2014 Lexus IS F-Sport LCD Gauges

regular is models get the usual to dialinstrument cluster but is f sport modelsand that’s either the is 250 F sport orthe is 350 f sport get this configurableLCD instrument cluster it’s an 8 inchinstrument cluster so you see it’s an 8inch LCD but they do put

plastic overthe corners as you can see here now theycall this the LFA inspired clusterbecause this dial moves across as youcan see this is actually a physical dialthat’s over the LCD itself and it movesback and forth and the image changeswith it now over on the left

we do haveconfigurable information optionsincluding infotainment options tripcomputer settings etc and if we move itback and forth you can see that we get atemperature gauge and we get the fuelgauge over there now there’s always onthis particular instrument clusterthere’s always a digital speedometer sothat’s digital miles per hours you cansee there with the tachometer

now if wemove it to sport or Sport+ modedepending on the model that you’re inyou can see the dial turns white thereand the numbers change slightly so wecan change back and forth so you can seethere of course also an eco mode in thiscar

normal mode you can see is just thesame as eco mode now we also get somesort of tech ometer ghosting so if thetachometer spins up to 5000 rpm and thenthe car shifts that will leave a ghostline in blue as it drops back down

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