2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Child Seat Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and today we’re doing an entirely new kind of video segment this is a 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid and this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat I’ve had a lot of questions from viewers asking how child seats fit in specific vehicles how do multiple child seats fitted vehicles how do people and child seats fit in specific vehicles so in an attempt to
answer those questions I went out and

bought a few child seats and we’re going
to jam them in every card that we have every week and then do a separate video on those so let’s hop in and take a look our first segment is rearward-facing child seats right now as you can see we have two installed in the car right now both rearward-facing and both installed with the Honda Accord hybrids lap and shoulder belt this driver seat is adjusted for me at 6 feet tall so you can see I have a few inches between this seat and the headrest so you could recline a little bit more or sit further back if you needed to this passenger
seat is adjusted for a six foot five

passenger head in the car so it’s a
little bit more reclined than my seat but most importantly it’s all the way back in its seat track you can see there is still about an inch or two between this car seat and the headrest in this passenger seat that’s because the Honda Accord Hybrid has a fairly large backseat this is several inches larger than a Kia Optima or Honda Sonata or a Ford Fusion Hybrid so we do get a little bit more room back here than those other hybrids and it means that you can put this passenger seat all the way back in its track and still have a child seat behind it something that you couldn’t necessarily do in some of those smaller entries in the midsize sedan segment now we have one rearward-facing child seat that’s attached with the lap belt and
one forward-facing child seat that’s

attached with the latch anchors if this
situation describes you then I applaud you for finding time to watch youtube videos right now we’re going to try and close that door see how well we fit back here one thing I’d like to mention about this forward-facing child seat is that the Honda Accord hybrids Center headrest is very easy to remove which makes it a lot easier to get to that latch anchor right there in the back the side headrests are also just as easy to remove and they’re also slightly adjustable for rear passengers as well now because this is a rearward facing child seat as you probably know it means we give up a little bit of room there on that far side of the car because the car seat can’t be all the way against the door which means we get a little bit less room for this one passenger back

here and although I probably could sit
back here as a passenger for a while my shoulder is definitely pressing against this side and definitely pressing against the so that’s just because of how wide the Honda Accord Hybrid is this is a little bit wider than most mid-size sedans so this is a little bit comfortable compared to the Kia Optima Hybrid and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid which are a little bit narrower and have a little bit less room than this car but if you want more room you’re gonna have to go for something like a crossover having this one passenger back here strap themselves in is a little bit easier than I thought because these seat belt buckles right down there on the Honda Accord Hybrid are made out of the same fabric as these seat belts in there long enough that it’s easy to fish them out and find them it also makes it a little
bit easier than to install these car

seats then certain cars that have very
rigidly affixed seat belt buckles we now have the car seat situation that strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men which is three car seats in the car at the same time perhaps you’re taking your two kids and your niece or nephew out something along those lines you’ll need three car seats in the car these two are forward-facing this one is rear-facing these two are installed with latch anchors and this one is installed with the lap and shoulder belt in the car not terribly hard to close the doors in the car these do fit relatively comfortably there is still a decent amount of room between the seat and the last car seat right there there’s a little bit more between this rear-facing child seat and it’s door then there is between this forward-facing child seat in the door just because of the way they’re arranged

it is possible in the Accord to fit all

three seats in either a forward or a
rearward facing position there is a decent amount of room between these seats and the doors when they’re installed all three in the same direction so you could go for a wider seat than this krakow classic ride 50 seat and a narrower seat would definitely fit just as easily inside the Accord thanks to a relatively generous 12 cubic feet of trunk space you can fit three child seats inside the trunk of the Honda Accord Hybrid you’d also fit a little bit of luggage right back here above the battery pack and if you take out these child seats on the bottom of the trunk you’ll also find a little hatch pull those three out you will find a hatch right here which gives you an additional few cargo feet of storage right there under that cargo lid there’s no spare tire in the Honda Accord Hybrid so we do get all that space that a normal spare tire would occupy for additional storage right there below

that hatch again I’m Alex dykes this has

been our very first car seat vehicle review so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this any other additional information you want to know about a car seat in a car how well they fit that sort of thing be sure and comment in the comment section down below subscribe to this video you can also send me an email follow those instructions down below and we’ll be sure to include all of your feedback in our next video you

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