2014 Toyota 4Runner Review

2014 Toyota 4Runner Review

2014 toyota 4runner this has been refreshed for the 2014 model year so it’s not a completely new 4runner let’s dive under the hood let’s hop inside let’s take a look the first thing you’ll notice about the 2014 4 runner is this all new front end Toyota decided they wanted to give the 4runner a more aggressive look than they had in the past they’ve really accomplished that with this front end it’s sort of a frowning look here

on this front grille much more aggressive headlamps and these interesting angry little plastic side trim pieces here right by the fog lamp these are not separate grille so couldn’t really call them that they’re just sort of plastic inserts in this very machined and very interestingly designed front end not sure that I’d call the front end attractive necessarily I think I preferred the 2013 model over this 2014 refresh model but it definitely is more aggressive because 2014 is just a refresh of the 2013 model none of the critical dimensions on the Are used Toyota 4runners reliable?

4runner change so we have the same wheelbase same size vehicle overall that drops this 4runner even though there’s a seven seat option smaller than the Jeep Grand Cherokee currently it’s more of a dedicated off-road vehicle than that Grand Cherokee has become however that’s really obvious when you take a look at these high profile tires and the approach and departure angles in this vehicle we don’t have quite as much ground clearance as the Grand Cherokee it’s about two inches lower overall and some of the approach and departure angles are not quite as

favorable as the Jeep Wrangler line of course but it has a solid off-road reputation not much has changed outback other than these new tail lamp modules here we still have a two inch hitch receiver in the 4runner although towing capacity isn’t as high as previous versions of the 4runner with that old v8 that the 4runner used to get so the four liter v6 which we’re going to take a look at in just a moment is the only
engine of choice which means that towing in this vehicle is under five thousand pounds which is fairly low you can actually get a decent number of crossover vehicles that will tow 5,000 pounds

What is a 2014 Toyota 4runner worth?

these days features which are carrying over from last year is this very handy power rear window as well as the fact the spare tire is under the 4runner rather than on the back before we dive right under the hood of the 4runner there’s one thing you need to know and that’s the 4runner is the last body-on-frame traditional midsize SUV available in America the Jeep Grand
Cherokee has long been a unibody SUV although it is probably the last true unibody SUV available in America as well the big know about a banya on frame s UV is of course we have a body and then

underneath it we have a frame you can sort of see it in this video but there are actually frame rails underneath the car and that’s where the drivetrain is attached the body is then attached to that same frame that means that the vehicle handles very differently than an American crossover that most of our viewers are probably used to by now Toyota killed off the v8

4runner a number of years ago so the only engine you’ll find under the hood of the 2014 model is this four liter v6 engine it produces 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque it’s mated to a Toyota truck 5-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels only by default there are two different all Google Drive systems available for 2014 the first is a part-time four-wheel drive system with a two-speed transfer case it’s not a center differential it’s just a transfer case so the front and rear axles are locked together via that transfer case
if you opt for the limited edition 4runner then you can get a Torsen center differential but there’s no low range mode in that set up since Toyota lent us the trail model prototype for a few

How long will a Toyota 4runner last?

hours we have the locking rear axle in this model a locking front axle is not available in the 2014 4 runner however todah does include an electronic traction control system that’s tweet trim your normal traction control system in a
standard vehicle when traction control is active it reduces engine power in addition to clamping down the brake on the wheel that’s spinning in this modified traction control system it doesn’t

reduce engine power it just tries to keep that one wheel spinning at the same rate as the other ones that are not spinning freely thereby helping your forward progress and sort of acting like a locking differential toyota claims the system
can be more effective in certain off-road situations than a standard locking rear axle not exactly clear about that but it is an interesting feature that’s something that a number of other

competitors are doing right now 4runner limited models still have the X res shock absorber system which is kind of a unique feature to these toyota 4runner models basically what happens is the top of the shock has a little tube coming out of it and it connects the shocks diagonally in the vehicle so the front-left is connected to the rear right shock and what that does is
allows the dampers to have a larger chamber available for both gas and fluid so it acts like a larger damper in the limited allowing the car to have slightly better road manners tota tells us that nothing substantive has changed for the 20 fourteen model year in terms of seat design however this seat feels more comfortable than that 2013 model but they allowed us some time in as well

we have a multi way power adjustable
driver’s seat with a two-way adjustable lumbar support it has a decent range of motion allowing the seat to get fairly high off the floor which makes finding an ideal driving position for me fairly easy since I like a more upright driving position we also have a tilt telescoping steering wheel but the range of motion in this tilt telescoping design isn’t very large as you can see there’s not a whole lot of tilt and not a whole lot of telescope rear seat comfort in the 4runner is good the seat bottom and back cushions are a little bit more firmly padded than

Is it worth buying a 4runner?

