2014 Nissan Rogue 7-inch NissanConnect Navigation

2014 Nissan Rogue takinga look at the Nissan connectinfotainment system this is the samesystem that you’ll find in a widevariety of Nissan products at this timeuses a 7-inch touchscreen LCD right herein the dashboard we have a single slotcity player up topthis SD card slot right here is whereyou’ll find the card for the navigationmapping interface if you pull that openyou’ll see a single slot SD card rightthere and that’s for the navigation mapsif your unit is so equipped we also havean apps button over here and let’s goover the features one at a time firstoff we have Sirius XM satellite overhere you can see we have we touch thechannels list on the screen thistouchscreen does have some slidingcontrols so you can slide the sliders upand down to navigate these lists alittle bit more efficiently am/fm radioas well single slot city interface theauxiliary interface is where you’ll findboth the iPod USB as well as the regularBluetooth audio interface and a standardstereo mini jack right now I have aniPhone 5

connected to this system as youcan see it’s indexing my media libraryonce the indexing is complete you willhave access to full voice commands overthe system very much like Toyota’sEntune system and Ford Sync product ifyou get the voice command button on thesteering wheel it’ll show you what thosevoice commands available in the systemare right here on the screen the systemdoes have a very fully featured voicecommand interface you
can voice commandyour audio system navigationdestinations as well as the integratednissanconnect apps in this systemone slight omission seems to be
thatunlike Ford Sync you cannot control theplaylists on your iPod or USB device butyou do have access to artists as well assong titles the system does need tore-index your device every time youstart the car or plug a new device in sothis device has been plugged into thecar before but we
turned off and startedthe car again so it does have tworeindex the device and my device hasabout 5,000 songs on it it does takeabout three or four
minutes for thissystem to completely index the deviceuntil then the voice commands for thedevice are not going to be available nowthat that indexing little message rightthere is off now the voice commands areavailable for the device we do have ofcourse full access via the standardtouchscreen interface for accessingartists playlists albums genres etc viathe deviceit’s very snappy as far as interfacegoes and weyou have

that sliding ability in thisscreen as well so you can just click onyour particular playlist and the systemwill then find the tracks in there andstart playing it like many systems onthe market album art is displayed on thescreen we have a repeat option and ashuffle option as well the nav button iswhere you’ll find the ability to enteraddresses or points of interest previousdestinations taking you home or on thenext page we have a
few other optionslike our address book city centersintersections etc the map button iswhere you’ll see the map with XMsatellite traffic information
displayedright there on the screen a 3d view canalso be selected for the mappinginterface and one thing to note is thatthis traffic information as I said isdelivered by Sirius XM so you do need aSirius XM traffic subscription in orderfor this traffic to work we also downhere have a camera
button this isbecause our particular model is equippedwith an all-around camera system thesystem uses four different cameras oneof the front of the
car one in the rearof the car that’s also doubling as thebackup camera and then two cameraslocated inside each of these sideviewmirrors it then stitches these cameraimages together to give you a top downimage so it looks as if you have acamera over the entire car to help youguide around certain tricky parkingsituations we can hit the camera buttonwe can also change to an alternate sideview for the side camera so you can seethe tire

right there in that view andlittle lines letting you know where thefront of the car is our particular modelalso features moving object detectionthat’s what the mo D icon right thereand right over here indicates for you ifthe object was moving inside this screenit would highlight the portion of thescreen where the object is moving andflash that little light and beep at youto let you know that there’s somethingback there moving around all thefeatures I’ve talked about so far soundvery similar to Nissan’s former low-costnavigation system with good reason thesoftware is based on that system whichis one of my favorite systems out on themarket not just because of its price tagwhich is quite low it’s also standard

ona decent number of Nissan models butalso because it’s very easy to useeverything is very intuitive in thesoftware everything is very logicallyplaced as well Nissan has now taken thesystem to the next level by featuringsmartphone app integration and this isone of my favorite smartphone appintegration packages available what’snew in the system is this Nissan Connectapp that we now have on our smart phoneit’s available for the iPhone as well asthe Android device and it worksessentially the same way regardless ofwhich phone you have it on it

