2014 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Infotainment Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and today we’re taking a look at the MyFord Touch infotainment system inside the Ford Focus ST this is a touchscreen system and the basic home screen is what you’re seeing right here it’s divided into four quadrants we have entertainment down here phone navigation if so equipped and climate over here if you didn’t have the navigation system all you would get is
this compass right there this I button

down here is where you access sync
services this is sort of like a lighter version of General Motors OnStar we also have access to our Sirius travelink information services if you pay for the subscription for that weather sports info traffic fuel prices etc the vehicle alerts calendars as well as sync apps that integrate with this system back on the home screen we’re going to take a look at entertainment first and that’s in this lower red quadrant here if we click on this will see our sources over here on the side am/fm Sirius satellite radio they were a single slot CD player
lower in the dashboard you can scoot

down we have our bluetooth input SD card
input as well as an a/v card input the Focus ST does have a manual source button lower in the dashboard allowing you to cycle through these inputs my for touch is one of the first systems on the market have a very full-featured iPod interface and that continues to click the Browse button over here you’ll be able to browse your media device whether it be an iPhone a USB and Android device etc have full access to playlists artists album genres etc and you do have also a full library of natural voice commands via the voice command system and you can tell the system you know play artist Madonna play artist Toby Keith etc and the system will find your your songs that match that description and start playing them in the system
system does work very well for those

voice commands we move over here to the
phone screen we have our typical Bluetooth phone interface with messaging of course if your Bluetooth device supports it iPhones do not support it at this time down here we also have a privacy button hold button mute button as well as a join button for conference calls leaving this to be one of the more fully featured interfaces available over here on the navigation screen over on the navigation tab we have a fairly high resolution mapping interface with XM traffic displayed right there on the screen it’s a little bit difficult to see in this video let’s see if we can adjust there we go so you can see that you can see this little green line right there on highway 17 that’s showing you that the traffic

condition is good right now overall

these maps aren’t quite as attractive as some of the newer entries in this lineup however these are still a more attractive than what you’ll find in something like a Volkswagen GTI which is a direct competitor with this Focus ST right here we can change our views up up the direction travel up north up we also have a 3d view right there we can also select a split-screen view which would show you your next point of interest category or next exit cetera zooming in and out right therapy those buttons this menu button over here takes you to system settings as well as a direct connect button for serious travel link information on the map again that requires a serious data subscription we hit the destination button we can enter via the screen right here at emergency point of interest favorites home street addresses etc one thing to note is that most of this is available via the

natural voice commands in the system
which is a very good thing because entering addresses in the system using the screen is very sluggish as you can see right here it’s just not responsive at all if you are going to enter a long address in the system you’d probably would have given up by the time you got there fortunately the voice commands are very quick and very responsive and also very accurate in the system the last quadrant down here is climate this is what differentiates this from something like a Fiesta ST the Fiesta doesn’t have the climate section here the slightly more expensive Ford vehicles do this means that you can control the climate control via this touchscreen or via the physical buttons down below you don’t have to use this setup right here but it also means that these are now voice command able with inside the sync

command system so you can hit the voice

button and then you can also voice
command your climate control there overall the system is very intuitive very slick very easy to use I find this much more intuitive than the system that Volkswagen is using in the current generation GTI I think this might be slightly more intuitive even than the current generation Mazda 3 system that was just launched in the brand new Mazda 3 the big difference however is that that Mazda 3 infotainment system is only available in the very high-end versions of the Mazda 3 the lower-end ones don’t get that new multi touchscreen interface with the joystick controller and the lower-end models just have a regular old button Bank and Ford is sticking this MyFord Touch system in pretty much all versions of the Ford Focus you don’t have to go terribly high up the food chain in order to get this system as an option it’s also not a terribly expensive option either and the navigation is a fairly decent value as

far as I’m concerned so I would

definitely get the MyFord Touch system and the navigation option in there ranked this obviously above the Volkswagen system probably above the Hyundai and Kia systems that are available in the market as well that’s been our quick look at my Ford touch be sure and click the banner down below to be directed to our full review of the Focus ST and you can also click that subscribe banner down there as well and be updated on all of our latest videos now

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