you’ll find in your typical crossover vehicle that seats five and the seat bottom cushion is a little bit higher off the floor than most crossovers as well personally I find that more comfortable for adults because of the body-on-frame design and these very classic 4runner lines
getting in and out of the back seats and the 4runner is a little bit more difficult than most crossovers because this C pillar is kind of right in the way it also obstructs my view on the outside but that is a typical 4runner styling cue the rear seats in the 4runner fold in a multi-step process the seat bottom cushion folds forward headrest folds down and then the seat back folds flat the seat back is now flat but it’s not flat with the cargo load floor it’s about two inches taller or so so that means that pushing larger items from the cargo area right here on top

of the back seats is a little bit more difficult but it still folds flat which is a nice feature another nice feature you’ll find in the 4runner is the seat backs fold in a 40/20/40 fashion so you can fold just the center armrest and center seat portion flat to allow longer items to fit in the 4runner we also have a fairly large center armrest here with cupholders let’s take a look at the interior if you opt for the limited trim 4runner you get an entirely different seat back design with higher shoulders right here on the seat back very much like an acura
seat over here on the doors you’ll find more soft touch material on every version of the 4runner including this faux stitching in red in our particular model going over here to the door we have everything is in basically the same location that it was in the 2013 model hood has just changed the surfaces and the colors just a little bit for 2014 we have some faux aluminum trim here this

is not real metal black plastic trim of course he your dashboard is hard plastic makes it easier to clean if you’re actually doing off-roading here in the center console we have
the six-inch Toyota Entune system there is a 7-inch available as well depending on the model of the vehicle single zone manual climate control automatic climate control is an option down here
you’ll find the USB and auxiliary input ports for that Entune system because we’re in the model with the two-speed transfer case we get the two-speed transfer case shift knob right there automatic transmission shift knob down here we’ll

find the button for that rear power glass two large cupholders these are easily able to carry the largest cup holder available in a drive through you also have a removable insert there if you need to stick a larger soda in there if you just want to clean it moving on to the center armrest we have the same contrasting red stitching going on there and a fairly decently sized center armrest cubby right there it’s surprisingly large given the fact that this vehicle is a rear-wheel drive vehicle but of course it’s a body-on-frame type vehicle so there’s not much of a hump going on right here in the back like you’d find in a unibody crossover right here we have two power outlets in the rear seats

over here on the driver’s side we get the same steering wheel that the new 2014 tundra gets this Display button changes the screen modes right there between the two gauges we have our phone buttons voice command button these buttons right here allow you to control the audio system over there in the center console right here we have a mode button that allows you to change modes and of course we mute the system volume up and down
button and a back button let’s take a look at those gauges right now we have a fairly typical four dial arrangement there but slightly refreshed for the 2014 model year and if you go back over here to the driver’s door we now have all auto windows a very limited time with this Toyota 4runner because other journalists would like to see it so we’re going to paste in our review of the
new 2014 Toyota Tundras and tune
system it does operate exactly the same way except the buttons are styled a little bit differently in that system if you don’t care about infotainment and just follow those instructions down below to skip on over to the drive section of this review system is defined by having some physical buttons here but most things are operated via this touchscreen we have a home button which takes us back to this default home screen
aries of course if you have navigation in your particular model apps takes us to our smartphone apps as well as Entune apps and navigation is one of those Entune app so you won’t see a direct app button there for the navigation system over here on the audio button we can select our audio source this is where the map card is kept it’s a secure digital micro card in this second generation

system and we have a seek up and
down buttons the tune and scroll dial right here and of course our volume and power button over here the system is very snappy just like the first generation Entune system and hood has gone ahead
and added a few additional features that weren’t there in that first system most notably is of course that home screen you can select and hold to add contacts and you can make them your little

shortcut buttons there for your phone interface if the audio system is on it would give you information right there about that audio source we do have XM radio available in certain
models of the Entune system you can also get HD radio that’s an upgrade the base 6 edge system is your pretty basic iPod interface with visual guide for that iPod voice commands of course for the iPod as well no smart phone app integration that base system but we do get the backup camera as standard in all models of the Toyota Tundra the iPod interface and in tune is very fully featured it’s also fairly snappy we have
full access to our playlists genres composers artists albums etc the interface is fairly speedy because it reads it off your USB or your iDevice in advance and then displays it on the screen

we’re back here on the audio screen but also us we have I Heart Radio we also have Pandora screen switches in the system are very fast very snappy you do need a smart phone connected to the system with the Entune app in order to use it that app is available on Android as well as iPhones gives you access to the things like being Pandora iHeartRadio movietickets.com OpenTable etc if
you’re back here on this main app screen you’ll see traffic and weather those are not provided by the smartphone app these are now provided by HD radio so that’s a little bit of a change from the last generation where those are provided by XM there also are going to be some additional apps coming in the future all the toda hasn’t really said what those will be overall this system ranks very highly in this segment it’s just

