2014 Lexus IS 250 Sale Price Review

the 2014 Lexus IS250 this is Lexus’s least expensive andsmallest rear-wheel drive luxury sedantoday we’re going to be focusing on theis 250 and the is 250 F sport we’regonna be talking about the is 350 in adifferent video so stay tuned for thatlexus tells us that a common complaintabout previous generation is models wasat the front end wasn’t aggressiveenough for them and they’ve reallychanged that for the 2014 model yearwe’re in the regular is 250 there’s alsoan is 250 F sport that gets a uniquefront grille instead of these horizontalslats we get some vertical squigglesthey go all the way from the hood allthe way down to the top of the air dam Ithink either way

the look is definitelyinteresting in this segment it’s grownon me an awful lot since I first saw itone thing that hasn’t quite grown on meis this headlamp and daytime runninglamps range ‘men they’ve divorced thedaytime running lamps oh this piece ofplastic right here is actually part ofthis bumper so this is a completelyseparate daytime running lamps whoosh itkind of reminds me of the Nike swooshand then the LED headlamps which areoptional on is models are right up herestandard HID headlamps and all the ismodels you can get these LED lamps aspart of certain option packages we havemuch more aggressive openings right herearound the fog lights as well

thisgeneration of Lexus IS is very closelyrelated to the mid-size Lexus GS andit’s obvious in the platform becauseit’s gotten a decent amount longer forthis generation we now have a much moreexpressive side treatment going on hereas well with this swoosh it extends sortof along the vehicle all the way backhere to these tail lamp modules I findit a lot more expressive than somethinglike a BMW 3-series which is just alittle bit plain on the side the sideprofile the is is also dominated bythese very aggressive shoulders whichare also very attractive to my eye thespindle grille form from the frontcontinues out to the back with these newtail

lamp designs that have this samesort of spindle grill effect going on inthe back it’s not quite as complete asthe front but it is a little bitinteresting the back end of the Lexus ISis not quite as exciting as some of theentries in the segment most notably theCadillac ATS but I find it overall justa little bit better looking than the BMW3-series I do like the 3 Series don’tget me wrong but I do find the 3 Seriesis going for elegant and restrainedwhich is something that Lexus used tohave the market cornered on down here wehave twin chrome exhaust tipsthe is 250 as well as the is 350 insteadof a four-cylinder engine like you’dfind into the hood of the Cadillac theBMW or the Mercedes competition Lexususes a 2.5 liter v6 engine it produces204 horsepower and 185 pound feet oftorquethere’s

no manual transmission availablein this generation of the is anymore soinstead we just get a six-speedautomatic transmission and your choiceof rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drivebecause we’re in the regular model is250 we have 225 45 are 17 rubber all theway around if you opt for the is 250 FSport then you get to 55 with rubber inthe back in a staggered configurationwhich does aid handling just a littlebit front seat comfort in the is 250it’s excellentI found these seats to be a little bitmore comfortable than the Cadillac orthe Mercedes seats but they’re not quiteas adjustable as the BMW M sport seatsnow if you offer

the is 250 F Sport youdo get more aggressive bolstering on theside but it’s already pretty aggressiveon this base model is 250 leather is notavailable in most of the models of is250 you do have to opt for a specificluxury package in order to get leatherotherwise you get these new tech seatsall models of eyes have a tilttelescoping steering column but thepower adjustable version is an optionpackage the rear seats in the is 250have grown over the previous generationbut it is obvious that Cadillac as wellas Lexus we’re both chasing the previousgeneration of BMW 3-series when theyplanned their current generationplatforms and they didn’t expect BMW togrow the 3-series as much as they didthe current generation 3-series is hugeand it’s backseat is considerably largerthan the is 250 or the Cadillac ATS itis one thing to keep in mind however at6 feet tall I still have a few inches oflegroom sitting behind myself in thedriver’s seat

the seat bottom cushionsare a little bit close to the ground sothat is something you might want to keepin mind if you routinely carry adults inthe vehicle the middle hump right hereis fairly aggressive if I move all theway over maybe you can see this a littlebit that’s to be expected in anyrear-wheel drive car however in thishump is just a little bit bigger thanthat BMW 3-series these rear seats alsofold in a 60/40 folding fashion with thetrunk to allow you to put larger cargoitems from the trunk into the car onething to keep in mind these seats do notfold level with the cargo load floor inthe truck however another thing to noteif you routinely carry adults in therearof your sedan is I’m six feet tall I’msitting upright in this back seat myhair is touching the ceiling

