2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK review

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK review now in its third incarnation the mercedes-benz SL K is supposed to have grown up a little bit it’s still the same slice of folding hardtop brilliance

we’ve come to expect but this car has a few more tricks up its sleeve as well as the same levels of luxury and refinement we’ve come to expect however

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK review

it feels a bit more like a baby SL rather than a lithe and nimble sports car the first-generation SLK was a little boxy for some the second generation had a front-end inspired by both a Formula One car and the SLS Super Cup they were both a little bit effeminate this SLK AIT’s the SLS super car hence its long flat lines wide angles and butch stance and there’s a reason for this

the seat for sadies notice that the majority of SLK buyers were women they wanted to man up its image a little bit for something a little more muscular

it’s worth mentioning that the SRK hides its bulky roof rather well you see thanks some trick engineering the boot inner folds flush under the boot lid and looks rather better than before if you’re the type

that likes to drive with a roof down unless it’s pouring with rain you’ll be pleased to hear that it elevates in just 20 seconds before we talk about interior fit and finish we’re going to mention another one of the roofs little tricks you see thanks for something called magic sky control it turns from cloudy to clear at the press of a button a little bit like those reflections glasses

you get it’s very clever optional stuff another highlight is the air scarf neck heater wanna drive topless in the winter but don’t want a chilly neck spec air scarf and have warm air blown onto your neck as you walked around

the interior itself is all about styling and luxury after all this is a Mercedes it’s beautifully designed and makes the SLK feel as special as you’d hope it’s a little bit like being inside a pared down SLS supercar especially

with details like these aluminium air vents this rotary switch gear and the piped LED lights that bathe the cabin in a red glow at night there is one thing that brings it down though that clock it’s a little bit like dropping a 70s prefab into the gardens of Versailles not good you do get lots of boot space and there are plenty of cubby holes dotted around the cabin

but do remember this is a sports car so don’t expect room for IKEA furniture set the SOP is based on an evolved version of the second generation chassis but the steering has been tweaked to give a more direct response still it doesn’t have the same sporting intent as the BMW z4 maintaining its emphases or refinement and comfort which gives

it its own character there are a number of engines to be had all the way from the 191 brake horsepower sok 200 up to the 422 brake horsepower slk55 AMG there’s also a diesel version if you want to look good they still

get grey economy entry-level versions can respect the 6-speed manual gearbox but we found it’s better partnered with the 7-speed automatic that said it can be a little bit sluggish to respond to manual input

this RK is a bit more rounder really it offers GT note refinement sporty handling and gives you the option of a glorious open top ride or a windproof coupe a and it has pace to suit all budgets and driving styles

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