2014 Ford Fusion Energi MyFord Touch Infotainment Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes today we’re inside the 2014 Ford Fusion Energi and we’re taking a look at the infotainment system otherwise known as my Ford touch we’re starting off right here in the instrument cluster because my Ford touch also uses these two 4.2 inch LCDs on either side of a central speedometer for additional interaction with that MyFord Touch system in
addition to providing entertainment

information this two screen layout also
replaces certain gauges for the car right over here we have the power gauge that shows you how much power is being delivered by the engine on that outer ring and by the electric motor on that inner ring I also have our average fuel economy we can see how much our climate and other systems are consuming they have a battery gauge right over here because we’re in plug-in Evie mode and we have a slightly charged battery this now says zero miles if it was completely drained and it was just operating in the hybrid battery it would just be a blue
little battery icon there with a line

somewhere and then we have a fuel gauge
right there both strains left and right are controlled via a corresponding button array on the steering wheel with left/right up/down and ok buttons they allow you to interact with that screen taking a look at the Left screen we have a wide variety of different displays available for our Evie here from different ways of viewing the way that your power is coming out of the engine to a view that’s customizable so this is my view you can actually change what these readouts are here so you can choose where they want to take ometer etc or you can choose what you want in this portion of the display making it a little bit handier there’s a little breaking coach here to tell you how well you’re accelerating braking and cruising
for optimum fuel economy going all the

way back we also have trip computers one
and two so you can see trip computer information there if fuel economy readout again with this braking coach fuel economy history etc can go at any time and change the interval time one two minutes you can alter how you want this battery display to be showing you can choose whether you want it to show whether regeneration is active it’ll put a little scroll wheel right there over the battery and you can have it to show your charge level going back down to the next one we have various information screens we have a system check feature which is very handy tells you what might be wrong with your car oil life is okay brakes are okay etc also have Mikey Mikey allows you to limit speeds and limit volume settings for your children so you

can program a key

only they can use the car with and will keep them from speeding or playing songs too loud we also have certain vehicle settings available right here on this screen moving over to the right side LCD this is where you’ll find your entertainment phon navigation interfaces etc entertainment in addition to showing you what’s currently playing also allows you to change your source so if you want to go there you can access the screen on the steering wheel or you can also do this via natural voice commands we have a phone interface fairly fully featured Bluetooth phone interface right here on that screen navigation this will show you either a compass or you can choose previous destinations favorites point of interests nearby it’ll also show you navigation next step directions it won’t show you a moving map on this display but it will show you next step without have climate control as well so you can

change your temperature change your fan
speed etc and for the hybrid models we have efficiency leaves seems a little bit silly it basically just grows leaves on these little vines right here to tell you how efficiently you’re driving the more efficiently you’re driving the more little leaves you’ll get moving over to the center console we have touch buttons for our climate control certain radio functions as well as our heated seats we have a physical button and knob for volume and power and we have a physical tuned button right over there during our week with this car we never had any problems with the touch buttons like we experienced with earlier generations of my for touch these things never went crazy assuming you were touching the wrong button at the wrong time we’re now moving on to the eight inch touchscreen that’s nestled right inside the

dashboard this is a large bright

touchscreen and this is one of the very
first completely integrated infotainment systems out on the market and it really shows in the polish that’s going on with the system especially when it comes to interaction with iPods and other USB media devices we’re on the home screen right here which is a four-quadrant setup we have navigation phone entertainment and our climate right over there I also have an additional info button right here where you can get sync services Travel link car alerts and see your calendar additional apps and you can ask the car where am i you can also click this button to access sync services which is kind of like a light version of General Motors OnStar service with OnStar there is a dedicated connection in the car so the car itself has a cell modem built into it and a cell phone built into it that’s not happening right here with sync sync instead uses you’re paired phone or

smart phone in order to interact with
sync services over here on the hybrid button because we are in the plug-in hybrid we have some additional screens it shows you your battery status your time – fully charged what time you’re starting to charge what time it’ll end the charge can also go over here to power and you can see how the vehicle is consuming the power so right now you can see it’s flowing from the plug to the climate and other systems and then on into the battery turn off the air-conditioning you’ll see that climate will start using less power right over here this little orb will decrease you can see now that’s using essentially no power the COG icon that’s where you will find vehicle
settings from cloth to display we also

