2014 Nissan Versa Note Review

Nissan launched event so I only hada few hours with the Versa note and myimpressions were based on that shorttime. with the vehicle now I’ve had theVersa note for a full week so let’s

talkabout how this little hatchback stacksup the Nissan Versa note name comes fromthe fact that this

hatchback is sold inother world markets simply as the NissanNote so for

the United States theydecided to combine that name with theVersa branding and combine them togetherto

create the 2014 Nissan Versa notethis is of course just the hatchbackversion of that existing.

Nissan VersaSedan sold in the United States eventhough they do look a little bitdifferent up

front I think that thecurrent generation Nissan Versa Sedan isa little bit more

elegant in its overallfront and trim but this is a little bitmore modern and a little bit moreaggressive.

overall however subcompactcars tend to look a little bitcartoonish from the front end

or fromthe back end so it is just something tokeep in mind when you take a look atthem and compare.

them with cars that areslightly larger the reason for that issubcompact cars tend to

be narrower thanmid-sized or full-sized cars howeverthey tend to be about the same height aswell

so you tend to get this narrowertaller looking vehicle it tends to be alittle bit cartoonish narrow and tallthe

Versa certainly is but short itdefinitely is not if you take a look atthe side profile the Nissan Versa noteit’s a

fairly long. vehicle when youcompare it to 1980s sub compacts forinstance we

get a decent sized backseatand that’s thanks to these wheels as youcan see being pushed all the way to theback right.

back here and that frontwheel pushed all the way to the forwardthe

other thing you’ll notice about theside profile of the Nissan Versa note isthis hood it’s quite small and that’sbecause.

we have a fairly small engine upthere but also is because they’ve

pushedthis cabin just about as far forward asthey possibly can to maximize interiorspace practicality

continues. out backbecause we have a fairly vertical cargohatch

which really helps square off thatcargo area and give you a little bitmore room than the sexier profilesyou

‘ll find in certain other hatchbacksor lift backs out on the market the rearend is

attractive but plain I don’tthink that the note overall is asattractive as the current generation

KiaRio 5-door hatchback or the Ford Fiestabut overall it is very attractive andagain you can

see that it is verypractically oriented with this veryverticalrear tailgate hats which helps you storemore

cargo right in back there when youpop the hood it’s obvious that Nissanwas

prioritizing interior and cargo roomrather than under the hood room becauseyou can see that the firewall is quitefar back there in the engine compartmentand is

actually under this leading edgeof the windshield as well as all thisplastic trim and the windshield

wipersitself the only engine in the note is a1.6 liter four-cylinder engine itproduces

109 horsepower and 107 poundsfeet of torque in the S model it ismated to a 5-speed manual transmissionbut

most of the Versa notes that you’llfind out on the dealer lot get the newtwo-

speed CVT transmission this is not atraditional single belt driven CVT itactually

is a CVT combined with atwo-speed planetary gearset and how thatworks is it starts off with a CVT in

itslowest range and that two-speed gearboxin low and then once that’s exhausted itmoves the two-speed

gearbox too high andthen resets the CVT to low the reasonthat they do that is

because you get amuch broader range with a CVT like thisin this Nissan Versa note than you do insomething like a Nissan Pathfinder

it’sreally obvious in this vehicle becauseyou get a very low first gear as well asa very tall final gear ratio which

helpsyou not only in Hill situations but alsoimproving your fuel economy

out there onthe road speaking of fuel economy base Smodels get 27 miles per gallon in thecity and 36 on the

highway out of thatfive-speed manual transmission you getthe CVT in the

model that we’re in rightnow you get 31 in the city and 40 on thehighway part of that’s due to that CVT

but part of that’s also due to some Aerotreatments on the vehicle like activegrille

shutters right here at front thatyou don’t get in that base model withthe 5-speed manual the note that we’retesting has these 195 55 r16 tyres allthe way around but more

important thanthe size of the rubber is the overallcurb weight of the Versa note it’s about2,400 pounds which means

it’s aboutthree to four hundred pounds lighterthan a Ford Fiesta

and it’s lighter thanalmost every other entry in this segmentthat lightness really

in thehandling as well as the performanceabilities when you compare the Versanote with some of the

other entries inthis segment especially considering thatwe only have 109

horsepower under thathood front seat comfort proved goodduring my week with this car but thereare a few