about as easy to use as Chrysler as you connect it’s more reliable than my Ford touch I think that I like the current generation GM system just a little bit better although the voice commands in this Toyota Entune system have taken things to another level in addition to full voice commands of your iDevice as well as most entries in this screen the system now has the ability to learn your particular vocal qualities so you can actually go into a voice training section inside this system read can phrases off the screen and the system will gradually learn to

anticipate what you’re trying to say better so it’ll just become better at recognizing your particular voice especially if you have an accent or different inflections or something out of the norm that the system is not quite used to the navigation interface should be very familiar to if you’ve used any modern toda products fairly high resolution fairly decent graphics of course displays on-screen traffic as well the system is very easy to use destination entry can be done either via the voice commands or via this little button on the screen entering an address into the system is fairly easy well do one here for you to see you can see there we go all this data is flash-based so it’s fairly snappy on the

response time there we go as you can see searching for an address is very quick in this system rerouting in this system is also very snappy adding waypoints everything interacting with that nav system is very quick in a system because all the data is stored on that fast flash card right there in the face unit so it’s very different than the hard drive based system or the DVD based systems that people may be used to because they took an awful lot longer to do those same routing functions out on the road the 4runner behaves pretty much exactly like you’d
expect a body-on-frame SUV to behave there’s a decent amount of body roll in the corners like this as you can see on this roundabout and there’s a decent amount of pitch and dive when you step on the brakes or step on the accelerator pedal overall the 4runner handles fairly well and is fairly competitive in this segment but the driving feel does suffer because of that body-on-frame

design acceleration is a little bit
leisurely thanks to this 4 liter v6 engine and the 5-speed automatic it’s not the equal of the Jeep Grand Cherokee by any stretch and that’s pretty much thanks to that new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission in the Jeep Grand Cherokee but the 4runner is really designed for an off-road vehicle and so a lot of these body-on-frame feelings are associated with that body-on-frame but also because of these high profile tires so some
of this disconnected feeling we have in the steering here so it feels like the like you turn the steering wheel and then a moment later the car turns really has to do with those high profile tires but again if you’re going offroad you need high profile tires so that’s just one of those trade-offs that you need to make so it’s really important that you decide in your car shopping what you’re really after in a vehicle if you’re after better on-road performance than something like a Jeep Grand Cherokee is going to be the car for you if you’re after more off-road
performance than something like this 4runner is probably more your style if you’re only off-roading now and then then that Jeep Grand Cherokee might do fine but if you’re going off-roading a decent amount something more regular like every weekend then the 4runner is probably the better buy this has been a very brief look at the Toyota 4runner we haven’t had too much time only

about 50 miles or so in about three hours with this Toyota 4runner on and off road so our experience is fairly limited it’s important to keep that in mind but if you’re after fuel economy the
4runner is also not a vehicle to look for because we’ve been averaging about twelve miles per gallon based on our driving style the EPA says that this will score a little bit higher I’d probably bet that the average person will get around 15 to 16 else per gallon the 4runner just based on that four liter v6 as well as the five-speed Automatic fuel economy numbers are also influenced by the

overall gear ratios in the vehicle and the 4runner has some interesting ratios going on has a fairly tall first gear and a fairly tall fifth gear that means the first
gear acceleration isn’t exactly great in the 4runner in terms of feel it’s a good thing that the 4runner has that two-speed transfer case available because you really do need it offroad Toyota has not done anything for the 2014 model year to quiet the cabin so we still have a decent amount more Road and engine noise and you’d find in a modern crossover if you like the 2013 4 runner you’ll like

this 2014 model just
that bit more if however you’re just out there looking for a rugged off-road vehicle with four doors there’s that four-door Wrangler there’s
also the Toyota FJ Cruiser which has a completely different style you can’t really discount the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo when you compare it to something like this because you can get that with a two-speed transfer case as well has a bit more ground clearance than this Toyota 4runner it is a decent amount heavier though out on the road hood is still a little bit more dedicated to off-

roading from the factory with these
higher profile tires than something like the Jeep Grand Cherokee which has fairly low profile road tires given you know the general genre of off-road vehicle when you actually take a look at tire size it’s quite important offroad you don’t really want a low profile tire it’s much easier to bend a rim it makes traction a little bit more tricky and that’s something that toda has really stuck to with

the 2014 4 runner Toyota hasn’t announced pricing for the 2014 4 runner yet but we expect it to be pretty much the same as the 2013 model so expect that sr5 models start just over $31,000 expect the limited to start just over $40,000 and expect a fully loaded 4runner to end up somewhere north of 46,000 dollars thanks for watching again I’m Alex dykes and this has been a very quick take on the pre-production 2014 Toyota

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