2014 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel uConnect

2014 RAM 1500, Chrysler’in UConnect 8 inç dokunmatik ekran sisteminin en son sürümünü alır, eğer bilgi-eğlence ile ilgilenmiyorsanız, devam edin ve aşağıdaki talimatları izleyin ve incelemenin sürücü bölümüne atlamak için ekranın altındaki aşağıdaki talimatları izleyin.

2014 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel uConnect

çok hızlı ve neredeyse her şeyin bu dokunmatik ekran tarafından yönlendirildiği RAM 1500’de olduğu için ekranın altında bazı fiziksel düğmeler de var.

mostnotably for the heated steering wheelheated and cooled seats that you wouldnormally find in most UConnect equippedvehicles right here in the screen thisrow of buttons on the bottom is fixedand that’s how you navigate inside thesystem over here on the radio tab
iswhere you’ll find am/fm as well asSirius XM across the top we have ourpreset buttons and those presets areunique to the individual

tuner so wehave 12 presets for Sirius XM 12 for FM12 for AM rather than a combined systemwe also have a direct access tunedbutton here which allows you to directlytune a particular channel

in a loteasier to navigate than certain systemsdirect access to our audio options rightthere that audio button available inmost sources scooting over to the mediaoption we have a fully

featured iPodinterface Bluetooth of course securedigital and that same auxilary input

theslider on the top
allows you to scrubinside your track we have access to thetracks that are on your current playlistright there with that tracks button

wecan also see a little map insert insidethis windowvia the map button info button takes youto information about this particulartrack What is wrong with the RAM EcoDiesel?

the Browse button is how you wouldactually navigate your device we havefull access to artists playlists songsetc you also have access

to full voicecommands with your iPod or your USB orAndroid device depending on what youhave connected to the systemvery much like

Ford’s Sync the controlsbutton is for your heated and cooledseats heated steering wheel as well asthe auto dimming mirror again

theseheated and cooled seats and heatedsteering wheel buttons are 2014 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel uConnect

duplicatedwith physical buttons down below theclimate button is where you can adjustcertain climate control settings as wellas see what

the climate control iscurrently doing that’s where you canturn off the dual zone climate controlwe also have a direct access button

tothose same controls the nav screenshould be very familiar to you if you’veever used a garmin device and that’sbecause chrysler just


integrates garminsoftware right into the UConnect systemover here on the view map button you cansee we havea pretty standard map with sirius/xmtraffic the system is fairly snappyfairly

responsive over here on the mainscreen you can enter your address viathese buttons right here on the screenor you can enter the address via naturalvoice commands as well the

Bluetoothinterface is a fairly stereotypicalBluetooth phone interface for car wehave speed dial

How many miles will a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel last? buttons across the topredial send button and button mutebutton transfer button three-way callbutton over there we have access to

thephonebook on your phone recent call listfrom the phone dial pad which allows youto dial numbers as well as enter numbersinto an IVR

system over here we havesettings for the phone

that allow you topair Bluetooth devices and if yourdevice supports that we also havemessaging ability in the system onething to note is

that Apple iOS devicesdo not support that yet over on the appsbutton it’s where you’ll find inaddition to apps also the systemsettings

so you can change all thevehicle settings and system settingsright there we also can find apps AHAassist I Heart Radio Pandora etc

widevariety of apps are available on thisand there’s also an app store that youcan download additional apps into thissystem this is also where you’ll findthe Wi-Fi hotspot because this

new youconnect system has a sprint cellularmodem built right into it allowing youto not only share the cellularconnection with devices in your car v

iaWi-Fi but it also allows you to downloadcertain information from the App Storeand other applications that require

dataservices in the car the serious TravelLink app however is different becauseall of this information from sports tomovie listings to

weather etc is alldirected by the Sirius XM trafficservice what you do need to pay for inthe vehicle this UConnect assist app isvery new and it allows you to requestroadside assistance you connect care ora vehicle care right from the system thesystem operates very

similarly to whatyou find in the OnStar system fromGeneral Motors we

have an assist buttonright up here in the rear view mirror aswell as a 9-1-1 button it will call forassistance if you get into an accidentbut you do have to pay for that servicejust like you have to pay for OnStaroverall I rank this system above Chevy’sMyLink

sistem çünkü GM’nin pickuptrucks’ında bulacağınız yeni MyLinksystem, aslında bulduğum bir Cadillacq sistemine dayanmıyor.

kullanımı biraz daha zor, sistemde gezinme veya sistem güvenilirliği açısından pek de sezgisel değil

dokunma sevdiklerimden biri ama bunu Ford dokunuşumun hemen ilerisinde sıralıyorum kürk dokunuşum birkaç sesli komuta izin veriyor ve onlar

sistemden biraz daha doğal ama benim Ford dokunuşum

biraz ilerlemek ve sistem arayüzü sistemlerden çok daha düşük, bu da akılda tutulması gereken bir şey olan Ford touchhas’ım

Bağlanmadığınızda düzenli olarak çökme konusunda bir itibar

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