2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Review

2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Review

so you want an all-wheel-drive sedan but you don’t want to spend more than about $30,000 or so your options are really limited in the United

States in fact there are only two options for you there is this Subaru Legacy right here and there’s a Ford Fusion as well that’s why we’re out here in the Colorado slush taking look at the 2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5 I limited well the

rest of the states is caught in a polar vortex

Is a 2014 Subaru Legacy a good car?

conditions out here in Colorado are slushy which is the perfect climate to test the all-wheel-drive system in the legacy there may be a lot of options in

that midsize sedan category but when you add all of the drive to the mix we’re down to two with 2015 bringing a third with the Chrysler 200 all of you drive v6 option suddenly being available that means that there aren’t

very many competitors in terms of looks and I
think that the Subaru Legacy does very well in this category it’s very elegant and sedate up front it’s lost some of the cartoonish features that Subaru has been known for in the past but it’s still not as attractive as that very sexy

Ford Fusion you will pay if that Ford fusions looks however because the Fusion is quite a bit more expensive than the legacy but we’ll talk about that later part of the Ford Fusion sexiness is the side profile on that Ford Fusion

but it does have a practical downside because if you take a look at the Subaru Legacy or something like
a Honda Accord they have a very upright profile very tall greenhouse very low beltline which means you get an awful lot more rear seat Headroom

whereas the Ford Fusion has this drastic angle that cuts down across the back it makes it more difficult to get in and out of the back but it does look

better simple and plain describes the rear end of the Subaru Legacy rather than flashy something like a Mazda 6 would be because we have the 2.5 liter engine we only have a single exhaust tip over there on the left side of the

Are Subaru Legacy reliable cars?

vehicle and a blank right here on the right side
covering up the hole where the exhaust tip would go in the 3.6 liter 6-cylinder version the legacy and the Outback which is basically just the station wagon version of the legacy for two different engine options going

on we have a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine 173 horsepower and hundred seventy-four pound feet of torque it’s what we’re taking a look at right here there’s also a 3.6 liter 6 cylinder it’s good for 256 horsepower and 247

pound-feet of torque unlike the rest of the competition this is not an inline four-cylinder engine and it’s not a v6 engine these are
both boxer style engines so they’re horizontally-opposed cylinders which means the cylinders are moving in this sort of a fashion rather than being

oriented into V or in a straight line and that’s for the four cylinder or the six-cylinder engine all Subarus except for the BRZ are all-wheel drive so it is

important to keep that in mind when you compare the legacy to other options out there on the market because we will of course get lower fuel economy ratings in the legacy then a front-wheel drive or rear wheel drive only competitor something like a Ford Fusion or

What is the best year for Subaru Legacy?

a Mazda six or something along those lines when it comes to transmissions things start out with a six-speed manual transmission that’s available only in the four-cylinder model and that uses an all-wheel-drive system that gives you a 50/50 torque split and uses a viscous Center coupling it gives

you 21 miles per gallon the city and 29 on the highway thing to note about that system is it does take a little bit of time for that viscous coupling to send power from the front axle to the rear axle or from the rear axle to the front axle but its power by default is split 50/50 you get fuel economy

ratings of 21 miles per gallon city and 29 on the highway next up we have a CVT again that’s made it to the
2.5 liter four-cylinder engine we’re told that in 2015 the six-cylinder will

also get the same transmission this system uses a slightly different style all of the drive system that normally sends 60% of the power to the front wheels 40% to the rear wheels and uses a multi-plate electronically controlled clutch to direct power with this system the car can decide to

electronically lock that clutch plate at any time it wants to so it really reduces the amount of time that you’ll spend slipping one axle or the other the system can also completely lock that Center coupling directing power to both axles evenly fuel economy Rises with the system to 24 miles per gallon

city and 34 on the highway at this moment the 3.6 liter 6-cylinder engine uses only a traditional 5-speed automatic and yet again a slightly different

Are Subaru Liberty and legacy the same?

all-wheel drive system
the LBL drive system in that six cylinder model has a default power split of forty five to the front 55 to the very meaning it actually has a slight rear-wheel drive bias which is very unique in the midsize sedan segment in this

price range that system uses a true center differential which is how they get that power split and it can lock the center differential up and it can give you a 50/50 power split if you need it front seat comfort and the legacy is very

good especially in this limited model that we’re in right now we have a 10 Way adjustable power driver’s seat for the two-way adjustable lumbar support we also have a tilt telescoping steering column with a decent range

of motion passenger seat and the limited gets a four-way power adjustable seat which means you can’t tilt or raise the seat bottom cushion on the passenger side you need to
get a little bit less adjust and you’ll get in something like a Ford Fusion

where the legacy really shines is in the backseat especially versus that Ford Fusion as I said the Legacy has a much more upright side profile which means it’s much easier to get in and out of the rear seats back – feels like I

was in a Ford Fusion you probably couldn’t see my face because the roofline in that Ford Fusion would really be blocking my view out and your view in when it comes to rear seat legroom I also have a decent amount more than I get in the Ford Fusion over here on the

