2014 Nissan NissanConnect Infotainment Review

the 2014 Nissanconnect infotainment system this is theinfotainment system found optionally inthe current generation Nissan Versa noteas well as a number of other nissanproducts it is a 5.8 inch colortouchscreen unit if you want to knowmore about the Nissan Versa note thatwe’re driving right now then go aheadand follow that link at the bottom ofyour screen and be transported over tothat video this is one of my favoritesystems that

Nissan has created for anumber of reasons first off it’s verylogically laid out it’s very easy to useover here we have XM satellite radio wehave
am/fm we have C D and the auxilarycycles through various inputs so rightnow we have Pandora playing right thereand that’s playing through our iPhone 5we also have an auxilary input which isthere in the center console the NissanVersa note and click over to our iPodinterface that’s again

using the USBinterface on the iPod we also havebluetooth streaming there as wellforward and backward buttons and in ourVersa note we also have an
all aroundview camera which is very unique for acompact car right now we’re in mybrother’s driveway and as you can see wehave Jaguar there up front
and we havethe all-around view camera like you’dfind in Infiniti products makes it mucheasier to park in a very crampeddriveway like we’re in right
now otherthings that I like is you can see rightnow this is the forward facing cameraand we have lines that turn based onwhere the steering wheel
is turning wealso have little Mark’s here that arehard to see in the video but we haveyellow and then red and then we have thefront bumper right

there click thecamera button again we’ll get a sideview so you can really get a close-upview that right side of the vehicle andyou can again see where your wheelswould hit objects right there the yellowline is the approximate maximum boundaryfor the car if we’re in Reverse we getbasically
the same layout and we canchoose that front right corner of thevehicle or we can hit the camera buttonagain and we can get that all-aroundview and
in the rear we also have thatturning box right there to indicatewhere the vehicle would go if you wereto turn the wheel this is a very
uniquefeature and although I find it a littlebit less useful than the Infinitysystems because this screen isn’t quiteas high resolution as the Infinityscreens it’s a little bit more difficultto park your car solely on thisinformation it is very useful fordrivers whoeither unsure of where
their car iswhile they’re parking or younger driversthat may need a little bit moreassistance to if they’re cautious to tryand back out never of

course rely onsolely this screen for navigating yourvehicle around but it is nevertheless abig help in certain circumstances overhere we have our
navigation interfacewith the map button you can see we havea very fully featured fairly snappy navsystem right there it is powered bysecure digital
flash card right there asthe flash is what is driving the mapsit’s fairly responsive in terms ofbutton presses etc we can optionally seeour current
position via GPS informationif we so desire we also have a 2d or a3d view go back to that map and see the3d view there don’t have topographicalinformation do keep in mind this is inlower-cost vehicle so you shouldn’texpect too much out of it we hit the navbutton there we have
destination routingoptions etc destinations are very easyto enter in this set in the system we’llgo ahead and enter one here we’ll enterour city

first you can see thanks tothat flash disk it is very responsive asfar as entering addressesand there you can see what entering adress is like in the system very easy touse course that number doesn’t existbecause I’m just guessing on addresseswe also have a very fully featuredBluetooth phone
interface with fullaccess to our Bluetooth phone book onthe phone call lists as well as a redialand a phone button fairly basicinterface but basic
is all I really wantin a system we have manual night modemanual auto mode you can get back rightthere into that menu and see our trafficinformation
XM satellite weatherinformation we also have points ofinterest powered by Google and Googlesend a car we have a voice commandtutorial those interactions do require apaired smart phone in order to work withthe system you can use an iPhone or anAndroid device we have not been able
toconfirm whether or not this will workwith any windows phones but at thismoment we’re told no is the theapproximate answer from Nisan backbutton is very handy in the system ithelps take you back to any screen whenyou’re lost in the systemyou can push this little button righthere for audio

and tune information aswell so if we’re over here on our audiosiswe can push that button for bass treblefader etc we can also use this to tuneif we’re on XM satellite radio we canuse that to tune the XM satellite radiohit the channels button there you canalso browse the channels in this screenand the system does support some dragfunctionality with your finger overallthis is one of my favorite entries inthe compact car segment

although you canget the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiestawith my Ford touch and I do rank thatslightly higher than the system thesystem is more logical more easy to useand snappier than my Ford touch it’sjust not as feature-rich as that Fordsystem overall I rank this above theEntune system we haven’t yet tested thecurrent generation Honda Civics brandnew touchscreen system so do stay tunedfor that infotainment review if you wantto
know more about the 2014 Nissan Versa

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