2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Child Seat Review

50 child seat I actually have three of them we’re going to see how well they fit inside this

2014 Jeep Cherokee the Cherokee has a

higher ride height than the rav4 the CRV

or a number of other crossover

competitors that’s the distance between

the ground and the bottom of the vehicle

that translates to a taller interior

than those other vehicles as well well

that does have an impact on handling for

the vehicle it means it’s a lot easier

to get child seats and other cargo items

in the car because the load floor is

higher off the ground so it’s child seat

as you can see is right at a natural

lifting height for me putting it in and

out of the car we also have doors that

open almost to 90 degrees from the

vehicle making it easier to get things

in and out we now have two

rearward-facing child seats in the car

that driver’s seat is adjusted for me at

6 feet tall so you can see I have about

two inches of room between that

rearward-facing child seat and the seat

back these seats are installed using the

lap belts if you’re unsure of how to

install a child seat or if you’re

getting a new car I highly recommend you

visiting a certified child seat

installer so they can show you the

proper way to install a child seat in a

car it’s easy to get them wrong it’s

also easy to think that you might have

it right it’s always best to be double

sure and check with a certified child

seat installer this passenger seat over

here is adjusted all the way back in its

track we had a six foot five passenger in there

as you can see this child seat is

touching the seat back keep in mind that

the cherokee has the most rear legroom

of any vehicle in this immediate segment

so this is going to be a little bit more

accommodating than something like a rav4

or a CRV we might get a little bit

tighter between taller passengers and

these rearward facing child seats ok we

now have two child seats in the car we

have this rearward facing child seat

over on the passenger side and we have

this forward-facing child seat attached

via latch anchors in the middle one nice

touch is that there are dedicated latch

anchors for attaching this middle seat

rather than having to share the outboard

two seats latch anchors the Cherokee is

a bit wider than most of the direct

competitors because it is a slightly

larger vehicle which means it’s easier

for a single adult to sit back here with

two child seats in the car I have to

squish over to the left side of the seat

of course but put on my seat belt here see how likely this is

seat belt buckle is a little bit buried

under the center child seat there’s a

little bit of a problem and we’re in

again this seat belt buckle is buried

beneath this child seat just because of

the positioning of where that latch is

it’s right there in the center of the

seat rather than more in the left seat

in this vehicle makes a little bit

difficult to both get in and out of this

seat however there is a decent amount of

room back here as far as your average

car goes I can even put my arms next to

myself if I had to this isn’t the ideal

in comfort but I can’t sit beside two

car seats in the back of the cherokee

our last test is three child seats

across the back these are all

forward-facing when I close the door

here to see how well they fit so you can

see there is a little bit of extra room

here can fit about a hand between this

child seat and the door and a hand over

here between that child seat and the

door as well if you have wider child

seats you may have difficulty fitting

all three in the back you need to know

that this is a little bit wider again

than some of the other competitors in

this segment so there’d be a little bit

less room in the rav4 and in the Honda

CRV you will still be able to fit these

child seats across in the back in those

two vehicles however it’s just going to

be a little bit tighter if you have

narrow receipts is going to be a little

bit of extra room if you have wider

seats they may not fit in these compact

crossover vehicles you may need to step

up to something like a Jeep Grand

Cherokee which is a midsize crossover

it’s a little bit wider and will have a

little bit more room in the back keep in

mind when placing three child seats

across a vehicle if things are

extraordinarily tight on the sides you

do want to be extra careful about that

and again consult a certified child seat

installer because most vehicles these

days do have side curtain airbags and

that really could impact safety in an

accident with your child if you are

fitting three child seats across the

backseat of any vehicle you really

should consult a certified child seat

installer especially if your vehicle is

equipped with side impact airbags

because the curtain airbags come down

from the ceiling and will roll all the

way down across the glass in the car and

that could impact rear child seat

installation especially if the child

seats are exceptionally close to the

doors we should be fine in this Cherokee

but if you have a vehicle that has a

tighter fit then you really ought to

consult a professional the Cherokee has

a split 60/40 folding rear seat and it

is possible to keep two child seats over

here in the 60 portion fold the 40

portion down and stick longer cargo items in the chair

Keem the front passenger seat also folds

down as you can see right here to allow

you to put longer cargo items all the

way into the front of the vehicle one

thing to keep in mind however is that

you cannot fold this 40 section down

fully child seat is in the middle seat

child seats are just a bit too wide and

the car is a bit too narrow overall or

you can see that we have these two seats

installed using the latch anchors and

these lapped anchors are positioned

quite low in the rear seatback rather

than up higher where some vehicles will

install them this means that you will

have to go around to the rear cargo

hatch in order to install this top latch

anchor rather than reaching over the

back to try and install them right there

on the seat from the inside of the

vehicle the cherokee is trying to both

be a cross over like around for in a crv

and a dedicated onward vehicle like the

Jeep Liberty was and as such we do have

a fairly small cargo compartment when

you compare it with the rav4 or the CRV

it’s about 12 cubic feet of room less

than the rav4 that means that well you

can fit three child seats in the car in

the Sonesta fashion as well as one large

roller bag in the car it is a lot more

cramped than you’ll find in that Toyota

Limited does have a power closing

tailgate hatch making it easier to put

things in and out of the car and the

rear seatbacks also slide forward and

backward helping you enlarge that cargo area

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