right side you can see sitting behind a six foot five passenger I still have about two and a half inches of legroom left there that’s one important thing to keep in mind about the legacy when you compare it to the Ford Fusion is the Ford fusions numbers may look the same on paper or very similar but in

actuality the Ford fusions recline seating position very reclined seat back and very low roof tend to distort those numbers in real-world situations I find upright seats an awful lot more comfortable than that Ford Fusion although the Ford Fusion is still very

attractive moving over to the middle seat I still have a decent amount of headroom going on here the rear bench seat is fairly wide but this hump in the middle is fairly pronounced as far as all-wheel drive sedans go and that’s just because of the way the drivetrain works in Subarus it’s arranged more like a rear-wheel drive car than a traditional front-wheel drive car the legacy

easily scores 8 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index because this trunk is fairly large even though the opening is a little bit small but there’s a few points for that
we gain a number of points for having hidden hinges these are hinges that

do not impact the cargo air you can see a lot of cars they have that large hoop shaped hinge that goes right here and will hit you and your knees if you try and close the trunk lid on yourself we don’t have that going on the

legacy so you have an awful lot more room for your cargo and it means that if you can fit it in the cargo area you can close the
lid on it we have rear seatbacks that fold via handles right here in the trunk

under this cargo haps right underneath me we have a doughnut spare tire as well as the jack arrangement that is kind of a novelty in mid-size mass-market sedans because an off lot of companies are ditching the spare tire in order to save weight giving you a can of fix-a-flat instead and subaru isn’t doing that they’re still giving you a spare tire another novelty is that spare tire well will accommodate a full-size spare tire if you want to get your

hands on one and jam it in the car we also have a very convenient handle to help close the trunk lid on yourself let’s take a quick look around the interior our 2.5 i
limited has the standard moonroof there we have height adjustable seatbelts for the driver and the front passenger we have the leather seats that are perforated they are heated they’re not cooled but they are perforated for improved ventilation soft touch plastics on the doors and the

armrest there we move over to the center console we have very nicely textured card plastics these did fool me for a little bit because they do look to the I like their soft touch plastics but they are actually hard which is a

little bit different than most mid-size sedans you’ll
find right now like the Ford Fusion etc they do have a lot of soft touch plastics going on the dashboard and here we do have the hard touch plastics these will stand up to abuse a little bit better than soft plastics but they aren’t going to feel quite as nice to the touch and here we have a sizable glove box so you can see it there it’s fairly average in this segment the center console the legacy is very attractively
styled in my mind with this attractive fake metal finish going on right there for the radio and most of the center console that little display right there above the radio is where you’ll find your trip computer fuel economy clock etc and as well as the outside temperature but interestingly enough you’ll find the button to control that display right over here in the gauge cluster working our way down our model has the standard LCD radio screen we

don’t have navigation in this particular model but it is optional and available in the legacy trim we don’t have
time to do a separate infotainment video because there’s not a whole lot to know about the system we do have a USB interface which does work well with our iPhone bluetooth as well satellite radio am/fm single slot CD player right up there that’s capable playing mp3 discs we also have HD radio preset buttons along the bottom we have some very limited menu settings right there with that knob pairing a Bluetooth device was a little bit more cumbersome of the system then the average system out on the market but it’s something you typically only do once that’s not
really a big feature problem down here we have a little storage cubby right above the dual zone standard climate control have our very traditional shifter here with a manual mode on the side we do have a CVT in this car but we do have an imitation manual mode here we have the dual heated seats another little storage cubby and two very large cupholders that were

easily able to accommodate the largest take out drinks we were able to stuff at them inside the center console is where you’ll find an additional 12 volt socket as well as the USB and auxiliary input
it’s a fairly reasonably sized center console lid and it’s very nicely padded as well the Legacy has a very traditional forward dial instrument cluster and because we’re in the legacy limited we get this color display right in the middle although I find that the colour display doesn’t really do terribly much if we back out to the during wheel it’s controlled by these little buttons right down here on the steering wheel they’re very large very chunky but you can see if I cycle through these buttons this is all that you get on this screen is these three little displays right there if we’re parked and we pull the eye button we do get a menu and we can choose from a few different functions in the system

auto light sensor screen settings and go back etc moving out to the steering wheel we have a fairly thick rim steering wheel that’s leather wrapped with no sport grips we have shift paddles right on the back down and up right over there cruise control buttons on this side radio control buttons right over here with our phone buttons and a voice button right down there and again this Bank of buttons controls that little
screen in between the speedometer and tachometer to the left of the driver we have a standard electronic parking brake and we also have he’ll hold assist which kind of a novel feature in this kind of sedan if you’ve driven the legacy before 2013 then you may have noticed that the suspension was a little bit soft Subaru went back to the drawing board and corrected that for

the 2013 and the 2014 model year we now have a much firmer ride than we had before result is a more European more firm feeling that although it’s not quite as nimble out on the road as a
Ford Fusion it does have a very solid feel and it’s honestly a good second competitor no one’s had a chance to drive the new Chrysler 200 yet so we can’t really say how that’s going to be but knowing Chrysler I expect it to be a little bit softer than this legacy acceleration time with the 2.5 liter 4

