because of that transmission because you can really find all the gear ratios you need in that transmission that transmission is also why the tow rating on that Ram 1500 v6 is a little bit higher than it is in the v6 in the Silverado when it comes to v8s however the transmission is a little bit less important than the absolute power numbers because Chrysler’s 5.7 liter v8 has not only better power numbers than this 5.3 but it also has that same 8-speed automatic behind it on the flipside however when you go and take a look at GM’s 6.2 liter v8 engine it’s a great deal more powerful much better performance than you get out of Rams 5.7 liter v8 even though it has two less gears to play with having those eight speeds really helps the ram 1500 when it comes time to ho because if you’re towing 10,000 pounds behind a pickup truck that’s about 5,000 pounds in kerb weight that’s an awful lot of weight to be hauling around and the 8-speed automatic really helps every version of the RAM 1500 be a better tow vehicle especially in mountainous terrain than this every Silverado 1500 if that’s a concern at
all – but you’re still a Chevy kind of

guy then fear not General Motors is
supposedly working on an 8-speed automatic of their very own it’s not available at launch however so you may need to wait till the 2015 model year or a little bit longer in order to get that 8-speed automatic in your Silverado fuel economy has recently become very important to pickup shoppers and that’s an area where GM has made huge strides over RAM and Ford lately even though this has a six-speed automatic transmission instead of the 8-speed auto in the RAM 1500 this brand new ecotec3 engine which incorporates direct injection an aluminum block cylinder deactivation as well as variable valve timing really helps the fuel economy in the Silverado we’ve been averaging 16 point 5 to 17 miles per gallon over about 800 miles with this pickup truck and while on the surface of things that may not sound like a great number do keep in mind this is a very heavy truck it is a v8 engine we have been doing zero-to-sixty testing trailer testing all manner of testing city driving highway driving in this vehicle and I do commute up and over a twenty two hundred foot mountain pass so when you compare this to the v8 engine options in the competition this is an extraordinarily

good fuel economy number also keep in

mind that the EcoBoost v6 engine in the
Ford pickup trucks really doesn’t get any better mileage in this Ford does advertise that engine very heavily as being v8 power for v6 fuel economy and really what it turns out to be is v8 power for almost v6 fuel economy but a fairly thirsty v6 at that the combination of fuel efficiency technologies going on under the hood of this Silverado allowed us to average 23 miles per gallon on the highway with the cruise control set to 70 miles per hour over a 50 mile journey that’s a very good number for a pickup truck like this and once GM stuffs their new 8-speed automatic which we hear is in development under the hood expect those numbers to get even better in terms of the drive section of this review I rate the older f150 last in this particular section and I’m a little bit conflicted when it comes to the Silverado and the RAM the morado excels at fuel economy as well as payload capacity but the driving experience and the towing experience isn’t quite as good in the Silverado as it is in the ram the ram with that 8-speed automatic transmission gives you the best trailering experience that you can get in this segment it also delivers a very good ride out on the road the 5.7 liter Hemi from Chrysler is also a little bit more powerful in the 5.3 but most importantly it’s not as powerful as GM’s 6.2 liter v8 so do keep that in mind
another thing to keep in mind if you’re

doing some serious towing is that ram
eco v6 engine it is a 3 liter VM Motori v6 diesel and the power output numbers of that engine are really stellar it’s about 420 pound-feet of torque which is just about what the 6.2 liter v8 engine does in this Silverado pickup truck so it’s very good for towing still mated with that 8-speed automatic transmission it is a fairly pricey option however and don’t bother looking at the high fuel economy numbers that it’s getting we expect it to be rated about twenty-seven twenty-eight miles per gallon on the highway EPA but because it’s about a $5,000 option you’re really never going to pay that off unless you keep your car for about 300,000 miles or so General Motors has raised pricing for the 2014 silverado things start at at twenty five thousand five hundred seventy five dollars that is for the regular cab the regular bed and the v6 engine and two wheel drive that’s about a two thousand dollar increase over the 2013 model year however we are told that GM dealers are offering significant cash on the hood

for the Silverado models that means that

base pricing is just a little bit higher than Chrysler and Ford but we are told that once you factor in those dealer discounts the Silverado starts just a little bit less than both the Ford and the Chrysler pickup trucks the 2014 Silverado really brings up General Motors pickup truck game however it fails to dethrone the RAM 1500 in a number of important ways among those are trailering ability drivetrain smoothness as well as feature content we don’t have quite the same number of features available in the 1500 series Silverado that we do in the Ram 1500 the suspension setup isn’t quite as smooth out on the road the transmission isn’t
quite as smooth out on the road but the

Silverado comes back with high payload
capacity as well as decent fuel economy numbers from this new series of ecotec3 engines this is a pickup truck that I would buy but it really depends on what my priorities for that pickup truck are again if you need the high payload or good fuel economy numbers especially in the v6 engine trailering isn’t really your thing then
the Silverado 1500 is probably the

choice for you if however you do a lot of towing the RAM 1500 is probably the best choice if you do a lot of off-roading and you want that height adjustable air suspension then the RAM 1500 is also a good choice for that however I’m not exactly sure about the long-term durability of that air suspension just yet I do know that Jeep

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