2014 GMC Sierra Denali Pickup Truck Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and today we’re taking a look at a 2014 GMC Sierra this is the top and Denali term that we’re taking a look right now it is the most expensive GMC Sierra that you can get before we dive too much further let me say a few things first off let me apologize for my voice I’m going to sound a little bit nasally because I’m recovering from laryngitis so let me
apologize for that in advance

second thing is there is nothing
stronger than the brand loyalty when it comes to pick up truck brands there’s no other segment of the auto industry that has this kind of brand loyalty so if you own a GMC pickup truck or a Chevy pickup truck or a Ford pickup truck or a Ram pickup truck you’re more than likely going to buy another of that same brand cross shops between brands they’re incredibly rare so we’re really taking a look at this pickup truck in its own right if we’re being very honest about things I am however going to compare it to the existing Ram 1500 pickup truck
and I will make a few comparisons to the

Ford f-150 last few videos we’ve had on
pickup trucks in this channel I have been accused of forgetting Ford and I really couldn’t forget about the 800-pound gorilla in the room because the f-150 is the top-selling pickup truck I’m not forgetting about the f-150 I personally happen to think it’s unfair to compare these brand-new pickup trucks because this is an all-new model for General Motors as well as the heavily refreshed Ram 1500 that was introduced this year with an old f-150 that’s about to be replaced in just a few months with a brand new all aluminum bodied an all-new Ford f-150 pickup truck because we don’t have that much information on the 2015 f-150 and nobody has driven it yet I’m not going to comment very much on the Ford in this review I am going to
comment on a few things where it’s

applicable but on the whole I’m going to
save most of those Ford references Ford the Ford f-150 review will we can get our hands on one Ford hasn’t exactly said when that will be but I expect it to be somewhere in the middle of this 2014 calendar year because I said everybody in the pickup truck market seems to have an allegiance I do have to disclose that my family are primarily Dodge Ram people now you’d call them Ram people of course because Dodge is out of the equation for the RAM pickup trucks Ram is now its own brand but despite that I think that the front end of the Sierra is undeniably the most attractive pickup truck currently available on the market and for me that will also include the 2015 Ford f-150 I find the front end of the 2015 Ford f-150 just

little bit too cartoonish if I’m honest

I think that the RAM is kind of attractive but I’m not really a fan of that slanting grill that they’ve got going on on the current generation brand pickup truck I think this one has a little bit too much Chrome for my tastes but it is bold it’s very aggressive and it’s very big if you weren’t aware of this before you should know that the GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado our mechanical twins there’s really very little difference going on between the two of them other than the grill some headlight options some materia options some pricing and other things along those lines so these are very much the same vehicle so much of what I’m going to say about this vehicle also applies to the Chevy Silverado because we’re in the Denali trim we get this different grille on the front which i think is the most attractive grille available in the GM pickup truck line it’s very large

very bold and has this absolutely
enormous GMC logo up front because so many pickup trucks are sold in America there are a ton of different options to choose from and the first thing you have to decide is what body size you want there are five different options when it comes to the Sierra things start out with a two-door standard cab that’s available with either a standard or a long bed we then have a double cab that’s a four-door model as well you can get that with a standard box only we then have this crew cab model which has a longer rear door for more rear cabin space and this is available either with a short bed or a standard bed so that means there are three different cabs and there are three different bed sizes and they range in five different combinations General Motors continues to be very

dedicated to their square wheel well

design philosophy this is something we’ve seen from them for quite a while rather than having a round wheel arch that’s kind of overly round like the current generation f-150 we’ve gone for something that’s decidedly square I think it looks a little bit unusual in the Chevy Silverado but for some reason the GMC Sierra isn’t offending me quite so much I think that it’s mostly just the color scheme that’s going on with this pickup truck versus the last one we took a look at before please let me know what you think about score wheel wells in the comment section down below I’d love to hear what you think on the styling our particular model here has the standard 20-inch wheels so you can get up to 22 inch wheels in the Denali model but these wheel options are quite expensive they range from about 2002 almost $3,000 to change up from this to a 22 inch wheel what we’re talking about options on our tester we also have the
optional z71 off-road package on our