integratescertainadditional apps with this particular appso it will link with Facebook Googleonline search and iHeartRadio unlikecertain other app packages that are outthere for other vehicles you don’t haveto download specialty apps for this solike the new Honda system that’savailable in the Civic you have todownload specific apps that integratewith this app in order for that HondaCivic system to work that’s not likethis this particular system operatesmore like BMWs iDrive where it justintegrates with the Facebook app that’salready on your phone so you just haveto enable that and then it works withFacebook right there Nissan also doesn’tmake you register in order to make thisapp function I chose to register thisapp because
it does enable a few otherfeatures but the same basic app willwork without registration so you don’thave to submit any additionalinformation to Nissan if you don’t wantto that also means if you should findyourself in a Nissan rental car that hasthis particular system in it you will beable
to use it with your smartphonewithout going out and registering for anew app let’s go take a look at thoseapps now we go over to the apps screenyou will find SiriusXM apps as well asthe smartphone apps in the car so firstwe have Sirius XM traveling this iswhere you’ll find fuel prices stocksweather movie listings etc those arepretty standard you’ll also find yourSirius XM traffic incident listing if wego back we’ll have our voice
commandhelp this shows you what voice commandsyou can actually use if we click on theaudio device you can see that we haveplay am/fm tuned to particular stationsSirius XM channel numbers play artistsplay songs etc that sort of thing overon the app screen Nissan tells us thatthere will be
more apps coming for thesystem but at the moment we just havethree we have Facebook I Heart Radio andthe online Search app Facebook is yourpretty
standard car Facebook interfaceit reminds me an awful lot of BMWsiDrive you can view posts and you canhave it read posts out to you so weclick on our news feed right herehopefully there’s nothing embarrassingin my newsfeed we can see right here ifwe click on a particular entry the carwill read the entry out loud to us theyclick the play button here it’s been ahell of a week JG in addition to readingthe posts out loud you can also thumbsup posts you can reply to posts with acanned reply say I can’t talk right nowI’m driving you can also key in customcomments that seems a
little bitgimmicky but it does allow you thatfeature functionality very much likeBMWsdrive you can also use the system tocheck in/check events if
there areevents in your facebook calendar you canlook them up you can also enter a statusright here in Facebook unlike BMWsiDrive it doesn’t mine your informationso you only have particular entries inthe system you can also choose thekeyboard option if you’re parked andthen you can just type in whatever entryyou want into that Facebook status postI Heart Radio is fairly self-explanatoryit’s your typical Bluetooth mediastreaming interface well both of thosearen’t options that I would use I havefound this Google online search veryvery useful in the system the Googleonline
search gives you severaldifferent options you can use googlesend a car which allows you to lookthings up on your computer and then sendthat
destination to your car you canalso look up information in particularcategories you can look up restaurantsetc we go over to the next page we havegas stations as well as attractions goback to the previous page what really iscool about this system is this voicesearch button and you can use
this whileyou’re driving so you just click thatand you click the little voice commandbutton and you can search for any voiceentry the system works very very well solet’s hit this button right here we’llseecrow’s nest Santa Cruz California youcan see right now it has voicerecognized crow’s nest
in Santa CruzCalifornia and now it’s looked up and itthinks that the best option is thecrow’s nest restaurant it also gives youa few other options
of course this isall live data streaming onto your phonevia your Bluetooth or USB connectedsmartphone with the app running wellthere are other connected systems outthere what makes this system unique isthe nuance voice recognition softwarewhich works incredibly well and then ofcourse you have access to Google’s fullonline database via your pairedBluetooth or USB connected smartphonethis gives you up-to-date access to thelatest
listings in Google’s database soit’s much easier to find currentlistings like this and a little coursegive you an address that the nav systemcan
then take you to so if I click onthis particular entry right here it willthen give me the option to go ahead andstart navigation there because we havecomplete online information I also havethe phone number there so I can callthem but I can just hit the start buttonand it will tell me how to
get therewell this car does have a built innavigation point of interest databaselike all the other systems on the marketthis particular
functionality allows youa great deal more flexibility especiallyin an areawhere there are a lot of newdevelopments so if you’re in arelatively new area or you’re in asubdivision that’s constantly buildingout in their new restaurants there andyou’re looking for something along thoselines that’s

relatively new you’re notgoing to find it in any cars built inonline database you’ll instead only findit right there in the apps databasebecause it can search google for thatthe Bluetooth phone interface is yourfairly typical Bluetooth phone interfacewe have phonebook call usredial and we do have a full numberkeypad which I really appreciate thislittle sun and moon’ button is where youcan adjust the systems dimming we havenight mode
there and we have an automode and you can adjust the brightnessin each of those with this littleselector knob track forward backward wehave a back
button that works everywherein the system so if you’re in aparticular menu for instance if we’re inthe phonebook menu you want to go backyou can just hit the back button it willtake you to that previous screen if youprefer to interact with your system witha scroll knob instead of using thetouchscreen we do have that option overhere this is the TuneIn scroll buttonyou can use this particular button towander around hit the enter button andthen you can use the button again andthe knob arrangement to dial particulardigits in the system or to interact withany of the menus
right there in thesoftware the apps menu is where you willfind system settings system settings dorelate primarily to audio navigationBluetooth phone interface and thissystem in general because this system isavailable in a wide variety of differentNissan vehicles you don’t really controlvehicle settings from within thisinterface overall Nissan connectcontinues to be one of my favoritenavigation and infotainment systems outon
the market we have everything that Iexpect in a modern infotainment systemfrom excellent iPod integration withcomplete voice commands to Googleintegration so you can look upbusinesses via the online databaseprovided by Google we also have SiriusXM traffic which I appreciate and afairly snappy mapping interface as wellmore importantly Nissan is includingthis system in a decent variety of trimlevels on a wide variety of theirproducts so rather than making it anoption that you do have to pay for likeyou’ll find in certain other carmanufacturers this system is going
to bewidely available on the dealer lot in awide variety of cars Nissan does makeyou pay for the system in certain trimlevels of certain cars however it’sstill relatively inexpensive as I recalla Nissan Versa note the system is abouta $700 solo upgrade in certain trims ofthe Nissan Versa note which is a veryinexpensive car and I think it’s worthevery penny again the app integration isreally what helps create the value forme especially when you look at thissystemin lower end products from Nissanbecause this database won’t need to beupdated as often part of the reason
whypeople tend to upgrade the map databaseis for point of interests and otherentries in the system and with thisparticular system the only reason youwould ever need to update the mapdatabase is when they’re new roads in anavigation area on the system that youneed because your current up-to-
datelisting information for points ofinterest will be found right over hereon the app integration if you have asmartphone connected to the systemNo

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