2014 Honda Civic Child Seat Review

Civic Sedan the Honda Civic has been refreshed yet again for the 2014 model year so if you want to know more about the 2014 refresh – the Honda Civic then go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen as usual this is a croco classic ride 50 convertible child seat and we’re gonna stuff one two and three

of them into the Honda Civic we’ll see how well they interact with the car as well as passengers in the backseat Honda has long had a reputation for being a family friendly company and it’s obvious when you take a look at the side profile on their sedans both the Civic and the court have fairly low belt lines and that’s the distance from the ground to the bottom of the window and a fairly tall greenhouse which is the amount of glass you see on the side of the car the other thing you’ll notice is that the glass goes quite far back here we actually have a door that has this little kink right here in the back and that’s a design choice as well as

enabling the rear pastors to see out of the back a little bit more easily you’ll find that both in the Civic as well as the Accord because the Civic is smaller than the Accord we do still have a fairly short trunk back here and a fairly sloping rear glass however you’ll still find a little bit more headroom and a little bit more usable room in the back than some of the competition another thing to keep in mind is that because of Honda’s passenger centric approach we also have a rear bench seat that’s a little bit more upright than you’ll find in the more coupe like shaped sedans the design choice means that it’s a little bit easier to get things in and out of the Civic because a cystal sedan we do still have to duck
just a little bit to insert or remove

child seats but you’ll notice that the
door opening is fairly large it’s fairly easy to get things in and out of the back a handy trick to know is that in general the more rear seat legroom you have the easier it will be to accommodate rear-facing child seats the Civic scores on the upper end of this segment in terms of rear seat legroom so you’ll find a little bit more leg room in the back in the Sentra as well as the Corolla you’ll find a little bit less in the focus and the Elantra there are a lot of options in this compact stand segment so if you’re trying to compare the Civic to something else in this segment you’re shopping for something to accommodate rear-facing child seats to be sure and compare that rear seat legroom number it will give you a

general idea of how these seats will fit

in the car over on the driver’s side that seat is adjusted for me at 6 feet tall I have about 3 inches of room between the rear-facing child seat and the front seat which is an acceptable distance over here things are a little bit tighter the seat is all the way back at its track it’s only about an inch or so between this front seat and the child seat a little bit close and prefer about two edges or so between those seats but this is a little bit more room than you’ll find in the average entry in this compact stance segment in order for these grano classic ride seats to sit properly in the Civic I did have to remove the headrests in both the outboard and the center position in the Civic however removing the headrests is very easy in this car an awful lot easier than the average entry in this segment one thing that I’ve commented on

before with these graha classic ride

child seats is the size of this top tether anchor buckle you’ll notice that this is the part that actually latches onto the top tether right here and this is the end of the buckle arrangement and it is a fairly long buckle that means that in a car like the Civic it’s difficult to get this top tether anchor which is not attached but now I’ll attach it right here difficult to get it attached to the car and have a limited and acceptable amount of travel with the child seat most child seat manufacturers tell me that there should be less than one inch of travel forwards and backwards in the seat with a properly attached top tether anchor it’s a little bit tricky with a Scirocco classic ride seat in the Honda Civic this buckle right here could be cinched down a little bit more but it’s really tricky
to you can’t do that by just pulling on

the top tether leashed right there I

guess you’d call that it’s something that is a little bit difficult just because of the design of the top tether anchor in the Sirocco classic ride 50 child seat so if you’re looking at the Honda Civic or cars that have a relatively close top tether anchor like the Civic you may want to be sure that you get a child seat that has a much shorter buckle arrangement on the back even though it is possible to get this child seat much tighter on the Civic it’s a real pain in the butt and that means that would be a lot more difficult to insert and remove the child seat if you had to so if say if you were dropping your kids off summer and then you had a work meeting and you needed this back seat and you were gonna remove the child seat and then reinstall it later in the vehicle it’s gonna be an awful lot more of a pain in a car like the Civic and this croco classic ride 50 child seat just because of that top
tether anchor so you may want to look at

a child seat with a smaller anchor in
the back another handy trick to know when comparing cars against one and they’re just based on the specs is the shoulder room and the hip room in the back shoulder room would be measured right up around here in hip room would be measured right down here at the bottom of the bench seat the Civic has more hip room than most entries in the compact stance segment however in terms of shoulder room it’s about average when you take a look at these large convertible child seats that we have here you can see that they’re definitely wide at the top so both numbers are important across the back even though we have a lot of hip room in the Honda Civic we’re gonna have about
the same amount of room overall as

you’ll find in the average entry in this
segment so you won’t get any additional room in the Honda Civic except when it comes time to inserting an adult in the back with these two child’s seats if I sit up in this seat I have a decent amount of hip room down here so that means it’s a lot easier for me to insert my belt buckle so if I were to actually strap myself in in the car it’s gonna be a lot easier in the Civic than the average entry in the segment but I’m not gonna have a whole lot of room up top so it’s gonna be easier for me to find this seat belt buckle there as you can see right there but if I try and sit back in the seat definitely squish my shoulders definitely digging into the seat and digging into the door you have to sit at kind of an angle in order to be back here with two child seats the Civic scores slightly above average in this three across configuration there are wider compact sedans out there however if you find yourself needing to do three seats across the back of a compact sedan you really want to look at narrower child seats in these grotto classic ride fifty child seats the better alternative however would be to step up to a midsize sedan something like a Honda Accord because the Honda Accord scores very well in the three across configuration the Civic provides latched child seat
anchors on the outboard seating

positions only remember to refer to your
vehicle’s instruction manual as well as the child seat in Starks manual before you attempt to use a latch anchor for an inboard child seat some vehicles do allow that but the child seat and the vehicle both have to agree on whether that’s possible or not these child seat anchors are very easy to use and they’re also not easily felt by someone in the seat because there’s a decent amount of padding although it is very easy to find them in there both for insertion and removal at twelve point five cubic feet of storage space right here in the trunk the Civic can easily accommodate three child seats this is about average for the compact sedan segment if you need more room than something like a Nissan Sentra is going to be for you and here’s the reason why because in the Nissan Sentra I could actually line up a series of these 24-inch roller bags right like this this is the largest roller bag you can carry in a domestic flight and I could actually close the trunk lid on them it’s really a difference between the Sentra and every other entry in this segment however even at 12.5 cubic feet
you can put one and possibly two of

these large roller bags in the back of
the Honda Civic you can easily put one here maybe even something larger you could probably put one right there in the trunk of the Honda Civic as well the Honda Civic does have folding rear seatbacks but they only open from the trunk rather than inside the car thanks taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2014 Honda Civic Sedan go ahead and click that link at the bottom of your screen so you can subscribe to my channel and be updated on all the latest videos if you want to know more about the 2014 Honda Civic

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