2014 Indian Chieftain bike review

2014 Indian Chieftain bike review Indian maybe one of the most significant names in motorcycling but it’s recent

history has been punctuated by ill-conceived acquisitions and cyclical

bankruptcy now however thanks to the long term financial backing and

expertise of polaris Industries owners of Victory Motorcycles Indian is backbeing carefully and sympathetically

reborn with an all-new range of bikes that offer unique take on the All

American v-twin and the chieftain is the upmarket bagger Indian hopes will begin

this rotary invention in regardless of whether you’re into the

2014 Indian Chieftain bike review

bagger scene you can’t not be impressed by the sheer attention to detail of this

chieftain what you have is a distinctly American mix of modern-day engineering

married to a sense of heritage and tradition so much so that you get the

impression that Indian motorcycles is almost trying to out harley harley and

it starts with one of the most beautifully cast engines i think i’ve

ever seen this is an air-cooled 49 degree v-twin 111 thunderstroke unit

that’s 111 cubic inches or eighteen hundred and eleven cc’s these chromed parallel pushrod tubes or the down

firing exhaust ports plus what the company refers to as the two-thirds head

to neck ratio that’s the head and rocker cover versus the barrel that all classic

Indian design traits and yet you still got this combined with fuel injection a

digital dashboard and ride by wife throttle all bikes receive a host full

of creature comforts including keyless go remote central locking panniers that

are also very easy to remove and an electric windscreen

Indian Chieftain bike review

there’s also from fog lamps engine crash bars cruise control bluetooth a radio

and the tire pressure sensor satellite navigation is available but the only

option on our test bike is this little backrest which helps you adopt a very

cruiser lean back riding style which is pretty cool there are a few criticisms

this area looked a bit ant wacky the fixed panniers don’t extend to

accommodate a full face helmet and when you’re on the bike the storage cubby

that includes a USB port for your mobile phone is totally out of you and really

difficult to reach the glow and here is an icon where as a company it’s still an infant rarely go

home encouraged to make a cruiser that says capable as

just only from the stroke engine for

example it moves like a real person loves to stroke because that is what it

is engines at this category level laughter – let’s talk they have an awesome

soundtrack for listening girls cosplayers cutting each other down

for an addition to that but you can have the smoothest rally and the sweetest

coach the low-speed learners are excellent I’ve got a really comfortable

riding position the mirrors are excellent and vibration free and this

electron wings – works once it isn’t perfect I probably want a bit more performance from the

brakes considering the chicken is a heavy thing

at a high speed was a noticeable amount of vibration the very first of those huge foot boards will still be a

harley-davidson the Indian chieftain may have a classic Indian Chieftain bike review

look but it is a totally modern motorcycle with loads of versatility and

character if you’re in the market for recruiter then this needs to be on your

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