have sound settings we have vehicle
settings like vehicle health reports you can change your door keypad code you can enable valet mode you can choose what the charge port light ring does whether it’s on/off or limited one recent addition to sync is this Wireless an internet option we click over here we do have Wi-Fi settings because the card does have a Wi-Fi interface built into it we also have USB mobile broadband if you have a USB broadband stick from Sprint or AT&T or whatever your carrier might be you can plug that right into the car and use the car as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your other devices also have Bluetooth settings and you can prioritize your connection method right here you can see how the vehicle will connect to the internet so you can see it can either be via Wi-Fi it can be via wireless data providers which would be that USB mobile broadband or it can be via your cellular paired smartphone that has a USB or Bluetooth data support over here on the yellow Bluetooth phone interface we have a very fully featured Bluetooth phone interface with a full dial pad which is a nice touch we also have quick dial phonebook access to our history we also have text messaging support if your device supports it but if I press on that little button I’ll get a little message saying that the iPhone currently does not support that
so you will need an Android phone or

certain other phones that may support
that I also have direct access to our phone settings right there we’re on the navigation tab we have access to our full navigation system this is available as a 795 dollar option our particular Ford Fusion trim we have various views here we have a pseudo 3d view we don’t have any topographical information as you’ll notice there we have Northup etc we also have a split screen view so you can see what’s coming up on your next freeway exit there or the single screen view navigation traffic is provided by Sirius XM so that does require a separate subscription rather than some of the other systems on the market that use your smart phone you can click somewhere on the maps as a way point and save to favourites etc you can also get a list of traffic we also have full access to navigation settings can meet your guidance right there and certain serious Travel Link services like fuel price etc you can click that right there we’re here on the destination option this is where you can enter a destination you do have to be stopped in order to use this particular interface you can search for addresses intersection city centre etc all of

these options are available via natural

voice commands in sync however these sync voice commands are getting a little bit slow compared to some of the newer competition it did take a little bit more time to enter a destination via the voice commands in the system than it did in certain competing systems one thing to note is that entering an address via voice commands is usually faster than trying to enter it on this keyboard because this version of sync does have a slightly slow processor although the graphics are very snappy over on the last tab which is climate it’s the blue one right down here on the right corner the system is very unique in the segment by not only offering you a touchscreen with all these buttons and options on it but also voice commands for all these options so you can click the voice command button on the steering wheel until the car to set the climate control to 70 degrees or 69 degrees or whatever temperature you’d like to do you can also tell it to go in auto mode etc almost all of these buttons our voice command able lastly on our infotainment tab you’ll see we do have album art and
we’re right now on our USB interface we

scroll down that list in those wells of
Bluetooth stereo an SD card input and the a/v input right there the center console if two USB ports in this car they do treat them as separate devices so they don’t amalgamate the library like you would find in Cadillac queue for certain other gentle motor systems single slot CD player Sirius with three presets four channels FM with three presets for channels and AM with two presets per channel because of sinks age things are very mature in the system so we didn’t notice any problems interacting with our iOS device the voice commands work very well and most importantly as many people have noted plugging and unplugging iOS devices or other USB media devices an awful lot of competitive systems forget which playlist you’re on that doesn’t really happen with sync so your day to day interactions with the system do seem to be a little bit more polished than some of the competition we have full access to our iPods or USB media devices playlists we have our songs artist album genre etc these are all completely voice command able like you in sync as well however possibly due to
the age of this system if we scroll down

to our Bluetooth interface if we were to
click on my iPhone which is Bluetooth paired with the system we would no longer be able to browse the songs and playlists on this device like you can of certain other competing systems over bluetooth most notably Honda system as well as the tota systems all allow you to interact with your phone’s playlists albums genres etc via that Bluetooth interface we still have album art support however overall myford touch is definitely my first choice in this segment and I think overall this is still my second choice right behind BMWs current generation I drive system in general terms how does two screen system just seems a little bit half-baked and the graphics aren’t quite as attractive as the system and it doesn’t interact with your gauge cluster like this system does it’s definitely worth in my mind paying the xr7 or $95 for the optional navigation software because you never know when you might need that navigation software is always something I would prefer to buy in a car although you do need to keep in mind that you do have to keep the software up-to-date just like
any other navigation system so you will

have to pay for regular map depth dates
etc and the nav traffic is an extra cost thanks taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex dykes go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen you can also click on over to the full review of the 2014 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid I expect that to review to be up there in about a day or so so if that buttons not working right now then go ahead and check back in a day or two you can also send me emails to Alex at Alex on autos comm find me at facebook.com slash Alex on autos and we’ll see you

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