2014 Lexus GS 450h Enform Infotainment Review

Lexus enform system this isthe same system you’ll find in the LexusLS as well as the Lexus GS uses thislarge 12 inch information display righthere in the dashboard as well as theLexus remote controller which is sort ofthat joystick style control of you’llfind in the center console this is oneof my least favorite entries in themodern luxury car segment and it’sreally all down to that controllerbecause I find this software a veryintuitive very easy to use but thecontroller is a little bit moredifficult I find that it takes an awfullot more attention span in order tocontrol this system than it does thoseother systems out on the marketespecially touchscreen

systems which aretypically my preference I’d love to knowwhat you think so be sure and comment inthat comment section down below let’sstart off here in the main menu righthere you’ll find our destination entryscreen we can of course enterdestinations with the voice commands youcan also do it right here on this screenwe also have presets right down

thereacross the bottom next option the mainmenu is info and apps we go over theirapps is where you’ll get your smartphone integrated apps that works on bothan Android or a smartphone device wehave an iPhone paired right here and youcan do things like streaming audio etcwith this system we can also get ourhybrid energy monitor as well as fuelconsumption

here we have our current ourpast energy record and then our littledisplay there with the electric motorthe engine and the battery go back againwe can get sirius XM traffic incidentsLexus insider is pre-canned voicemessages about your car and otherfeatures that are delivered to you viathat Sirius XM data service XM navweatherXM stock sports and fuel prices

as wellyou’ll also see over here on the rightside of this screen you’ll see thisseparate section which you can changeand so right now we’re seeing our fueleconomy information there and you cancycle between trip information pastrecord consumption and that energymonitor again if you hit this littlebutton that brings up that display overhere on the larger screen you can alsoclick on these other tabs across the topwe can get our audio we can also get ourclimate up there and this one is not atab it’s just a fixed informationshowing your Bluetooth signal strengthas
well as your bluetooth paired phone’sstrength with their netback on the main menu setup is where wecan adjust a wide range of vehiclesettings in this system we have generalvoice phone Bluetooth etc you can alsoget navigation information as well asvoice command information right therescooting across to the radio is whereyou’ll find the HD radio sirius

XM aswell as AM and FM radio we’re now on thesatellite tab and as you can see we haveour presets right here across the leftside these are shared between AM FM andsatellite radio so if we scroll up andsee a different set you’ll see those areall AM entries right there on that setthey can be programmed for any of thosethree entries scan does

logically whatyou’d think it scans stations we canskip type right there so we can skipacross to our Canadian entries popentries etc we can adjust the sound inmany of these screens by just hittingthe sound button elsewhere you canadjust your bass treble etc you can alsoscoot across this and see that we alsohave our disc our iPod our Bluetoothaudio and our auxiliary input to go backto the main menu that’s exactly whereyou’d get if you went

to this mediaselection in the main menu screen youcan see now we’re right over here oncethis little message pops away you’ll seethat right here we’re at the iPod tab wealso have a Bluetooth audio tab randomand repeat over there if we click righthere you can get the song listing foryour current playlist can go trackforward backward you can also click downhere to browse and then we can have fullaccess to artists albums genres etceterathere are also full voice commands nowin this generation of enform for all theipod and media device interactions overon the sound tab we have access to ourtreble bass our fader right there aswell as DSP for the surround system thatis included in our particular model ofGS going back once again to this mainscreen we’re gonna now click over toclimate this is where you would controlyour three zone
climate and our GS orcertain other Lexus products the LS alsohas a three zone climate mode we alsohave an air filter screen so we can turnon their active air filter this is alsowhere you will find the windshield wiperde-icer this is not a heated windshieldlike you would find in Jaguar Land Roverproducts this is just an additional disource system that is below thewindshield leveland it just keeps the windshield wipersfrost-free while
they’re parked we canalso cycle to the rear zone with thislittle option right there and we can seewhat our rear climate is set to lastlyif we take a look at this mappinginterface you can see that the map doesnot occupy the entire screen like itwould in a BMW idrive style system wealso don’t have a 3d version of thismapping software so it’s really justnorth up and direction up are the onlytwo modes that we get in the system itdoes display Sirius XM nav traffic asyou can see on the highway markingsthere the system is very responsiv
because it’s all flash based in thisgeneration so interacting with the mapis very snappy interacting
with themapping system is very snappy enteringaddresses is very snappy it’s just notas attractive as BMWs iDrive althoughthis is one of my least favorite inputmethods this system does rank aboveouties MMI or Mercedes command in mybook definitely below the acura systemthe infiniti system as well as the BMWsystem however the BMW idrive system isvery easy to use in its currentgeneration it got a lot of bad pressinitially
because the first versions ofI drive were not very intuitive but thecurrent generation is very attractivevery intuitive it has a veryhigh-resolution display much moreattractive mapping interface and I thinkit’s also a little bit better laid outyou can also more effectively use theentire screen in that BMW idrive systemso in this setup this map will never usethis portion of the screen this portionof screen is really just for these threefunctions the audio of the climate andthe fuel economy screen so you can nevermake additional use of that screen realestate like you can in I Drive or someof the other systemsMercedes is still stuck with a verysmall

screen in the current generationII class it just doesn’t look thatattractive to me software is also veryslow even though they’ve tried includingsome additional features like smartphoneintegration and web browsing they reallydon’t work very well so although thissystem doesn’t have web browsing likethat Mercedes command system does it’sreally quite useless in that commandsystem so there’s really no point ingetting it over there either Acuras toscreen system is quite an interestingtwist although I think that it’s notquite fully baked in its currentgeneration I think it’s a little biteasier to use in this system howeverthat’s been our quick look at the endform system in the 2014 alexis GS if youwant to know more about that 2014 lexusGS then go ahead and follow that link atthe bottom to our full review.

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