particular truck right here they have
these red shocks in the back they’re called Ranchero shocks it does affect the ride just a little bit in the pickup truck we also have these running boards on the side of the Sierra and these are not optional these are standard on every Denali model but there are optional on other versions of the pickup truck I personally would choose the $700 back in your pocket to delete option you can’t have them removed and get $70 back for some other option because I found them just a little bit useless for my tastes they’re not terribly good for off-roading because they do reduce your ground clearance but also you end up getting mud on your your pant leg or whatever if you’re commuting
in your pickup truck like I do then

you’re going to get mud on your on your
pant leg when you get to work and this is kind of a nuisance in my opinion if you are a shorter person or you do have kids that may need help to get in and out of the truck then it’s a great option to keep on the vehicle out back you won’t find any controversial styling on the Sierra you won’t even find very prominent dual exhaust tips like you’d find in certain brand pickup trucks instead we get that one off to the side it’s kind of demure we do have some nice touches here however we have a soft opening as well as a soft closing tailgate which is a handy standard feature in a pickup truck really makes it a lot easier to open and close that if you don’t have terribly strong arms or if you have kids that may need to open that with a backup camera fixed right here and it’s shining down right there on your trailer hitch and it’s very downward focused it’s not very back focused so you can really use that very easily to align your trailer if you’re going to tow something we also have these steps integrated right here into the back bumper of the Sierra making it a lot easier to get in and out of the bed of the pickup truck under this absolutely enormous hood you will find three brand new engines in the Silverado and the Sierra for 2014 things start out with a brand new 4.3 liter v6 engine
produces 285 horsepower 305 pound-feet

of torque
then we get a 5.3 liter v8 engine producing 335 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque and lastly we have this 6.2 liter v8 right here producing 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque in the Sierra Denali model that we’re looking at right now the 5.3 liter v8 engine is standard and the 6.2 liter v8 engine is a 1990 $5 option fuel economy ranges from 1824 in the 4.3 liter v6 to 1521 in this 6.2 liter v8 model those are both rear wheel drive mileage figures these are among the highest in the segment and really they’re tying with everybody else or beating everybody else those fuel economy numbers are really very good for a big pickup truck that’s heavy and has a decent payload and towing capacity the way that General Motors got there was by designing all-new engines these have aluminum blocks direct injection cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing even though they’re pushrod engine z’cylinder deactivation is the reason for the high highway numbers in these vehicles we’ve been averaging about 22 to 23 miles per gallon in highway

driving in this 6.2 liter v8 which is
better than the EPA number and it all comes down to that cylinder deactivation what’s interesting about this engine family is that even the v6 get cylinder deactivation technology operating on four cylinders at some times rather than three cylinders like certain other v6 is with cylinder deactivation in the past the VA it’s all operate in either v8 or four cylinder mode power is set to the rear via a standard General Motors 6-speed automatic transmission it’s the only transmission available there are of course four-wheel drive options available in the Sierra as well as the Silverado now that we’ve gone over engines let’s talk towing on our Denali model we have a 2-inch receiver we also have the 710 as well as a four pin trailer wiring harness connector I do find both of those very handy to be integrated right into the car towing capacity is very stout in the Sierra and this is really where it excels 7,000 pounds standard towing for the v6 model depends on how you’re equipped of course ten thousand two hundred pounds maximum if you get the 5.3 liter v8 and 12,000

pounds maximum with the 6.2 liter v8
these are all conventional trailering numbers and depending on the options that you choose in your vehicle whether it’s two-wheel drive four-wheel drive the size the bed the size of the cab etcetera that all affects your towing numbers needless to say however the towing numbers are surprisingly large for the Sierra across the board an important consideration when it comes to towing however is a little known fact that if you tell over ten thousand pounds in certain states California is definitely one of them then you will need either a commercial or a non commercial class a license in order to tow over ten thousand pounds in a private vehicle there are really no exceptions to that rule I get a lot of flack about that but the information is available there on your local DMV website it’s really clear it’s part of the California Vehicle Code and it’s really not up for dispute in fact I’ve known a number of journalists that have been at events towing trailers with manufacturer vehicles that were over ten thousand pounds they’ve gotten a very expensive ticket as a result so
be careful and keep