things you should know thefirst thing is if you get the base Smodel then you don’t get a six-waymanually

adjustdriver’s seat you lose the bottom seatheight adjustability feature the

otherthing to know is about that bottom seatheight adjustability feature

the bottomseat cushion just moves up and down inrelation to a fixed backrest rather thanthe whole seat moving

up and down withthat seat bottom cushion the reasonthat’s important is because the lumbarsupport in this seat is fixed it’s notadjustable in or out or up and down andif you move that

seat bottom cushion inrelation to that seat back cushion thenwhen

it’s up highest then the lumbarsupport is actually below the seatbottom cushion it’s not doing anythingfor your back

the other thing to note iswe don’t have a tilt telescopingsteering column the steering column justadjusts for tilt rather than telescopeso it is a little bit more difficult

tofind an ideal driving position the lastthing to note is that if you have a shoelarger than a size 11 you may

find thefoot well a little bit tight andconfining I have a size 11 shoe and myfoot

is rubbing against pieces ofplastic right under there in the footwell something that

I didn’t find myselfexperiencing in the Ford Fiesta the Riothe RS or the Sonic thanks to the

veryupright profile rear seat comfort isexcellent in the Versa note we have anincredible amount

of headroom but moreimportantly that we have an astronomicalamount of legroom this

front seat isadjusted for me at 6 feet tall I haveabout 7 inches of legroom left therebetween

my knees and that seat back andthat’s because the Versa has one of thelargest back seats that

Nissan has evermade at 38 point 3 inches of rearlegroom this is 7 more inches than theKia 4 inches

more than the Sonic andmany more inches than the Ford Fiestaetc this front seat

right here isadjusted for a six foot five passengerit’s all the way back in its seat traveland I still have about four inches oflegroom left there moving over to themiddle seat I still have a

decent amountof headroom and the hump in this

middleseat is not terribly pronounced nor isthere a terribly pronounced hump on thefloor in the

Versa note the importantthing however to keep in mind about amiddle seat passenger or about

childseats is that the Versa note is notterribly wide so well there is plenty oflegroom for a third

passenger in theback there’s not a whole lot of width sothey better be fairly skinny

people tojam them in the back seat of the Versathe one last thing I’d like to point outback here

is this rear door which opensalmost to 90 degrees versus the side ofthe vehicle which

makes an awful loteasier to stuff child seats or largeitems right there in the back of the carlet’s take a quick look around theinterior we do have height

adjustableseatbelts for both the driver and the frontpassenger since we are in the upper trimlevels of the Nissan

Versa note we dohave a slightly nicer headliner as wellas upgraded cloth

on the seats righthere we have hard plastics pretty muchthroughout the cabin of the Versa notehard

plastics up here hard plastics overhere hard plastics lower in the door we

do have hard plastics on the armrest aswell although we do get a cloth insertright

here on the side we also havebottle holders in the door our model haspower windows as well as power doorlocks

moving over to the dashboard wehave two large glove compartments wehave this one right here

which issuitable for holding wallets or othersmall items and then we have this verylarge

glove box below which easilyaccommodates tablet computers even smallto mid-size. laptop computers

really isan enormous love box this is a eight anda half by 11 sheet of paper

just so youcan see how big this glove box actuallyis and we unfolded it almost fits inthat way and if we

put it in long wayyou can actually see could fit 11 inchlong items in the glove box withrelative ease

in this car moving over tothe center console because we have thetechnology package

we have afive-pointed inch color touch screen LCDinfotainment and navigation system ifyou want to know more about that then goahead and click the.banner at the bottomof your screen

below that we have asingle zone manual climate controlsystem and then two large cup. holdersright

below that keep in mind they areright. at Shin height so you can’t end upknocking

those with your leg but they doeasily accommodate to large cups fromtakeouts we have a very small

storagecubby right there behind the cups it’sthe tiny little compartment right

thereit’s a little hard to see in the videowe have a very traditional shifter thenmoving backwards

our model has theoptional heated .seats high and low forboth the driver and the front

passengerwe have our auxilary input right here aswell as our USB input another littlestorage

cubby and then lastly one largecubby right. there between the seats thedrivers seat has one

folding armrest butthe passenger does not get an armrest onthat side like the verse of the

noteuses a very basic two dial instrumentcluster with a digital readout for yourengine

temperature fuel level as well asa trip computer right there using thatbutton and a dimmer

over there movingup to the steering wheel instead ofsharing the steering wheel with

theregular Versa Sedan we share thesteering wheel with the center sedanwhich means we have a three spokearrangement.

