2014 Land Rover Discovery review

You could look at the land rover discovery as the Swiss Army knife of cars because it’s a vehicle that can play many diverse roles on the road it has the comfort and quality of a luxury limousine and it will accommodate seven people plus luggage as well as any MPV with the seats down it will double as a removal van and of course being a Land Rover it will also get you further into the wilderness than most other four-by-fours the design of the Land Rover Discovery isn’t exactly new.

But it still looks fantastic everywhere you look there are big square details the headlights the fog lamps surrounds the bumper itself and it gives the car a really chunky no-nonsense look that 4×4 buyers absolutely adore this massive coarse mesh grille continues the effects

But there are one or two slightly dainty ER touches like these daytime running lights incorporated into the headlamps further back the lines are about as functional and as workmanlike as it’s possible to get but on a car like the discovery that’s a good thing and this kink in the window line makes the rear end a little bit more interesting than it would otherwise be the kink conceals a secret as well because if you pull this catch you’ll realize that.

The tailgate is split and when you drop this bottom section you can use it as a picnic bench.

But that’s only the start of the versatility at the moment all five of the rear seats are down and that gives you an enormous level load area when the seats are needed which will be most of the time they simply fold up from beneath the floor and it could be done in a whole heap of different configurations to suit your needs in normal 5 seat configuration the boot is still massive as well though it does get a lot smaller.

When you’re traveling 7 up and it doesn’t matter which of the seven seats you find yourself in because they all having a head and legroom for a tall adult like me to get comfortable what’s more because each row of seats is set higher than the one in front of it everyone gets a good view out up front the design echoes the chunkiness of the exterior.

With these big rubberized buttons that look and feel really substantial the same goes for the quality of the cabin as a whole it looks very robust in here but it also feels with really nice and plush most of the dashboard controls are easy to use but the one exception is this touchscreen system.

Which is all a bit fiddly and slow to react on the plus side there’s loads of adjustment for your driving position and because you can see all four corners of the car your view of the road ahead is brilliant all discoveries have the same engine and it is a three liter v6 turbo diesel with 252 brake horsepower and it drives all four wheels through a smooth 8-speed automatic gearbox now considering.

The size and the weight of this thing it actually gets off the mark pretty sharpish and once you get it up to speed it doesn’t have any trouble accelerating on the move either not that you’ll want much of that pace through the corners.

Because there is a lot of body lean to contend with but it rarely gets to the point where it feels untidy and because of the four-wheel drive you’ve always got bags of grip and traction to play with by far the best thing about.

The way the discovery drives however is the slush enos of the ride all versions come with an adaptive air suspension as standard and whatever the state of the surface the discovery just glides on over it in a really comfortable wafting way that suspension really pays dividends when you’re off-road as well because you can jack up the ride height.

Which lets you tackle even tougher terrain and depending on what settings you select on the Terrain Response system using this little cluster of buttons down here you can tackle anything from mud to snow to rocks you can even way through water up to a depth of 700 millimeters and not many four by fours can equal.

That the Land Rover Discovery is one of the very best big 4×4 s you can buy it’s got all the practicality and versatility that any family could ever need it’s hugely desirable and it’s comfortable and luxurious on the road and unlike many 4×4 rivals we could mention is pretty unstoppable off-road granted it’s not cheap either to buy or to run but we reckon it’s worth every penny

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