2014 Nissan Rogue Child Seat Review

2014 Nissan Rogue Child Seat Review

50 classic ride child seat todaywe’re going to be talking about how wellone two and three of these child seatsfit in the back of the Nissan Roguewe’ll also be hopping in the back withthe child seats to see how well adultsand child seats interact in that secondrow bench seat that will also be tossingthese child seats in the cargo area ofthe rogue to see how well they fit backthere if you’re looking for the fullreview of the

Nissan Rogue then go aheadand click that banner at the bottom ofyour screen the full review should be upat about two or three days after thisvideo first launches so if that linkdoesn’t work at the bottom of yourscreen now just check back in a day ortwo for 2014 the important thing to knowabout the Rogue is that it is nowavailable as a seven-passenger crossovervehicle so in addition to the

second rowwe now have the option of a third rowour
particular tester here is notequipped with that third row so this isjust the five passenger version but it’sreally obvious that this vehicle canaccommodate that third row and you canreally tell that from this profile righthere on the back because the rooflinestays very tall as we go rearward wealso have a fairly upright rear hatchglass that makes the cargo area off alot more practical inside the

rogue andit also results in
improved Headroom forthe rear passengers a nice touch of this2014 model is this rear window glassPatrol is almost completely down thatdoes seem to make children a little bithappier in the back

because of therogue’s tall roofline as well as theselarge and square doors it’s very easy toget child
seats and children in out ofthe car because these rear door openingsare quite largethe rogue second row seats slide forwardand backward this is very much like theJeep Cherokee and they also recline thatallows you to both square off your cargoarea so you can fit more square items inthe back it also allows you to apportionthe space between the second row and thethird row if your

vehicle is equippedbut it’s handy for another reasonrear
seats that slide forward andbackward make it a lot easier to installand remove the top tether anchor andchild seats you should always use a toptether anchor where possible because youcan slide

this car seat forward and thenfrom the rear door in the car I canactually attach this top tether anchorright there to the back of the seat backtighten it up and then scoot the seatall the way backward

in its track nowyou should always pay attention to theuser manual both for the vehicle and thechild seat and Nissan does say that thesecond row should be in the all the wayback
position when you’re using a childseat in the car so even though it may betempting to scoot it forwards that whatyour child can be closer to you in thefront seat it’s safer if they’re all theway back in the track if you’ve everwondered whytop tether anchors on child seats are solong the reason is because they canmount to the vehicle in a wide varietyof different locations nissan rogue usestwo

fairly common locations for mountingthose top

tether anchors on the outboardseats they’re right here on the back ofthe rear seatback just latch them onlike I showed you earlier they’re nowthe center child seat anchor in theNissan Rogue is a little bit differentand you’ll find it right here in theceiling behind the second row and youlatch it on right like thatwell no I left that on wrong so we’llturn it around and latch that oncorrectly and

then we just pull totighten right like that now two thingsto know about this first off this tetheranchor is not in a direct line rightbehind this middle seat back so it mayresult in a child

seat that’s pulledslightly askew we’re told that’s notreally a problem for most child seats aslong as the child seat is firmly fixedin place you should have much less thanan inch of travel if you really tug onthe child seat to have it firmly inplace the second thing may sound obviousbut just in case you’re wondering if youhave a rogue with a third row you’re notsupposed to use the third row if

youhave this top tether anchor for a centerchild seat so you can either have twopeople in that third row or you can havea center child seat with this top tetheranchor engaged but not both at the sametime it’s important to remember thesetop two other anchors because theyreally do improve safety especially invehicles like this with a sliding secondrow because right now this top tetheranchor is very rigid but if I slide thissecond row back and forget to retightenthis top tether anchor this child seatmoves around a great deal more than ifit was tight the rogue has a generousamount of rear legroom and that’s

reallyobvious in this rearward facing childseat test this front seat is adjustedfor a six foot five passenger it’s allthe way back in its seat in a relativelyupright position which is enabled by thetall ceiling in the rogue and as you cansee I have about two inches of roombetween this rear seat back and therearward facing child seat that’s aboutthe minimum that you want to be safebecause remember in a rear-end type actsthat the front seat will move back justa little bit because of the weight of aperson in there and that could interactwith a child seat in a negative way withthe seat

adjusted for me at about 6 feettall I have about 4 inches of roombetween the seat back and therear-facing child seat which isdefinitely a safe margin one thing tokeep in mind is that if you do putpassengers in that third row of the roadyou’re going to have to move that secondrow forward just a little bit in orderfor them to be accommodated relativelycomfortably back there in that third