in mind before you get too excited about
that 12,000 pound towing capacity in the 6.2 liter v8 model payload capacity is another area where the Sierra and the Silverado excel over the competition payload ranges from about 1,900 pounds to around 2,100 pounds the important thing to know is that that range is very small it’s only about a 300 pound Delta between the lowest and the highest capacity of Silverado and Sierra 1500 pickup truck if you take a look at the Ram 1500 that Delta is much bigger it’s almost a thousand pounds or so because it is possible to find high configuration Ram 1500 S on the lot with under a thousand pounds of payload capacity Ford has yet to release payload charts on the new f-150 however I don’t expect it to depart that much from the current generation f-150 and there’s a great deal of variance there as well front seat comfort in our Denali trim is excellent we have a multi-way power driver seat with a four-way adjustable lumbar support a decent range of motion and very nicely bolstered seat bottoms and seat back cushions the passenger seat in our Denali has a very similar
range of motion to the driver’s seat and

we have a tilt telescoping steering
column but it operates a little bit differently than most there’s one lever for the telescoping and there’s another for tilting causes the range of motion to be just a little bit unusual when you’ve driven cars with other kinds of tilt telescoping steering columns but it does get the job done we also have a two position seat memory over there for the driver rear seat comfort is also excellent I find these rear seat bottom cushions to be just a little bit close to the floor from my tastes they’re going to be more comfortable for your children they also have adjustable rear headrests but they don’t go too high up so I would still bop my head on the rear glass if we got into an accident something to keep in mind if you routinely carry passengers in the back of your pickup truck and you’re really concerned about safety we’d have a generous amount of headroom here I probably have about four or five inches left and a decent amount of legroom sitting behind myself in this driver’s seat if I scoot all the way over to the right side this front seat was adjusted for a six foot five passenger I have no problem sitting comfortably behind this seat because this is a pickup truck we do have a very generously sized middle seat we also have an armrest that folds right out of there with dual cupholders and the seat bottom cushion flips up so you get a little bit
more cargo area right here in the back

if you need it you won’t find any

additional cargo dividers or anything like that going on the floor like you’ll find in the RAM 1500 or certain other pickup trucks out there on the market if you want know how child seats fit into the GMC Sierra then go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen you’ll be transported over to our child seat review of the Sierra that also applies to the Silverado of course if you want to wait for that they’ll also be linked at the end of the video we’re going to take a quick look around the interior now both the driver and the front passenger have height adjustable seat belts they’re because we’re in the Denali trim we do have Denali stitching right there on the headrests these are heated and cooled seats so they are perforated so that way the air can get through the leather take a look at the doors we do have soft touch plastics all over the door we also get fake wood trim that’s what sort of distinguishes this from the lesser pickup trucks if you get these chevy or other GMC pickup trucks you are going to get sort of a metallic finished plastic trim very much like you’ll find right there by that air vent over here on the passenger side we have two glove boxes they’re fairly small there’s one right up there and then there’s one right down there this one holds the manual and not much else this one is fairly small as you can see it holds this microphone case and not a whole lot else either the dashboard has this contrasting stitching this is an
injection molded dashboard with just

stitching run over the top of the

injection molding here in the center console we have the large IntelliLink display that’s standard on the Denali it’s optional on other versions of this pickup truck we have a single slot CD player right down there and physical buttons right here if you want to know more about the system then follow the link at the bottom of the video for the infotainment Review below that we have our dual zone climate control heated and cooled seat controls for the driver and the passenger over there and we have this button Bank of switches the only one of these switches that actually toggles is this one right here and that’s for the power adjustable pedals there are memory as well traction control off we have our bed light parking sensors lane departure warning and hill descent control there we have a large variety of ports here we have three charging USB ports two 12-volt power ports and one 110 volt AC port right there easily accessible below those ports is a very large center console if i zoom out you can see that there is a decent amount of storage capacity right there between the armrest which does open as well and those ports over here it’s in two tiers there’s this tier right here and then there’s a deeper well right down here these little rubber slots allow you to insert your cell phone or your wallet or whatever you might want to keep
up right there and if you take a look at

