2014 Ford Fiesta Review

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let’s take a closer look at the 6.5 inch MyFord Touch system if you don’t care about infotainment follow those instructions at the bottom of your screen skip on over to the drive section of the review our particular Fiesta also has the Sony up level audio system does have a very natural sound to it and the whole system is controlled by this control button module right here as well as the touchscreen direct access to ou source button track forward backward

tune up and down this is your volume knob right here direct access to sound options power button eject button these are our door lock buttons and this is your hazard light button the 6.5 inch version of my Ford touch logically operates the same way as the 8 inch version just on a smaller screen that means that the images look like they’re slightly higher resolution but also makes it just a little bit more difficult to hit the exact option that you want the main screen is divided in these four quadrants over here we have our entertainment phone navigation and

then in this particular vehicle we have settings because you can’t control the climate via this touchscreen interface taking a look at infotainment first we have our usual assortment of inputs am/fm sirius satellite radio that single slot CD player and we have access to those two USB ports bluetooth stereo the SD card slot can’t use that if you do have the mapping on see we do have mapping on our particular versions that SD card slot is occupied for that we also have our line input there fully featured interface and Ford has made some significant strides with myford touch in recent years so system is a lot less buggy than it was initially it also is a little bit snappier in terms of navigating your music device right now we have an iPhone 5 connected as our iPod interface but it does work very

well with a wide variety of USB and Android devices as well one nice feature in this system is that when you’re on Sirius satellite radio you do have the ability to directly tune so you can hit the direct tuned button and then you can dial a station in right there manually and then directly tune to it over on the Bluetooth phone interface we have the same direct access buttons for your phone dialing phone book quick dial we also have a messaging tab if your device supports it currently iOS devices do not support Bluetooth messaging over here on the navigation tab we do have a fairly snappy navigation interface this is one of the major improvements for the MyFord Touch system lately is that the mapping interface has gotten a lot quicker we do also have serious traffic that’s

delivered by a Sirius satellite subscription so you do need that subscription in order to continue displaying the traffic information destination entry in my Ford touch is very easy via either the on-screen touch interface or that voice command button on the steering wheel that’s what makes the Ford Fiesta very unique in this segment because very few vehicles offer navigation in the subcompact segment let alone a fully integrated entertainment system moving over to the Settings tab we do have access to a wide variety of vehicle settings as well as MyFord Touch infotainment settings this is where you’ll turn off traction control enable valet mode change Hill Start Assist settings as well as rear view camera settings is one of the nice changes for 2014 is the rear view backup camera with backup sensors that will also display little colored boxes as an object

approaches the rear bumper


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