rowand that is going to limit your spacerighthere in a rearward-facing child seatinstallation even though the Rogue isavailable as a seven-seat crossovervehicle much like that Nissan Pathfinderit’s important to keep in mind this isconsiderably smaller than a Pathfinderthat’s really obvious in the dimensionsof this rear bench

seat as well as thatthird row the Pathfinder has an awfullot of room in that third row it’s oneof the best vehicles in its class andthe rogue is relatively compact backthere in the third row here in thesecond row the size difference is verynoticeable in the width of the rearbench seat now the rogue does have anawful lot of rear seat legroom that isvery typical in nissan vehicles Nissantends to

have an awful lot of rearlegroom all the way across the board butthe bench seat in this rogue is just alittle bit narrow it’s about average forthis class which means that when I’msitting here next to two child seats inthe rear my head is kind of digging intothe side of the pillar in the carbecause I can’t really sit upright in
myseat can really tell if you take a lookat this center child seat that’s in thevehicle it’s decently scooted overtowards my side of the car it’s notreally centered in the middle of theseat and that’s

because the arm rests inthis particular car are very far inboard so well there is this amount ofroom you can see between the side ofthis child seat and the window and thedoor that would be safer in

a crashbecause the side curtain airbags aregoing to come down into that space rightthere it means that it’s not going to beas easy to accommodate three-wide childseats across the rear because right downhere lower in the in the child seat thedoor is actually interacting with thatchild seat another thing to keep in mindif I sit right back in my seat and if Iactually try and scoot my posterior

tothe middle of this seat is the buckleand seat belt arrangement for the middleseat are actually hitting my rear end inkind of an unusual position and that’sbecause the seat belt for this centerchild seat or center seat positionactually comes out of the bottom seatbolster of the outboard seat as a resultthe center seats seat belt Anchorage isactually closer to me
in this outboardseat then my own buckle arrangement thatI would use to buckle myself in in thisoutboard seat I’m going to do that nowso we can see how that works the seatbelt buckle is also

under the centerchild’s leg that does make it a littlebit trickier to get things engaged herethere we go and we’re all seat belted inthis brings me neatly to the threeacross child seat configuration in

therogue well this is possible things are alittle bit tight in the rogue and theseoutboard child seats are digging intothe door panels by a decent amountif you do need to fit three child seatsacross the

back of a Nissan Rogue thenyou may want to look at child seats thatare narrower than this krakow classicride 50 child seat is our
somewhataverage but you can find both wider andnarrow receipts if you have wider seatsthen they’re really not going to fit inthe back here if you have narrower seatsand you should have no

problem withthree across seating before we throwchild seats in the back let’s talk aboutcargo holding practicality becausethat’s an area where Nissan has reallyexcelled lately in their

mainstreamvehicles this rear seat back is foldedas you can see right now this load flooris flat with this rear seat back but ithas a few other tricks up its sleeveit’s divided into two areas right backhere so we can actually lift that inthis position to hold bags and otheritems that may roll around your cargoair and that will stay in a fixedposition we can also lower this to thebottom of that

load floor and we get alittle bit of extra cargo area rightthere same thing goes for this rearcompartment
we can lower it to thatparticular load floor height we get alittle bit of extra cargo room in theback or we have a compartment rightbelow that that you can store items thatare about five or four to

five inchestaller so this can also be raised in asecond position to give you sort of astorage tear going on in the back ofyour Rogue so you can put items downhere and then put items on top with thisload floor right here so that way theywon’t squish the items that are below itthere’s also an optional tonneau coveravailable for the rogen it would engageright around this level right here andcover cargo right about here opting forthat third row bench seat does cause thecargo capacity in the back of the rugdrop by a decent amount
especially whenthey’re being used in our five passengerversion here we can easily put thesethree child seats in a very uprightposition and toss in decent amount ofroller luggage and still be able toclose the rear hatch it’s also possibleto put these three child seats flat andthen still put one carry-on roller bagin the back beneath the optional tonneaucover we also have a power tailgate inour particular rogue model which doesmake it a lot easier to open and closethat trunk when you have kids in towthanks taking the time to check out thisvideo go ahead and click that subscribebanner
at the bottom of your screen soyou can be updated on all of our latestvideos at the end of this video there’llbe some additional links you can clickon over to reviews of competing vehiclesyou can also click on over to the fullreview of the 2014 Nissan Rogue itshould be up in about a day or so youcan find the Nissan connect infotainmentsystem which is the brand new radio andnavigation unit that’s in this 24teen rogue go ahead and like this videocomment on this video subscribe to thischannel tell me what you did and did notlike about the 2014 Nissan Rogue

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