the side there you’ll notice these

little slots in the side and these are places where you can insert this large two cup cup holder arrangement so you can insert it in any of those positions or three positions across if you just sort of navigate that in there and then press down that will latch into place and you still have access to this compartment over here as well as the compartment in front the large center armrest has an area right here we can place your cellphone it’s a little grippy rubber paddler to help keep it from getting away from you we open up this armrest to find a very deep illuminated cubby we have a slot here so you put your smaller items two USB ports auxilary input as well as a secure digital input and a very large cubby that’s able to accommodate hanging file folders so if you look right here there is a hanging file folder slot right there so you can hang regular old letter files we also have an additional 12-volt power port because we’re in a Denali we have this large LCD instrument cluster right here between the speedometer and the tachometer these aren’t physical dials right there those are all part of the LCD so the only physical dials are the tachometer and the speedometer right there if you want to know more about that then just click on over to the infotainment video we’re going to go over that in depth over there if we move on out to the steering wheel we have a large soft leather

wrapped steering wheel this leather

isn’t quite as soft as you’ll find in
the high-end forward or high-end Ram pickup trucks but it is likely going to be more durable this four-way cluster right here controls that LCD in the dash right here we have our voice command button hang-up button over here we have our cruise control buttons heated steering wheel button and collision prevention button like the RAM pickup trucks you’ll find volume up and down and track forward and backward on buttons on the back of the steering wheel the Denali does have a column shifter and you’ll find manual modes right there and a tow haul button right up there at the end of the column shifter on the left side of the steering wheel you will find the optional integrated trailer brake controller this is a $230 option and it is worth every penny a good aftermarket trailer brake controller is going to be about $200 anyway having it installed in your car is going to cost more than $200 you might as well just get this integrated one it works very well with the cars electronics it also looks pretty good as well below that we have our four wheel drive control we have two low auto four high as well as four low in the system there is a neutral mode if you need to flat tow your Silverado or your Sierra this 6.2 liter v8 and sounds absolutely incredible out on the road I really love the way a large v8 engine sounds and this is the biggest displacement v8 engine you can get in a domestic 1500 series pickup truck produces 420 horsepower and it’s really obvious out on the road we scored zero to 60 in a sports car like 5.7 seconds in this pickup truck and this is a really heavy pickup truck so it is important to keep that in mind we also

have four-wheel drive on this truck and
that actually helped us in our 0 to 60 time because our best time was achieved by putting this truck in the four-wheel drive auto modes that we would lock up the front differential and help send some power up front to keep the rear wheels from just spinning uselessly on the tarmac a lot of people have made fun of Rams decision to move to coil springs in the rear suspension of their 1500 pickup truck but it really was a good move because the vast majority of pickup truck buyers according to independent research typically don’t tow or don’t haul a large amount of weight in the back of their pickup truck for the average driver that’s going to mean a better quality ride out on the road we’re on a fairly bumpy road and this chassis is just feeling a little bit upset with the leaf springs in the back that decision for those coil springs on the Ram 1500 are part of why the RAM 1500 can’t hold as much weight as this Sierra 1500 can however so if you do need payload capacity then you’re going to have to choose something like this with traditional leaf springs out on the back there is just a penalty be paid and that’s in the ride department when it comes to handling let’s just be really honest and say that no pickup truck is going to be the handling champ out on the road because all these vehicles are fairly high they’re fairly softly sprung they’ve got relatively narrow tires for the height of the vehicle in the weight of the vehicle etc but if I had to choose one it would again be that Ram 1500 and that’s again thanks to that rear suspension design that Chrysler has pioneered in the Ram 1500 it really helps that Ram 1500 feel very connected to the road the RAM also has the option of having a four quarter air suspension in that 1500 model and that yet again