I alsocan’t see out because these sea pillarsin the is250 are fairly aggressive andthey’re also fairly low that’s thanks tothe is to 50s sexy side profile but ifyou’re an adult it means you’re gonna behitting your head on these as you tryand get in and out of the car let’s walkaround the interior of the is 250 theseare the new Lux seats so this isimitation leather not real leather andour particular tester these are thecooled seats which are part of an optionpackage the doors are a mixture of newLux as well as just regular oldinjection molded plastic that you’d findin wide variety vehicles all soft touchplastics soft touch plastics

over hereon this interestingly shaped dashboardas well decently sized glovebox for acar in this class a lot of these compactrear-wheel drive stands don’t have avery large glovebox can see Lexus stilluses a decent amount of wood and thewood is fairly attractive comes in awide variety of different shades it’salways been something that Lexus hasbeen known for if we back out you cansee how interesting and different thisdashboard is in the is 250 I’m reallynot sure if I like the style but I havemet a number of people that really likedthe way that this dashboard looked so Ihave to give it that right here we havea fairly small 7 inch infotainmentscreen this is not a touchscreen soeverything is controlled by the standardLexus remote control in the centerconsole I do think that the screen

looksa little bit small especially becauseit’s in this fairly large bezel right uphere on the dashboard I had hoped thatthey would use the larger screen foundin the other Lexus models but theydidn’t that means that the iDrive in thecurrent generation 3-series is quite abit bigger as well as Cadillac q we havedual zone climate control these aretouch buttons right here for thetemperature everything else is physicalin this layout below that we have ouraudio controls and our particularvehicle has the optional Mark Levinsonsound system these are those heated andcooled seat controls this is the Lexusremote touch controller we’ll go overthat a little bit more when we go overinfotainment but I will say that this isone of my least favorite input methodsfor a navigation system this is ourdrive mode selector if you opt for the FSport model then you get an additionaloption over here which is Sport Plusthat has a reduced traction control andstability control mode the tractionstability control in the is is fairlyintrusive these cables right here areour USB infotainment cables that’s onenice feature about the is is that a lotof vehicles they leave you to danglethose cables and get them caught inlatches and Lexus gives you thisinteresting little clip here so you canclip them out of harm’s way from thelatch which is right here you have twoUSB ports and auxiliary input rightthere and a medium-sized Center cubbythere in the centre armrest have twolarge cup holders here these were easilyable to accommodate

large take out sodasbut they’re not adjustable on the driverside we have our start/stop button thereon the right we have a four dialinstrument cluster with a medium-sizedLCD right there that LCD is controllableand is multifunction via this buttonright here on the right side of thesteering wheel we have a wide variety offunctions available there back buttonand page change button for that samesystem lane departure warning cruisecontrol stock right there we have ourautomatic wipers over here there’s theauto button on the side automatic wipersare an option they’re not standard shiftpaddles are however standard on the 2014is moving over to the left side theseare our radio controls and our phonebuttons with voice command over on thefar left you’ll find the control for the

optional auto high beamsodometer over there window switches andpower door locks power mirrors and ourthree position seat memory control whichis optional when it comes to ourexclusive trunk comfort index the is250scores 7 out of 10 because this is abouta medium-sized trunk in this segment theATSs trunk is a decent amount smallerit’s very very small fairlyuncomfortable as well and the BMW3-series trunk has grown enormously inthis last generation and it’s almost asbig as previous generations of BMW5-series trunks and even gives the 7Series a run for its money we do have anice handle right here in the trunk lidwhich helps you close the trunk onyourself let’s take a look atinfotainment now if you don’t care aboutinfotainment then just follow theinstructions below to skip on ahead tothe drive section of the review now baseLexus models will receive a displayaudio system that’s a little bitdifferent than what we’re looking atright now and it uses a control dialinstead of the Lexus remote touchcontroller in the centre of the consolenow this is the same

software that totaand Lexus are putting in a wide varietyof vehicles from the toda Corolla allthe way up to this Lexus IS at themoment we expect it to spread it’sdefined by this three position oroptionally a two position home screenyou canthat homescreen by the home button righton the Lexus remote touch controller youcan also change what’s in thesequadrants so right now we have anavigation quadrant we have our fueleconomy and we have an audio quadrantyou can change what is in thosequadrants and you can also rearrangethem to your desire clicking on aquadrant takes you to that particularsection of the infotainment softer so weclick on that section we go right hereto our fuel economy we can also see pastrecords in the car we can clear them etcwe go return it’ll take you not back tothe home screen but back to the otherinformation screen so it’s like it’sshortcutting you to that particularportion of the system and then fromthere