I think it’s a little bitmore attractive in our model it isleather

wrapped over here we have cruisecontrol then over on this side we haveour radio buttons source track up anddown

volume up and down and thesebuttons are for the Bluetooth

phoneinterface the Versa Sedan has a verylarge trunk but part of the reason you’dmove. up to the note is for the cargocarrying

capacity and this larger hatchwe don’t get quite as much room underthis tonneau cover as we do in the

vs.sedans trunk but we do have the abilityto. shove larger items with this largeropening here if you fold down those rearseats this is the

largest roller bag youcan carry on a domestic flight and itwill fit in this orientation in thetrunk and close

however you can’t putseveral of them in this orientation andclose the trunk we

do however have aninnovative two-stage folding cargobottom so this is a lid right here. thatyou can actually

remove from the Versanote you can set it aside and then youcan put luggage

deeper in the cargo areaand the bag will fit there in thisorientation as well as this orientationif

you push it there into the cornerjust a little bit now you can’t fit thatmany of them in the

truck you can fitabout two of them side-by-side and thensmaller luggage on either side but ifyou remove

this top right here from theVersa note the

tonneau cover there thenwe have access to even more room as youcan see

right therewe’ll pull these seats back into placeand now it’s time for our exclusivetruck comfort indexI’ll hop in

here and overall we get asix out of ten as far as cars go but adefinite 8 out of 10 with.

regards tojust compact hatches because this is afairly nicely done cargo area I reallyappreciat

e that two-stage folding trunkbottom in its upper stage you can pushthings directly from the back

right ontothe seat backs if you fold these rearseat backs down in the lower stage it isa

little bit of a rise up but we do havea very important handle right here onthe trunk lid to help you close

this thefirst thing to know about this car isthat it uses a CVTor continually variable

transmissionrather than a traditional automatic or adual clutch robotized manualtransmission traditional

automatics willbe found in things like a Mazda 2 withKia Rio the Toyota Yaris etc and therobotized

manual is what Ford is usingin the Ford Fiesta that means that theVersa note

has a decent benefit when itcomes to hill climbing acceleration andfuel economy

versus those othercompetitors the downside however is feela lot of people do complain about theway

CVT transmissions feel because whenyou accelerate if you’re accelerating ina sort of gentle

fashion the engine willhop up to maybe about 2 or 3,000 rpm andthen

just hang out there as youaccelerate off into the distance ratherthan a normal transmission where you revand then

it steps down to the next yearand then the RPMs drop and then they goback up and then they go back and

forthalong those lines that doesn’t happen ina CVT transmission however

that doesmean that a CVT can make the most of thelittle horsepower that the car has

thiscar only has 109 horsepower it is fairlylight at just over 2,400 pounds butstill only has 109 horsepower under thehood however it feels an awful lotbetter in hill climbing then those othercompetitors

especially the mint then themanual transmission version of the noteor the manual

transmission version ofthe Fiesta or the other cars that areout there because if you’rehill-climbing in those cars you findyourself constantly shifting the enginejust doesn’t have enough

torque andpower to stay in a higher gear so youend up slowing down then down shiftingthan

speeding up and then up shiftingand then slowing down and then repeatingthe whole

process over and over againthat does not happen in a car with a CVTinstead the CVT. just varies the ratioand you keep cruising up the hill atthat same speed that you were on

withoutslowing down it annoys traffic an awfullot less behind you the CVT is also

thereason why this car was able to go fromzero to 60 in just over nine secondswhich puts it within one

tenth of asecond of the Rio or the Fiesta or someof the other more powerful entries or more sporting entries in this subcompactsegment really is the CVT

there becausethe CVT just hangs out at the maximumoutput range of the engine and

staysthere until you accelerate so we alsoget a relatively decent quarter-miletime out of the Versa

note as well whenit comes to handling you can thankNissan’s dedication to practicality forthe reason that the

