2014 Honda Civic HondaLink Infotainment Review

2014 Honda Civic EX and we’re taking a look at Honda’s new seven-inch touchscreen hondalink infotainment system and we also have this small LCD right there up there by the instrument cluster that displays various vehicle information screens as well you can get fuel economy like we were viewing there we can get a clock and we can also get a duplicate readout

of the infotainment system that’s right here in the dashboard it’s very similar to the 2013 model let’s focus on the seven-inch touchscreen LCD right in the dashboard because this is what’s new for the 2014 model year we have a power button single slot CD player eject button and our brightness settings that C can also change between day/night mode and a manual mode over there the rest of the buttons are all touch buttons so we have our contextual volume button right over here you’ll notice these buttons are light up when your option is available so if we hit the audio button you’ll now see that now home is lit up because now we can go to home and now
it’s not lit up because we’re on the home screen

you’ll also see the menu button will light up when there is an additional menu that you can select let’s take a look at the options one by one so first let’s take a look at the phone this is your fairly typical Bluetooth phone interface we have call history speed dial right there this little icon right over here means that this button and many system can be expanded so you get a little bit larger view there and that goes for all the screens in the system now that we’re on here we can hit the back button you’ll see it takes us back to that reduced view and if with the home button we’re right back on the home screen info is where you’ll find things like fuel economy we have our current Drive

previous Drive etc we can also get the history of trip a right there we have a menu option so you can see voice info this tells you what you can actually voice command in this system we are somewhat limited so you don’t have voice commands for your media device like you would find in sync or UVO or even in tune so we only have our phone commands and on-screen commands for voice help right there if we go back we have our clock wallpaper and we can get system and device information as well the audio screen is fairly self-explanatory this is where you can change your source we have a wide variety of inputs over here we have FM AM CD player the two USB inputs we have Pandora that Pandora will work with an app on your smart phone that’s either an Android or an iDevice smartphone same goes for AHA radio as

well which I don’t have on my device we
also have our smartphone integration button that’s if you have the Honda link app running on your smartphone Bluetooth and we also have an HDMI input that’s right in the dashboard this will display full video right on this screen as well as HDMI audio inputs browsing your USB or your iDevice is fairly simple we just hit that little button and then we’re presented with a menu where we can see what songs are on our current playlist or in our current folder if we’re using a USB device we can hit that little USB icon right there we have full access to playlists artists albums genres etc right on our USB or our I device the system operates very similarly regardless of which kind of device you’re using now as I said there no voice commands like you’d find in Ford SYNC so you can’t just hit a voice command button and say play playlist

whatever doesn’t work like that in this system but that is something that you’ll find in some of the competing systems out there in this compact segment the Menu button is where you’ll find other media commands like music search change source shuffle repeat and sound if we hit the music search button it brings you right back to that same playlist artist album genre etc if we were in an EXL model with navigation we would have an additional option for XM satellite radio it’s the only way to get XM satellite radio in the Honda Civic and the EXL with navigation also gets you HD radio well it does sound a little bit confusing to talk about the EXL with navigation right over here you’ll see another option that’s for link connect and those are for smartphone integrated applications right here I have an iPhone 5 and if I show you on the camera you

can see that I have some of the hondalink applications right on there so we have the primary link application we have link connect and then I have the AHA link app so you do have to have an additional AHA app in order to use it with the system so you actually would go into the link launcher app and you would actually find the apps in there as for also where you would buy additional apps or purchase them through the app store so you can see right here we have Honda apps and there’s a navigation app this is what’s really interesting about the system is that we have this navigation app so for $60 you just hit the download button and you’re taken over to the App Store and for $60 59.99 you can actually download an app that will allow you to navigate with this screen now I can’t show you that because it does require a specialty cable that is a purchased

from your Honda dealer in order to do that but it does look very similar to Honda’s own navigation interface and it’s the discount way to get navigation in the Civic you still can get Honda’s built in navigation system in the EXL with navigation and that navigation interface looks very much like all the other Honda and Acura navigation products however this link connected navigation system is actually running on your smartphone currently it only supports the iPhone 5 but we’re told that an Android version will be available soon and it uses a funky cable because it’s actually just displaying the video on the screen that’s being generated by your iPhone so the iPhones video and all the navigation would be generated on the iPhone sent over to this head unit via the HDMI cable and then displayed right on the screen for you to interact with it on the screen as well I’ve been showing you a few stock.

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