you would navigate as if you wouldhit the menu button in that Lexus remotetouch controller rather than this homebutton which takes you back to the homescreen we go back to the audio screenhere you’ll see source you can changeyour source reorder them etc reorderingis a little bit trickier in the Lexusproducts because of the Lexus remotetouch controller in the toyota productsyou can just drag and click these iconsaround to reorder them I do find that alittle bit easier there is no directaccess button to navigation so you dohave to hit that home button and thenclick on over to the navigation screento use navigation from here you canenter your destinations you can alsoenter these via natural voice commandsand the voice command system in thesoftware is greatly improved overprevious generations of the Lexus addnavigation software direct access to nowaddress points of interest destinationassist connects you to their OnStar likesystem where you can actually talk to aperson and have them help you enter thedestination and that’ll download rightinto the system

we’ve access to previousdestinations etc returning again takesyou back to the map or whatever else youwere viewing in the system doesn’t takeyou back to the home screen in fact ifyou keep going back there’s no way toget to the home screen other than thatdirect access home button if we’re onthis menu button we have access to ourclimate controls which are duplicatedphysically below the nav system in theis nav which we were already there theLexus app suite and the Lexus app suiteis your integration on your smart phonewe have access to Pandora iHeartRadioOpenTable and a number of other productsyou do have to have an app and it doeshave to be registered and logged in withLexus in order to use that there areboth iPhone Android and Android appsavailable at this timeon the info screen we see Lexus insiderthat’s pre-canned information about yourcar that’s downloaded via Sirius XMsatellite radio to the car so

you canlisten to different things on how to usedifferent features in your car andthey’re continually updating that wehave weather and traffic being deliveredby HD radio rather than XM satelliteradio if you’re in an area where you donot have a strong HD signal with XMtraffic and weather but you do have theLexus enform app on your smartphone thenit will use your smartphone’s dataservice to download the weather andtraffic information the biggest reasonfor this change is that you no longerneed a Sirius XM data subscription inorder to get traffic and weather so it’sfree to all users regardless of whetheryou have an active XM serious satellitesubscription back at the radio screen wecan see my problem with Lexus enform andthis remote touch controller if you’redriving along it takes a decent amountof time off the road to choose all theselittle options right herethat are on the screen via this remotetouch controller this is the samesoftware that they used to use back whenit was a touchscreen and it was mucheasier to just choose an option and thentouch itrather than dealing with this littleremote touch joystick I just find itfairly unintuitive we go back to thehome screen and choose media we’re nowon an eye device with Bluetoothconnection the difference with thissoftware versus previous generations ofLexus software is we can now browse ourBluetooth sources just as if it wasconnected via the USB cables this is amajor improvement in functionality so wecan hit playlists and we can see recentmusic and then

we can just select songsright like there just as if we wereusing a USB cable we don’t have quitethe same level of functionality and itis not quite as fast as the USBconnection but it is just as fullyfeatured these days versus the USB cablewhich is a good thing because we didhave some problems with iOS 7 and thisinterface it looks like there may besome software updates on somebody’s endeither Toyota or on Apple’s and in orderto make that work one thing to keep inmindgo back going back to the home screen wecan now see that our Bluetooth audio isupdated right over here in the lowerright corner the reason you buy the isoverAlexus es is not because it’s fasterbecause the is250 isn’t fastes 350 it’s really not any faster thanthe Lexus hybrid either it’s because ofthe chassis dynamics the is was designedto go head-to-head with the compactrear-wheel drive sedans of the Germansand Lexus really did a very good jobwith that very first generation is andthat tradition has continued for themthis is 250 is a delight to drive out onthe road even though we have electricpower steering in this

generation thesteering is very direct and has a decentfeel to it I wouldn’t call this as goodas prior generations of the is or priorgenerations of the BMW 3-series but itis very competitive with the currentgeneration of 3-series in terms of feelnow the 3-series has gotten a decentamount bigger this generation and thatwas something that nobody expected notto anybody out in the automotive pressand certainly none of the competitivemanufacturers and that’s really obviousbecause when Lexus designed thisgeneration of is and we Cadillacdesigned the current generation ofCadillac ATS they really went head tohead with that last generation of

BMW3-series which means that if you wantthe corner carving sedan in thiscategory then it’s going to be theCadillac or the Lexus if you want thesofter more luxurious ride then it’sgoing to be strangely enough the BMW orthe Mercedes the BMW has the softestsuspension really in this segment eventhe Mercedes is just a little bittighter if you check out our previousvideo on the Lexus IS we’ll pop a linkdown below that was when we had the isat the launch event and that was alltrack based for the most part and it wasreally focusing on performance in thatlight it’s really obvious that Lexus hasone of the best jassi’s available inthis segment