does improve the ride quality out on the

road primarily because it can lower the chassis for better handling at higher speeds and it can raise it when you need it again for off-road clearance air suspension is really not going to be that popular of an option over there in RAM land so for the majority of people they’re not going to notice that big of a difference between this and that Ram 1500 the new f-150 is going to be a lot lighter because it’s made of aluminum and I do expect it to handle better than this GMC Sierra because it’s going to be a lot lighter and by a lot I mean nearly a thousand pounds is what we’re being told it’s going to be somewhere between 700 and a thousand pounds of weight reduction because that body is going to be aluminum instead of steel that’s going to cause a decent impact when it comes to ride and handling as well as performance because the vehicles just going to be lighter the Sierra and the Silverado both get very large brake rotors which gave us very predictable braking even when we had a trailer connected that brings me neatly on to trailering I’m going to have to bring up that Ram 1500 yet again I’m not ignoring the current generation f-150 I’m
actually putting that current generation

f150 into the same category as the

Silverado and the Sierra it’s all down to the transmission in that Ram 1500 Chrysler is now using an 8-speed automatic designed by ZF of Germany and that transmission has two more ratios than this 6-speed automatic going on right here in the General Motors pickup truck and it’s really obvious out on the road even though the v6 model in the base Silverado and Sierra has more pound-feet of torque and that’s a decent amount more torque than the Ford or the Chrysler v6 engine I would rather tell with the Chrysler v6 engine because of the 8-speed automatic just has more gear ratios as a lower ratio as well as a higher ratio and other ratios are closer together allowing the transmission to always have a good ratio on hand for whatever task you have pitted against the pickup truck it also makes a huge difference in the v8 engine ram 1500 which competes relatively well with this 6.2 liter v8 the 6.2 liter v8 Silverado is still just a little bit faster than the 5.7 liter Hemi 260 and in a decent number of circumstances but the difference is much much smaller than you might think again because of that 8-speed automatic in the RAM the difference is especially pronounced when you compare the 5.3 liter v8 engine in the Silverado as well as a Sierra to the Ram 1500 and in that instance the ram 1500 is definitely the better performing and better tow vehicle that being said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this gentleman our six-speed automatic

transmission it usually felt like it had
the right gear for me the shifts were quick they were also relatively firm very precise has a very good feel to this automatic transmission steer feels very good even though we are driving a large pickup truck which can feel very ponderous at times the steering feels very accurate and very precise of course on any road like this where it is a winding Mountain Road this vehicle is going to feel big and heavy but so is every other pickup truck out on the market because we are in a GMC Denali which is the luxury pickup truck from General Motors let’s talk about a few things that are specific to this Denali first off we have a very nice soft leather heated steering wheels has a great feel to it overall this interior is not quite as nice in my opinion than the RAM 1500 but I do prefer the styling of this denali interior as I said earlier the cabin oiz is also luxury car quiet scored 67 decibels in this cabin which is incredibly quiet that’s quieter than a decent number of luxury cars

we’ve tested it’s easily the quietest

pickup truck I’ve ever tested as well we do get a decent amount of engine noise but the engine noise that we are getting is the good variety it’s that nice v8 Rumble out from the back with the zero to 60 time solidly below 6 seconds I really want to know what a performance version of the Denali would be like something that’s slightly lowered possibly has a Taurus and center differential to apportion power more evenly between the front and the rear and a more performance tuned suspension design GM has received a bit of heat over the pricing on the 2014 Silverado as well as the Sierra lately things start out at 27,500 $60.00 for the base
model Sierra that’s with the v6 of

course and the short bed and they hop on
up to $55,000 for this top and Denali almost loaded as we have right here you can get a number of additional options on your Denali like 22 inch wheels and other aftermarket options that will put your price tag easily over $60,000 pricing for the dahle starts at forty-nine thousand one hundred fifty dollars and is the top-end
trim and General Motors pickup truck


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