2014 Ford Fusion Child Seat Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes this is a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid that’s why there’s a plug coming out of the front right there and this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat this is our child seat review of all of the Ford Fusion models so while there are some differences on the inside of the hybrid and the energy models of the fusion they really don’t matter when it comes to
installing child seats in the back

before we dive right inside let’s talk
about the profile of the Ford Fusion because I find the fusion one of the most attractive mid-size sedans available not just in this midsize mass-market class but of any price range I really like the looks it’s an absolutely gorgeous vehicle front side and rear part of the reason of course is this coupe like profile however in the back the back of the fusion slants very aggressively down it means that there’s not as much Headroom in the back as you’ll find in something that’s very upright like a Honda Accord it also
means that getting in and out of the

back is a little bit trickier and
getting child seats in and out of the back is even trickier you can see I’m 6 feet tall and this door comes up right around my chest here so it’s not a very high off the ground vehicle makes getting child seats in and out of the car a little bit more of a pain in the back and it means you may bang your head right here on the ceiling when you’re getting a child in and out of the car let’s look at rearward facing child seats this child seat is installed in a rearward-facing fashion this front seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall I do like to sit in a fairly upright position because you can see there’s a reasonable amount of room between this child seat and that front seat that’s because the fusion does have a decent amount of rear
legroom even though Headroom is a little

bit limited if I move the front seat all
the way back in its tracks you can see there is still a decent amount of room between this rearward-facing child seat and the front seat this was suitable for a 6 foot 5 driver but the seat back angle is still the same that I had it in so it is fairly upright if you’re a taller person and you prefer a more reclined seating position there may be a little bit of interference between a child seat in this position and the front driver’s seat again this is because the Ford Fusion has a reasonable amount of rear seat legroom for forward-facing child seat installation the fusion only has two sets of latch anchors and those are on the outboard seats this middle seat doesn’t have latch anchors so you will have to use the lap and shoulder belt to

install a child seat we do still have a

top tether anchor for all seats one thing to keep in mind however is that I noticed this top tether anchor is awfully close to the child seat so depending on exactly how your child seats top tether buckle is arranged it may be difficult to actually tighten this top tether anchor because of the short distance between the anchor itself and the child seat at difficulties with the Straka classic rides as you can see the top is a little bit loose because it’s just not possible to get that top to there anchor any tighter in the fusion because the fusion is a fairly wide vehicle we can still fold this sixty portion of the 60/40 folding seat flat well we have a child seat on the sporty portion because we’re in the Ford Fusion Energi we have this fairly small slot right above the battery pack that allows you to put larger items from the trunk into the passenger area this would

be larger of course in the non plug-in
hybrid and it would be larger still in the regular old Ford Fusion one thing to keep in mind is that this still has a slot and that’s not something that you’ll find in the Honda Accord Hybrid or the Honda Accord plug-in and the Toyota Camry does not have a plug-in version it just has a regular hybrid one but it has a very small salt that’s maybe about this big right there for longer items like skis only you couldn’t fit anything wide you could still fit a surfboard in the Ford Fusion Energi through that slot and have a child seat on the side which is very handy we now to child seats in the fusion and things are starting to get a little bit tighter again this middle seat can only use the lap and shoulder belt because there are no dedicated child seat anchors for this middle seat very important thing to keep

in mind if you plan on putting two child

seats in the car in this configuration
so you can have the occasional passenger on one side or the other or you’re putting three across is that the middle seat cannot share dedicated child seat anchors for the other two seats so if your car only has two sets of latch anchors you’ll know by looking in your instruction manual then this middle seat must use lap and shoulder belt you should never share latch anchors because they’re not designed to withstand the weight of two child seats in an accident in order to use the top tether anchor in this middle seat you do have to remove the middle headrest it is fairly easy to do but it does interfere with that top tether anchor the outboard seat anchors do not however so you still can’t keep these headrests in place either in a lower or an upper position and have that top tether anchor work let’s close the door and see how we fit and the door is closed that’s actually a reasonable amount of room in the fusion there’s not

as much room as there it was in the

Honda Accord and if I sit upright my head is touching the ceiling that’s just because the sexy side profile of the Ford Fusion cuts down on rear headroom there is still a decent amount of legroom however in the back so it’s just it’s long but it’s not terribly tall back here it is fairly wide and the seat is reasonably comfortable it could buckle myself in if I had to because this seat is using the seat belt anchors and not latch anchors in the middle it is a little bit easier to get my seatbelt on it’s perfectly comfortable for an hour or two we now have the child seat situation that strikes fear in the hearts of mortal men it’s the three child seat across the back of a midsize

sedan test and the Ford Fusion scores
fairly well things are a little bit tighter back here than they are in the Honda Accord even though the fusion and the Honda Accord supposedly have about the same amount of width right back here in the backseat of the car that’s just down to the way they’re measured as well as the shapes that are going on in the car and how child seats interact versus how humans interact you know adults interact in the backseat if you’re unsure of how to install a child seat or you just want a little bit of help and go ahead and follow that link down there in the description of this video to find a certified child seat installer it is a very important thing to get right so if you’re unsure of how to do it or you have a new car and you’ve never done it before in that car or you aren’t used to carrying kids around in your car be sure and check with a professional about how to properly install a child seat in a car first you don’t want to get this wrong a few things to keep in mind is that most modern cars do have side curtain airbags and those side curtain airbags may have an impact on a child seat like this if you’re in an accident I still have a little bit of room between this child seat and the door so that is a good thing you don’t want these pressing right up against the door but that side curtain airbag will come
down to right about here or so on a

child seat so that is something to keep
in mind another thing to keep in mind as I said is that the center seat doesn’t have latch anchors so those two bottom anchors on the seat we still have a top tether anchor but that was a little bit tricky to install lastly the outboard seats latch anchors are very deep in the upholstery so it is bit more difficult for someone with a larger hand like me to get their hand in there and install or remove those latch anchors it took a while but I was able to fit two child seats in the back of the Ford Fusion Energi the Ford Fusion Hybrid just because of the way the trunk is arranged isn’t that much more accommodating for child seats but it will offer a bit more storage room for regular items and the regular Ford Fusion has a decently sized trunk and was able to accommodate three child seats as we’ll just about closed I swear it closed before there we go it will just about close with two child seats in there but it is a really tight it so I wedged them in there so I could close it let’s take them out so you can actually see in the trunk now see why things are a little bit tight and that’s because the Ford Fusion Hybrid plug-in

battery occupies a decent amount of

trunk spaces behind this barrier right here it means you can fit about two roller bags right down here in the cargo floor left and you do have a little bit of storage space right above the battery pack that you can put smaller items like purses or lamp stands or whatever it is that you want to put up there like I have right there and you will find the vehicle’s 12-volt battery right back here in the trunk as well on the side Ford opted for regular old rod style hinges like this rather than the hidden hinges on the side but they do cover them inside the trunk so it doesn’t really impact the cargo area so if you can fit it in the trunk you can close it so you won’t have these turn bars bopping your luggage on the top one last nice touches the fusion does have a trunk handle on the inside of the trunk to make it easier to close that trunk from the inside or from the outside again I’m Alex tine coz this has been the 2014 Ford Fusion Energi child seat review go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen we should have the full review on the
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so if that button at the bottom of your
screen doesn’t work now just go ahead and check back with us in a few days and it’ll be working then if you have any questions about this vehicle you can always comment in this comment section down below you can always email me at Alex on autos find me at facebook.com slash Alex on autos and we’ll see you next week you

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