2014 Nissan Versa Note Hatchback Child Seat Review

like about this review what we couldimprove on next time and what additionalinformation you’d like to know aboutjamming car seats into a modern car
sofirst off we’re going to cover a fewthings we’re going to go over how wellthree car seats fit in the vehicle andspoiler alert they don’t fit very wellat all in the Nissan Versa note becauselike most subcompact cars the Versa noteisn’t terribly wide so let’s take a looklet’s do things slightly

out of orderand cover the three car seats acrossbecause that is a limiting factor whenit comes to subcompact sedansas well as sub compact hatchbacks likethe Versa note they’re just not as wideas a mid-sized family sedan so you can’tfit three of these very average-sizedcar seats across

again these are thegrotto classic ride fifty car seats andyou can find narrower car seats so thiscould be something that you might beable to accomplish if you had narrow carseats however they’re not going to beyour very typical car seats that you’regoing to find at you know the averageshopping location most of those on thestore shelves are just about the samesize as these start car seats that we’reworking with today so do

keep that inmind the problem is the Versa althoughwe do have a decent amount of legroomback here and a large amount of cargoroom we just don’t have the width forthese three car seats so I was not ableto fit a third one in and close the doorit’s really easy to see why when youtake a look at the bottom of the seattake a look at this seat it’s notcentered in the middle portion of thisseat back so you can see the back ofthis car seat is almost halfway intothis right side back seat so we couldn’tfit a third seat here these are notstrapped in mind you but the takeawayfrom this is

that this car seat overhere on the right side of the car is allthe way against the door so we can’tpush that any further that waythis one snug right up against itthere’s just no way to fit a third carseat inside the Nissan Versa next up wehave a single car seat in arearward-facing

configuration thispassenger seat is all the way back inits tracks adjusted for a six foot fivepassenger so you can see there’s asurprising amount of room for a smallcar between this car seat and this seatback and that’s because the Nissan Versahas an incredibly large backseatwe have over 38 inches of rear seatlegroom going on in the Versa whichmeans this is the biggest backseatsecond only to the Nissan Sentra in theentire Nissan and Infiniti lineup Nissandoes not sell a car with a biggerbackseat in North America than theSentra or the Versa which is aninteresting thing to note

other takeaway from this is that this is 7 inchesmore than you get in something like aKia Rio hatchback or a Ford Focustitaium it’s about 5 inches more thanthe Ford Focus titanium it’s also about4 or 5 inches more than a Honda Fit orsomething along the lines of a ChevySonic so we have a decent

amount of rearseat legroom which means this isprobably the easiest fit that you’ll getin the subcompact hatchback segment theKia Rio in my mind is a very directcompetitor to the Versa note and as youcan see here if you are 7 inches furtherrearward in that Kia Rio you can seewhere that would impact this car seat itwould

be right about here it would alsomean that would be more difficult to fita six foot five or six foot sixpassenger in the front like I did andhave a car seat right behind him or herin the back seat you just couldn’t dothat in some other

subcompact cars youneed to
step up to a larger car in thatsame vehicle manufacturer in order to dothis we now have two car seats in thecar we have a rearward-facing child seatover here on the right and we have aforward-facing child seat in the middleat this point I’d like to say if you’reunsure of how to install a child seat inyour car or if you have a new car andyou just want someone to go over withyou how to install the child seat thengo ahead and find a certified child seatinstaller go ahead and pop a link downbelow the video so you can go ahead andfind one that is my honestrecommendation because

you don’t want toget this wrong you can follow themanufacturer’s instructions butsometimes you’re just a little unsure ofhow things will fit it’s always best tocheck with the professional so withthese two child seats right over herethere’s not a whole lot of room leftgoing on on the left side of the vehiclelet me see if I can close the door oh Ican I’m a little bit surprised by thatcan actually close the door here nowadmittedly I have not checked with acertified child seat installer so thischild seat is probably a little bitlooser than it should be in the car butthey were
installed by the manufacturersdirections and as you can see at 6 feetand about 185 pounds I would have to sitslightly sideways in this seat with myarm around the child seat in order toactually fit on this left seat my rearis actually only about half on the seatbecause this Centeroccupying

about half of my seat you canreally see the side of this child seatis cutting this headrest for my seatright down the middle it’s also a littlebit tricky to strap yourself in becausethis child seat is practically on top ofmy seats belt buckle fact actually if Idig under there it’s entirely on top ofmy seats belt buckle because I’m usingthe latch anchors I think I could findit if I really needed to you may not beable to fit three car seats across theback of the Versa note but there are afew things that are great for familiesabout this hatchback first off theserear windows roll all the way down whichmeans that your older kids will be alittle bit happier about that becausethey can see completely out the windowyou can of
course lock these windows outfrom the front so that way you don’thave your younger children playing withthat car switch or trying to leap outbut they do roll all the way down whichI like second thing I like is how widethese rear doors open they’d open almostto 90 degrees which means it’s an awfullot easier to get in and out of thehatchback to get your kids in and outbecause of the hatchback profile of thenote along with the other hatchbacks inthis class it’s also a lot easier to getin and out because you can bend overmore easily on the inside right therewithout hitting your
head like you wouldin a sedan now it’s time to fit thesecar seats in the cargo area the firstthing that helps us out a little bithere is we have a two-stage load floorin the Versa note we have this cargodivider right here that can be either inthat up position or it can be about fourinches closer to the floor that reallydoes help out a bit free car seats righthere it’s obvious taking a look at itthat the only way these are going to fitis if you stack them you can fit twointerlocking in this fashion right likethat and you could fit those under thistonneau cover in the car but
if you wantto fit all three in the car then you’regoing to have to stack your car seatsmore along these lines and then you’regoing to have to remove this tonneaucover because we’re already at – we’rehigher than this cargo cover in order todo that we’re going to have to fold therear seats

down because that’s requiredin order to remove that cover I have tofold those down then we can pop thiscover off the car take it out we’ll setthat aside right there or on the groundwhichever comes first and now we can putthis third child seat very easily intothe backof the Versa note hatchback now theVersa note hatchback does have a decentamount of cargo room back here and wealso have a fairly large opening as youcan see it’s definitely higher thanthree car seats stacked one on top ofthe otheroverall the Versa note scores top marksin this compact hatchback segment whenit comes to

car seat and child totingbecause we have that enormous back seatit really makes it an awful lot easierto put to rearward-facing child seats inthe Versa and tall passengers in thefront there’s really nothing else in thesubcompact segment that can do that wehave seven inches more rear seat roomthan in a Kia Rio so in a Kia Rio youcouldn’t fit six foot five person in thefront seat and a rearward-facing childseat in the back behind that

person andexpect both people to be comfortable dokeep in mind that you’d still need someroom between the rearward-facing childseat and that front seat especially invehicles that have active whiplashresisting front seats because that frontseat does move so it’s a very importantconsideration not only in the Versa notebut in any vehicle that you have outthere especially Volvo vehicles wherethe whole seat back articulates when youget in

an accident you’re rear-endedthat front seat will actually come backand it could come back and impact yourrear-facing child seat so be sure andconsult a professional child seatinstaller about how you should installthem in the car and where that frontseat should be adjusted for maximumsafety both for you and for your childone other featureyou

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