2014 Chevrolet Spark EV MyLink Infotainment Review

I’m Alex dykes and today we’re inside a 2014 Chevrolet Spark Evy taking a look at Chevy’s Chevy link infotainment system this is a touchscreen infotainment system that’s also shared in the regular gasoline spark as well as a number of other low cost Chevy products it’s actually one of my favorite GM infotainment and navigation systems so let’s go over the
system right down here we have our home

button that’s how you get to the main
screen in the system over here on the right-hand side you’ll see the various feature I con what is connected right now so there’s a smartphone connected right now by the little smartphone icon mute button right over there we have our USB icon saying there’s USB connected you have our little OnStar button over there clock we have temperature outside then we have our various features right here these only buttons right here are touch buttons we have a touch power button touch home button and touch volume up and down button our Sparky B
does have volume controls on the

steering wheel as well multimedia is
where you will find all of your various entertainment interfaces so that’s am/fm XM Bluetooth iPod and then right here we have a number of other inputs which are not used in our particular vehicle which are you can get pictures from your USB ports you can also watch movies off of certain inputs our vehicle doesn’t have an input where you can do that and we only have one USB port in this vehicle so the USB one and USB 2 are a little bit extraneous your particular vehicle may vary upon your face is very fully featured we have shuffle repeat all we can click on that little indicator right there to slide across in the song we have album art displayed hit the menu button and we have full access to our playlists artists albums genres etc one
thing that we don’t have in this system

is full voice command ability like you
would find in Ford Sync instead we get an interesting twist we get a voice command button on the steering wheel that actually allows you to interface with the voice command system right on your cell phone or your mobile device so you can still directly access playlists and songs via voice command system it’s just that it will be the voice command system on your USB device or your iDevice and not a USB voice command system that’s integrated into the system the system’s Bluetooth phone interface is a very basic one but it is nicely featured with a full dial pad which I appreciate eight also have call history and a phonebook you won’t find any messaging support in the system like you would find in more expensive products back

button will take you back to that home

screen just like that home button will down there click on over to the smart phone link and this is where you’ll find app integration like bring go navigation tune in and stitcher radio the Branco navigation is an interesting twist now I’m going to load up that brain go app right here on my iPhone so you can see how this works but if I click right over here there’s no navigation software built into this unit instead what it’s doing is it’s drawing the information from the brain go app on my mobile phone as you can see now it shows that it’s connected via USB regular old USB cable right there works also with an Android phone and now it’s going to give you this entire navigation interface on the screen using the data from the smartphone as well as GPS and other location and data services from that smartphone as well so right now you can

see we have a map right here we have a

brain go menu so we can enter in addresses we have a recent list we can also see your points of interest take us back to home in office etc address entry in the system is very easy it’s also very snappy with this interface surprisingly so because of the way that it’s operating we have traffic information displayed right there from your USB connected device we have an eco screen this integrates with the vehicle to show you what your projected driving range would be according to the system are minimum driving range is 64 maximum is 97 and if we zoom out on this screen you’ll see that we have a little color-coded area there so you can see where you thinks you can go so anywhere in the green area is considered acceptable that’s of course a one-way trip also tells you where your nearest
charging station is located the best

part of brain go however is the cost

it’s only about five dollars you do need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to download the maps onto your phone all the maps are contained there on your device so you do not need to have an internet connection at the exact moment that you’re navigating in order to use a system because it does download them but it’s only five bucks versus 700 or $800 that you’d normally pay to add navigation to most touchscreen infotainment systems I really hope that GM continues to offer the system on a wider variety of products because this really is one of the best things I think GM has done in a very long time back on the home screen we have our electric info screen this is unique of course to the spark Eevee they have a power flow screen very similar to what you see in a Chevy Volt we have a battery and of course we have the electric motor tells you where your power is going the
charging screen allows you to see when

you would be completely charged if
you’re plugged in to 240 volts it also allows you to change on this side right here how you would like to charge when you’re connected to 110 volts this only applies to the portable charge card like it says right there so you can choose 8 amps or 12 amps one thing that I dislike however is the fact that it always defaults to 8 amps rather than the faster 12 amp charge method that’s supposedly because a number of volt customers complained that breakers are being tripped or whatever if your garage shares the charging circuit that you plan to use with your hundred 20 volt adapter with a refrigerator or something else like that then it is possible that you could trip your breaker and then
you’d end up in the morning with an

uncharged vehicle over here on the edit
we can change when we would like the vehicle to charge we can set it tell it when we plan to depart when we can when the lowest rates are and when our departure time is or we can help charge immediately so that we get a little bit more flexibility and cost control right there over here on the energy info screen you can see where your energy has been used for your last Drive you can see since it was last fully charged we’ve used 2.6 kilowatt hours then all of that was used on driving and accessories it doesn’t separate out the accessories which is one thing that I dislike about the system that the Chevy or the Nissan Leaf however it does it tells you how much the headlights are using how much the radio was using etc this does separate out climate setting and one big change for this evie versus the others on the market right now is that it shows you battery conditioning because this spark evie not only heats but it also cools the battery and it does so too in order to preserve battery life as well as battery range that’s something that the Nissan Leaf does not do because the Nissan Leaf really is just an air-cooled battery pack it’s not active in the same way that this spark AV does so I would expect the spark TV’s battery to last longer than that Leaf finally we have climate settings and
here you can control your automatic

climate control either via the physical
buttons lower in the dashboard or via these buttons right here in the screen now the temperature button is an Stane button because the system of course doesn’t use waste heat from the motor to heat the cabin because there really isn’t a whole lot of waste heat going on so it actually has to use a resistive element to heat the cabin and to turn that on or to turn on the air-conditioning you use that temp button so if the temp button is not highlighted as you see right there then the only power that our climate control system is using is for the fan right there it’s not doing anything else you can see how much it’s going to use if we air-conditioned there so I’ll turn that temperature down to the lowest you see 23% but if I turn the temperature is seen over here all the way up to high then you can see that we’re really using an awful lot more power because it uses more power to heat the cabin then cool the cabin finally on the settings screen we do have access to certain vehicle settings as well as radio settings vehicle settings you can change climate and comfort convenience lighting settings power door lock settings etc

you can also have the vehicle honk at
you if you leave your key in the car or you leave the car running with the key out of the car etc you can also choose when you want your radio to be powered down when the battery in the vehicle is less than 20% less than 15% etc and that is a feature to help you save a little bit of energy the radio doesn’t use a whole lot of energy so it’s not really going to get you that far but you do have the ability to do that you can also have it to honk if the power is lost so if someone pulls the plug out of the vehicle right there George charge cord theft you can have it honk for you you can also have it honk at you if the power is just lost for an electrical system reason so if the power goes out or the breaker trips and you can also have it honk at you to tell you that it is charging or not it’s also a little green LED on the top of the dashboard to help you out with that as well overall the system is one of my more favorite gentle motor systems and I wish the system was a standard system on every GM product rather than just a regular old boring

radio and if they wanted to upgrade to a

different product and that would be great but I really love this system the only thing that I dislike is this black plastic border down here does seem to be a little bit scratch prone my fingers are pretty dry and you can see that they’re already a little bit of fine scratching going on there down there but this system is one of the best navigation systems out there on the market especially for the money it’s very easy to use very intuitive it’s not horribly feature-rich but it does have all the basics that you might need thanks for taking the time to chess video go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen to be shifted on over to our complete review of the 2014 Chevy spark Eevee and we’ll see you next week

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