Versa handles sowell they push the wheels to the fourcorners of the car so

they can get themost interior volume out of itit also means that we get a very stablevehicle

we do still get a little bit oftip and dive and definite body roll inthe corners but it feels a lot

moreplanted than you might thinkgetting on this freeway like this we’recompletely floored so you can see theengine is revving at about 5,000 550 500RPM and there are no

shifts just climbsteadily as we’re going and now we’reabout 50 miles an hour now we’ve hit 60miles now

we’re we’re cruising on up to65 there when you let off the gas thenthe engine drops down to

its resting rpm4 freeway cruising again thanks to theCVT the verson again thanks to that CVTthe Versa never really feelsunderpowered even with four people andsome

luggage in the back it definitelyaffects the 0-60 time but it still feelslike it’s going to get out of harm’s

waybefore a three cylinder Geo Metro fromthe 80s would Cavanaugh’s in

the Versanote registered at 70 decibels whichputs this right in the middle of thepack

there isn’t a whole lot of steeringfield going on in this car but thenagain nothing with electric

powersteering really has a whole lot of feeleither handling is very good in theVersa note however and

we can thank theextremely light curb weight for thatwith 195 tires all the way

around youcan really enter corners an awful lotfaster than you would in a wide varietyof cars however it’s not as good as aMazda 2 a Honda Fit or the Ford Fiestaso it really ranks

somewhat in themiddle of the pack in terms of absolutehandling where the note really. excels isin fuel economy we’ve been averagingthirty-seven point eight miles pergallon in very

mixed driving over about700 miles with this

Versa note and thatis extremely good in fact that’s muchbetter than the Ford Fiesta or the KiaRio by a decent margin the Ford Fiestain our drivingscored right around 30 miles per

gallonor so this is about seven miles pergallon better this is even better inreal. world driving than.

the limited timeI’ve had in a three cylinder Ford Fiestait’s also better than the Kia Rio.

theHonda Fit the Mazda 2 especially numberof those other entries in the segmentyou can definitely thank the CVT as wellas the small engine for that reallygreat fuel economy and that is includinggoing up

and over a twenty two hundredfoot mountain pass every day zero tosixty testing in his car plenty ofidling.

for photoshoots etc and we’vestill been averaging nearly 38 miles pergallon in this carpressing starts out very low at 13,000$990 of course you do get a decentnumber of Idaremoved from the vehicle that you’vebeen looking at in this video in orderto achieve that.

13,000 $990 price tagincluding slightly less expensiveupholstery a slightly less expensiveheadliner that five-speed manualtransmission which does of course getworse fuel economy then

the CVT we’vebeen testing here
the model that you’vebeen seeing in this video is nineteenthousand three hundred dollars it’s a fully

loaded Nissan Versa note a nicelyloaded SV trim which i think is myfavorite version

of the Versa note willset you back fifteen thousand ninehundred ninety dollars and that’s really

the best model for comparison at fifteennine ninety that SV version represents asignificant

value over the Ford Fiestathe Sonic the Rio and the Yaris

theFiesta similarly equipped is aboutseventeen thousand two hundred fifty asimilarly clipped

Chevy Sonic is sixteenthousand 380 similarly equipped Kia Riois sixteen seven hundred

and the RSslots in is sixteen four hundred ninetythat means that the Versa is a decentdeal at that price

tag even consideringthe fact that the interior is full ofhard plastics we don’t have adjustablelumbar support

in the driver’s seat etcwe also get the biggest back seat inthis class by a wide margin so do keepthose things in mind when you comparethis to those other

competitors theother important thing to keep in mindhowever is that something like a FordFiesta

for that seventeen thousand twohundred fifty dollars is going to feellike a more.

luxurious vehicle on theinside you’re going to get a morecomfortable driver’s seat you’re goingto get more soft touch plastics andyou’re going to get a few moreinfotainment goodies on the insideNissan has created an incredible valuewith the Versa note the Versa note feelslike one of those cars that gives you anawful lot for your buck it doesn’t feelquite as cheap as a

Toyota Yaris the RStends to feel just a little bit cheaperthe Rio is a little bit sporty ER todrive. the sonic has similarly pricedinteriors you can tell that the interiorparts in the sonic cost

about as much asthe Nissan Versa note but they just feela little bit cheaper the Ford Fiesta isgoing for.

kind of a different buyerbecause they’re going for a.
moreluxurious interior more features morecomfortable seats etc but you do pay forit with that Ford Fiesta so would I buya Nissan Versa note well I have a kindof a politician’s answer for

you Iwouldn’t buy a fully loaded Nissan Versanote I’d probably buy a Ford Fiestainstead but if I was looking in the$16,000 price

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