cylinder engine is just below average even though we have the CVT in this car I’m usually a fan of CVT and that continues on with the Subaru Legacy because if you’re gonna have a relatively small engine powering a relatively large car you’re gonna do a lot of hill

climbing then the CVT makes an awful lot of sense because it can maximize the power output of that engine that’s really true in this legacy we’ve been going up and over the Continental Divide here in Colorado in this legacy we never really felt like the engine was straining or struggling to move the car yes I do wish it was a little bit quicker but compared to the competition it never really felt like it was going out

of breath even at these altitudes this 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine is a new design for Subaru and as such it has improved its noise vibration and harshness characteristics over that older engine however it is still noisier and still a little harsher sounding than your average inline four-cylinder

engine that’s just down to how box or engines work it’s not really a fault of Subaru when you start up this engine it does have a
4-cylinder boxer engines sound that you may be a little bit less than used to if you’re transitioning from something other than a Subaru into the brand but something that you’ll probably get used to the six-cylinder engine has a sim the six-cylinder engine has a similar the six-cylinder engine has a similar kind of sound to it so it really doesn’t sound like a v6 engine or an

inline 6 engine that you may be used to in
another brand as well the legacies revised suspension helps this car feel very confident very assured out on the road including in corners the all-wheel-drive system does help in cornering when you’re in power on situations but a lot of people get this a little bit confused when it comes to the snow and all the drive is not going to help you in situations where your power off so if you’re just driving down the road on a you know flat level sheet of road and you’re entering a corner and you’re not using the accelerator pedal but all

the drive isn’t going to help
you in that kind of traction situation however the all-wheel drive system in the Subaru Legacy will help you uphill in snow on level areas accelerating in snow and it will give you a more confident feel in all kinds of acceleration situations the benefits of the Subaru all-wheel-drive system really are

obvious on very icy road surfaces that’s because this system is not a slip and grip style system like you’ll find in the Ford Fusion or the crisis of two hundred or most of those all the drive systems out there in crossovers and

other sport utility vehicles
like that that’s because this system is always sending power to both axles so there’s never a moment where you slip and then it has to decide oh I need to send more power to the other axle instead this system when you slip it decides to send more power to the other axle so it’s always some power going on there means that Hill starts in icy situations are very confident in

the Subaru the Subaru traction and stability control
system is also very obviously designed for wet winter weather because it tends not to reduce engine power as much as competing systems instead preferring to shuttle power around wheeled wheel rather than just reducing the engine power pricing for the legacy starts at twenty thousand two hundred ninety five dollars sets for that six-speed manual transmission and the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine as tested right here twenty

five thousand eight hundred ninety five dollars for the 2.5 i limited the 3.6 liter almost fully loaded version will get you around twenty eight to twenty nine thousand dollars if you check all those option boxes that’s a decent amount cheaper than a Ford Fusion titanium because the
cheapest auto drive version of the Ford Fusion is that titanium model at

thirty two thousand six hundred dollars so if all you want is a midsize sedan with all-wheel-drive then the Ford Fusion is going to cost you about twelve thousand dollars more than the Subaru Legacy Chrysler has announced pricing for that new Chrysler 200 v6 all-wheel drive and it’s gonna come in slightly cheaper than that Ford Fusion at around twenty nine thousand six hundred ninety dollars which is still a decent premium over the legacy if you need all wheel drive the legacy is a solid deal no matter how you slice it

with the CVT in the 2.5 liter version even though it’s a little bit down on power compared to some of the
competition it’s still a decent deal even if you don’t need the aqua Drive all the time that CVT was helping us get about 29 to 28 miles per gallon even out here in this Colorado mountain weather going up and over the

Continental Divide etc we still got reasonable fuel economy in the Subaru the Ford Fusion is undeniably the better-looking car and I think it’s better car overall for the thirty two thousand six hundred dollars however again it’s going to cost you twelve thousand dollars more than a Subaru Legacy and that twelve thousand dollars could buy you a Subaru Legacy and a Nissan Versa so we do have to keep that price in mind Chrysler has said that the crisis of 200 our view drive will have a rear
axle disconnect feature and so as such I do expect it to get better fuel

economy then the comparable version of the Subaru Legacy in 2015 however that Christ 200 is still going to be a decent amount more expensive than the Subaru Legacy when it comes to winter driving the Subaru legacies all-wheel drive system is obviously the winner in this segment because the Ford Fusion still uses a traditional slip and grip style system where the

majority of the power is going to the front it only really shuttles power to the back when things are slipping the Chrysler 200 is going to be even more pronounced than that because of that rear axle disconnect feature it’s not only going to have to reconnect the rear axle but it’s also going to have to

reconnect the center axle in order to send power to the rear well the Chrysler 200 will have a mode to
automatically engage all the systems in advance for you you will have to

turn that knob so if you’re just in Auto and you’re driving down and you suddenly hit a slippery patch of whatever is you’re climbing a hill you will notice that slip in the crust 200 but you won’t notice it in something like a Subaru

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