2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX Tourer bike review

2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX Tourer bike review  the z1000 SX has been one of the best-selling kawasaki xin britain since

its original launch in 2011 it mixes the raw excitement of a sports bike with

lashings of practicality and is aimed at those riders who may want to embrace

more long-distance comfort without sacrificing any enhanced level of

performance or engagement and in that respect Team Green has it nailed

you the z1000 SX is a sports tourer with the

2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX Tourer bike review

emphasis on sports so this setup offers a stance that looks just as well

resolved with the plan is on or off you’ve got 28 liters of storage to play

with in these boxes which is enough for a full face helmet and they’re very easy to lock using the same key is your

ignition and remove the engine is aliquid-cooled 1043 CC inline

four-cylinder unit that develops a punchy 140 brake horsepower and it’s

supported by switchable power modes and these equally impressive 4 piston

monobloc calipers up front with the rider position 2 is quite sports

orientated these pull back bars are quite narrow and the seat is firm but

also counted quite far forward which you do begin to notice the more rounds you

spend in the saddle you’re carrying a pillion you can alter the rear shock for

preload very easily but do bear in min that space back here is quite limited so

combined with the impressive fuel range on this thing you’re going to be

2014 Kawasaki Z1000SX Tourer bike Models

stopping for stretches well before your INR penny filling stations up front the

windscreen has three settings of rake which can be adjusted with this small

lever the dashboard is a really nice miof big functional analog tachometer with

huge LCD screen that controls all your other information such as speed which

can be switched to km/h if you’re traveling abroad you’ve got a trip

mileage indicator engine temperature and a clock while these toggles on my left

stalk here can help me switch through the engine power mode and the traction

control settings the only Edition that would be nice is a gear selector

indicator while other items such as heated grips or satellite navigation are

available as optional extras engine

1,000 SX is definitely the party piece hugely flexible almost turbine like in

its power delivery building smoothly progressively and that feeling of

relentless pace seems to be exaggerated by the quite

short ratio 6-speed gearbox it is wonderful

it doesn’t possess a waft II Touring style deportment but nor is it sports

bike alert where it sits is kind of in a fluid middle ground feeling really a

home on sweeping a and B roads such as this as opposed to just being sat on the

motorway the steering is accurate and precise the ride quality is firmed by

assured and the clutch operation is lovely and light so you know you are in

no doubt that this is a sports tourer it’s just when you want to push on you

know it’s got some fire in its belly the z1000 SX offers great value and a

genuine versatility between daily rider and weekend warrior all while offering

the can of thrills that got you into two wheels in the first place if you take

one for a test ride you’ll soon appreciate why this bike is

one of Britain’s most popular sports tours our other motorcycle articles are here

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