2014 Mazda Mazda3 Child Seat Review

the 2014 mazda3 5-doorhatchback this is a croco classic ridechild seat we’re going to see how wellone two and three seats fit inside the2014 Mazda 3 if you’re looking for theregular review on the Mazda 3 then justgo ahead and click that banner at thebottom of your screen and be transportedover

to the full drive section of thereview on the Mazda 3 much of what we’regoing to be talking about applies notonly to this five-door but also thefour-door sedan so if you’re looking fora four-door sedan child sit review wedon’t have one yet but just abouteverything that I’m going to be talkingabout here except for the trunk portionwill apply to that sedan as well firstlet’s talk about access the Mazda 3 hasa fairly sloping rear

profile and afairly reclined rear hatch glass thatmeans that overall the space isn’t usedquite as practically as something like aVolkswagen Golf which tends to have avery square profile still we have arelatively square rear door openingwhich makes it easier to get child seatsin and out of the caryou don’t really have to duck down toofar to get them in and out you don’thave to bend over funny or turn thechild seat strangely to get it

in andout of the car it is a little bit moretricky to access the back in the sedanbecause the door is shaped slightlydifferently than the hatchback as withmost hatchbacks you’ll find the toptether anchors for child seats righthere on the back of the seat thatactually makes it fairly easy to installthe child seats in the seat theseheadrests are adjustable and they doraise up far enough to be able to putthat top tether anchor right

therethrough the headrest so you don’t needto remove them from the car like mostcars sold in America you’ll find latchanchors on only the outboard
rear seatsso you can stall child seat in thecenter you’re going to have to use thelap and shoulder belt for that never usethese outboard latch anchors for acenter mounted child seat the car is notdesigned for that if you have anyquestions about installing child seats Iencourage you to

visit a certified childseat installer or a certified child seatinspector you’ll find some links downthere in the description of the video onhow you
can find one of those latchanchors are fairly easy to use in thiscar and they don’t really interfere withthe passenger in the car so they’redecently behind the padding and there’sno hard plastic box around them likeyou’ll find in some cars but tend to hitpeople on the buttso you

won’t see that in the Mazda 3 theseats are very comfortable for bothpassengers and they’re also fairly easyto install these latch anchors
rightthere rear legroom in the Mazda 3 isgenerous for this segment which meansthat the distance between the seat backand the front seat is among
the largestin thissegment however you’ll notice that thisis still a compact car so we don’t havea whole lot of room between these seatsthat really
affects the rearward facingchild seat installation this front seatis adjusted for me at 6 feet tall and Itend to like to sit in a fairly
uprightposition especially when I’m driving amanual car like this and there’s verylittle room between this child’s seatand the front seat that’s
kind of adangerous position because if you’rerear-ended front seats do move a greatdeal depending on who’s in the seat andhow heavy they are so you
always want afew inches of room between the child’sseat in a rearward facing position andthe front seat that may mean that largerdrivers or taller

drivers may have a bitof a problem fitting rearward facingchild seats in the Mazda 3 but againthis is just standard for the categoryand this has a little bit more room thanmost of the other options out there soif you’re looking at a Volkswagen Golfor something like a Ford Focus you’regonna
find even less room and thoseoptions so this would probably be themore spacious option for you wheninstalling multiple child seats in therear of the Mazda 3 it’s important toremember that this is still a compactcar however it is wider across the backthan the majority of the competitionwhich

makes a lot easier to installmultiple child seats most notably thismiddle child seat is not sitting on mybelt buckle so I can actually strapmyself into this outboard seat fairlyeasily which is something that you don’tfind necessarily even in every midsizesedan there number of mid-size sedansout there where this middle child seatwould be right on top of my belt buckleI can actually close the door and I havea little bit of room here not a wholelot but this is something that I coulddo for a short while that larger overallwidth versus the competition allows theMazda 3 to do
a three across child seatconfiguration with these gronckleclassic ride 50 child seats we have ahair of room between the child seat andthe door as

well I can just barely stickmy hand in there which is better thannothing if you are going to do this youmay want to consider narrower childseats which would probably be a littlebit safer because we do have sidecurtain airbags in the Mazda 3 you wantto make sure that those don’t interactwith your child in a negative way in anaccident it’s much easier to installchild seats in this configuration thanit is in the Volkswagen Golf the
totaCorolla the Honda Civic as well as theFord Focus because the Mazda 3 is justwider back here part of that’s the waythe doors are designed in
part that’sthe way the rear bench is designed aswell in those other competitors you maybe able to close the doors but Iwouldn’t exactly call that
situationsafe because closing the doors would bejamming the seatstogether in the car rather than actuallyhaving some free space between the childseat in its installed position and thedoor when it’s actually closed with justover 20 cubic feet of cargo space themazda3 5-door has a lot of
room backhere in the cargo hold it’s more thanyou’ll find in a Ford Focus a VolkswagenGolf or even a Lexus ct200hit means that it’s very easy to
fitthree child seats in the vacuum thoughthese grackle classic ride 50 seatsaren’t exactly small child seats and youcan also stick the largest roller bagyou can carry on a domestic flight rightin there with those child seats you haveto squeeze it in just a little bit mostimportantly the hatch closes easily andthe tonneau cover that’s automaticallylifted and raised with the hatchbackgoes down and it sits in a normalposition so it

doesn’t look like youhave anything stuffed in that trunkthanks taking the time to watch thisvideo again I’m Alex dykes and this hasbeen the 2014 mazda3 hatchback go aheadand click down there at the bottom ofyour screen to subscribe to this channelas well as to watch the full videoreview of the mazda3 hatchback

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