Cadillac ATS I would rankjust a little bit better but the Lexushas a very good balance to it in termsof refinement but definitely handlingthe BMW on the other hand tends to plowbecause it is more front heavy thanAlexis it also is a decent amount softerthe big difference however is that inall forms the BMW is faster so the BMW328i is definitely faster 260 it’salmost a second faster than this is 250we scored seven seconds to 60 in thisLexus and of course the Lexus is350 is adecent amount slower than

the BMW 335iso if absolute performance is yourgoal that you really do need to look atthat BMW however the on trackperformance is balanced out by thebetter dynamics in this Lexus is I don’tsuspect that it will actually be fasteraround any track because what the BMWgives up in chassis performance it morethan makes up within actual rawperformance from that engine soacceleration braking etc is of just alittle bit better in that BMW thatreally does compensate out on the trackthere’s a great divergence of opinion inthe naturally aspirated versusturbocharged debate I tend to liketurbochargers myself but they do operatevery differently a naturally aspiratedengine tends to build torque as the RPMRises and does that in a fairly linearfashion with a definite torque peak theturbocharged engines in this segmentthey’ll have a pretty big torque deficitdown below about 2,000 rpm or so andthen the torque erupts very rapidly ataround

2,000 rpm levels off maybe around2500 rpm stays pretty much exactly thesame until you hit about 4,500 5,000 rpmat which point it starts to drop offagain it’s just a very different feel itmeans that the feel in the v6 in this is250 is just a little bit morepredictable it’s a little bit easier todrive and I really wish that thisvehicle had a manual transmission in itbecause I think it would just be alittle bit more fun and unfortunatelythe 2014 is 250 does not come with amanual transmission

at all the is 250handles incredibly well out on the roadand the is 250 F Sport handles just thatlittle bit better the F Sport also givesyou Sport Plus mode with a slightlyreduced stability control program whichis good because the is 250 base modelwhich we’re in right now has a fairlyintrusive stability control system eventhough the limits in this car are fairlyhigh this car is very well balanced it’sa joy to fling out on these windingmountain roads the steering isincredibly accurate in the turnin isreally precise the is250 really excelsin drivetrain refinement this v6 engineis buttery smooth and I would call thisalmost the equal of

BMWs 3 litreinline-six engine which is sheerperfectionnow BMW doesn’t really use that enginemuch anymore instead they’ve switched to2-liter turbo four-cylinder engines andthose turbo four-cylinder engines arejust not as smooth as thev6 engine I know that some people don’tlike the way v6 engines sound buthonestly they sound better than a4-cylinder engine so we win points thereas wellBMW has been equipping the 328i inAmerica with their start/stop system inmost models and that starts off systemjust

seems to amplify the 4-cylinderroughness especially when the system isstopping and starting now I do have toadmit that that start/stop system doespay dividends in the 328i when we had ataverage 32 miles per gallon versus the27.7 miles per gallon in this is 250 butthe is 250 is considerably smootherwhich of these luxury sedans is rightfor you really depends on your prioritylist the Mercedes Benz C 250 reallydidn’t score very high on any of my listso I would place that last the BMW 328iis the sedan for you if you prefer thebest straight line performance or thebest fuel economy because it deliveredvery well on both of those fronts

theCadillac ATS is the best handlingvehicle and these Lexus is250 is thequietest the smoothest and perhapsstraddles all these lines the best ofany of the competition Lexus has pricedthe 2014 is 250 very aggressively thingsstart at thirty four thousand ninehundred fifty dollars fairlywell-equipped as far as base models goin this segment and they end up justsouth of $45,000 completely loaded withleather and all the options the mostexpensive model would be the all-wheeldrive is 250 F sport with all the optionpackages that you can add to it the is250 wins for me by a very slight hair inthis segment over the BMW 328i that’sreally a tough comparison

for me becauseI do like the way that BMW 320i looksand it plays to things that I like it isbigger it is softer it is morecomfortable in some respects in the is250 but BMW by chasing luxury has leftout some of the sport that the is 250gets the is 250 is about handling notgoing fast and it’s also about beingvery smooth and very quiet while doingthat that’s something also that the BMW328 the Cadillac ATS 2.0 T as well asthe 1.8 liter turbo in the mercedes-benzC 250 just don’t do quite as well thosefour-cylinder engines are not as smooththey’re a little bit rougher around theedges than this incredibly smooth v6engine the v6 and the is 250 is down onpower compared to those but still sevenseconds toxD really is not bad for this segmentthe is 250 plays on those classic BMWqualities of very good handling verygood response very good feedback and avery nice feel out on the road it isfunny when you think about it that thebenchmark in this segment is still theBMW 3-series but it’s being benchmarkedfor slightly different reasons than itever used to be because the Cadillac ATSand this Lexus is250 are really thehandling champions in this segmentsomething that BMW have the marketcornered on and now BMW has the marketcornered on well-rounded luxury againI’m Alex dykes and thanks for taking thetime to check out this video this hasbeen the 2014 Lexus is250 be sure and

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