2014 Scion FR S and 2014 Subaru BRZ Child Seat Review

2014 Scion FR S and 2014 Subaru BRZ Child Seat Review

2014 Scion fr-s this is also known as the Subaru BRZ and in certain other world markets it’s sold as the Toyota 86 you may be wondering why someone interested in the Scion fr-s would wonder how well child seats fit well there are a few reasons Scion is a brand is trying to go for younger buyers in the market and the sign that France is kind of like baby’s first track car so this is trying to

target a relatively youthful
audience that’s a good thing because I have determined you do need to be relatively young in order to buy an FRS and live with one long-term and that may mean they’re gonna be kids on the way

for you at some point the roofline in this car is about breast tight for me and the seat bottom cushion is barely above my ankle so this is a very low car and you’re definitely riding really close to the ground there’s a reality that you need to be aware of if you’re 20 years old go ahead and buy one of these things you’re gonna have an absolute blast if you’re 30 years old
you better buy one soon because you’re running out of time and the reality is that when you’re 40 you might be able to get in but you might not be able to get out the size of the FRS is an important

consideration because this front seat is all the way thordan its track and it’s also all the way forward in terms of its reclined position and as you can see this rearward facing child seat when installed in the car properly and that’s what the little ball in the Green Zone of this rearward facing child seat is actually touching this front seat and they’re not supposed to do that if installed properly when installing a rearward facing child seat you do want about an inch to two inches between the front seat

Can a car seat fit in a Scion FRS?

back and the rearward facing child seat because in an accident this front seat can move now the important thing to note is that in this configuration you couldn’t even fit a small child or a small adult up front in the car this front seat is really just too close to the instrument panel for that and even if we move this rearward facing child seat to a decidedly upright position like this then you would have to choose between the safety of the person in the front and the safety of the child because well you can strap the seat in this way you do get a little bit more room between this front seat

Is the 2014 Scion FRS reliable?

and the child seat the child seat is no longer in the appropriate position zone according to the
little child seat indicator on the side so the little ball is now in the red zone if the seat is installed in this fashion now if I try and wedge myself in the back seat a little bit tricky and insert my shoes in the footwell there then I can pull this front seat back to the position that I had it in before and actually could squeeze back here if I really had to so it is possible really to put one child seat or two

child seat the back and have real adults up front as long as the child is in a forward-facing child seat like this right here now if I move this
seat back to the way it was before you can’t see right here that there is still a little bit of room between this child’s seat and the front seat all the child is going to be kicking this front seat back an awful lot in car speak the FRS is a 2+2 coupe it reminds me a great deal of something like a Jaguar XK but that really means is we have a big – and that’s for the two seats up front and then we have

a tiny little two after that for the two seats in the back because these are much smaller they’re relatively narrow so you do definitely fit inside the bucket

Why are the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS the same?
seat and the seat bottom cushion is close to the floor but the seating position requires having your knees quite far up in the air my knees are digging into the smart seat back and I really would probably lose a shoe if I tried to get my foot out of the foot well now even though this is a tiny rear seat you’re gonna get more rear seat legroom obviously than you would in a true two-seat

Is the Scion FRS a reliable car?

convertible or two-seat coupe something like a Mazda mx-5 is going to have you know no room in the back so this is a definite improvement over something like that and you can actually fit a child seat in the back which is important when it comes to Headroom I have a little bit more Headroom than I thought I would back
here my head is touching the glass but I don’t have to really my head to one side as I did in something like even a Mercedes CLA 250 which is a four-door car but it has a little bit less headroom

back here than this more of a surprise is that the top tether anchor in the FRS is actually well positioned in this car so you actually can’t connect it and really latch down this child seat properly so there’s not a whole lot of play going on when you have this child seat properly installed we of course also have outboard latch anchors as are required by federal law and they’re very easy to use they’re very easy to find in the seat relatively easy to get the child seat latched in and cinched into place now

getting the child in and out of the child seat that’s a different problem when it comes to cargo holding it’s important to know that the FRS is not a hatchback and actually is a regular coupe with a trunk and we do have a relatively decently sized trunk all things considered even though we do have those two seats in the back which obviously do eat up a little bit of cargo room I have a roller bag there that’s the largest roll bag you can carry on a domestic flight this one is a little bit bigger than you can normally carry on a domestic flight and you can’t fit much more than about two or

three of them in this trunk is relatively small let’s see how well a child seat fits in here and it looks like you can actually fit one child seat in the trunk if you do get it in there just about right now we don’t have an external trunk release button so we do
have to use the remote or if the key right there on the trunk lid with the child seat in this position you can’t fit some small hand luggage around it but other than that the cargo area is relatively limited as you’d expect in a two-door coupe thanks for taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2014 scion


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