2014 Toyota Highlander Entune Infotainment Review

2014 Toyota Highlander Entune Infotainment Review

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE and we’re taking a look at the eight inch entune audio system if you want to know more about the 2014 Highlanders go ahead and follow that link at the bottom of your screen you can be taken right over to that video now all Highlanders for 2014 come with a

standard touchscreen Entune audio system if you get the base model then you get a 6.1 inch LCD screen and if you get the xle or above you get this eight inch touch screen with navigation let’s go over the features one by one and we’ll start on the home screen right here this is the default screen that you’ll get when you turn on the car of course also when you hit that home button this is configurable and we have the two

display layout right here to have a map on this side we do have XM traffic or HD traffic depending on what signal you’re getting at the moment in this little icon right there touch the wrong button there it’s a lock icon right here

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will show you where you’re getting your traffic information from it’s still downloading it from the HD signal over here it has our audio input Sirius XM you click this little gear icon there
we can alter our home screen and we can choose what we want to have on that home screen we can have an audio phone layout in a three panel configuration or we can have a 2-pound configuration you can change what you want there so

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we click the ok button we go home you’ll now see that we have the phone setup right here down below the audio screen and this really is just speed dial so you can just press and hold to select and
add a contact then you can direct dial people using that interface right there on the gear icons for also you’ll find various vehicle settings display settings driver easy speak setting this is an interesting feature it basically is a one-way intercom in the car so it uses the microphone for the voice recognition as well as the phone system and then relays that audio back to the rear speakers in the cabin of the Highlander is that with passengers in that

third row can more easily hear the driver we have wide variety of other settings and configurations over there you can also control vehicle settings can check our HD data our traffic we have various driver settings as well this allows you to
link driver settings like Prada presets button colors etc to it paired Bluetooth phone so every time the phones in the car it’ll remember you you go over to the audio tab we have our very typical Toyota audio interface this is one of Toyotas easier to use systems click on the audio brings you to your current input and as you can see we have our presets and the presets are shared between XM as well as AM and FM radio

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they’re all in the same list they have a decent number of presets right there you could also get a channel list you can doall or we can do categories and we can scroll through them in that respect we don’t have any drag type functionality in the system like you’ll find in some of the other competitors but the system is fairly responsive if we click the source button or we hit the audio button again will be taken to our audio input screen here you can see we have our iPhone little touch buttons are a little bit finicky sometimes if you get too close to another

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finger they’ll assume you were trying to touch them so you can see on our audio input screen we have am/fm XM satellite radio we have a single slot CD player which you’ll find right up here this is the iPhone interface or USB
interface this is the Bluetooth interface with an auxilary input and then we have an AV input because our model has the optional rear seat entertainment system this would not be available if you didn’t
have that option it’s getting over to the next page we again have that rear seat entertainment system right there I Heart Radio and Pandora those are apps that operate via you’re paired smartphone I have an iPhone 5 paired with the system but it does work very well with Android phones Toyota has not commented whether this will work with modern windows phones or not let’s take a look at our media interfaces if we go over to our Bluetooth audio the system now
supports browsing of playlists and artists via the Bluetooth connection so even though my iphone is
connected via USB all of this is operating via the Bluetooth connections so we now have full album art we have that browse ability and we can also select various Bluetooth devices in the system sound button is where you’ll find all of your typical sound settings fairly self-explanatory there you can also click on that little graphic right there when you’re on Bluetooth and you can see what’s in the playlist that you’re in

right now if however you click on the album art when you’re in the USB or iPhone interface like we’re in now then you get a listing of the current album so these are the only five songs that I own that go to this Billy Joel album as you can see right there see have direct access to that you don’t have direct access to the current playlist like you do in that other interface you have to click on the Browse then you have to
click on your and then you can go from there going on to the app screen this is where you’ll find all the various apps in the system as well as navigation because navigation is treated as an app in this system so we have our eco
app where you can see fuel economy we have our audio app basically takes you back to the audio phone app we can get that right there by that phone button vehicle messages traffic again we have some of
the same options that was seen before like driver easy speak etc we have other apps like movie tickets comm OpenTable Bing search save destinations etc those do require that you have the Entune app operating and registered on your phone these Entune services are now free so before there was a service charge after initial two or three year period but now all these services are completely free this last page we have

fuel prices we have a Facebook interface Yelp sports and stock quotes as well going back to that first apps page however we’ll click onto navigation so we can see this this is the same navigation software that Toyota and Lexus have been using for a decent amount of time it’s been
made snappier by using a flash card for the data source so right under this little thing right here is where you’ll find a small micro SD card and that’s where they store the map information makes the interface very snappy compared
to previous hard drive or DVD based versions of this system you can now see that HD traffic has finally loaded you can now see the traffic on the roadways this does offer traffic on city streets
select city streets I might add at closer detail levels as well it’ll eventually load there you’ll see them abut destination entering the system is fairly easy and fairly self-explanatory and you can do that via full natural voice commands as well this interface should be very familiar to you if you’ve used any toad or Lexus products in the past one thing to note is that we don’t have any fancy 3d or topographical views like

you can get in other systems we do have this faux 3d view here where it’s very flat still there’s no additional topographical information and we have our typical north up or direction up views now the screen is loaded you can see that we now have traffic information on certain local streets right there Toto’s new Bluetooth phone interface is very fully featured it now offers full SMS text messaging integration if you’re supports that currently Apple’s iDevices do not support that one nice touch is a nice direct dial pad which makes it easier to interact with the

system does offer of course full contacts call history favorites etc in the system give a settings page where you can alter your sound settings message settings etc overall Toyota’s latest Entune system offers snappy responses than Ford’s mytouch although it doesn’t offer the same feature functionality as Ford’s my touch the voice commands in this system are very natural they have improved greatly over previous toyota products but they still aren’t quite up to the level of Ford’s my touch system versus Chrysler’s you connect this is just about as easy to use
but you connect does offer a few more features and it is just a little bit more elegant in terms of layout than the system especially in the navigation layout compared to Honda system however this is lightyears ahead because again the Honda Pilot is not a terribly new vehicle and so as such you’d expect this one to be a generation ahead of what you’ll find in that Honda product keep in mind that Honda is redesigning the pilot very soon so we do expect a
completely new system most likely based on the new system in the current generation Honda Accord which I do
like a great deal one of the best features about the system however is that this navigation interface is standard on xle models and above and Toyota tells us that the xle is going to account for the bulk of the sales so the vast majority of highlander buyers will be getting a navigation system in this product really setting the highlander apart from the competition however is the base model and it gets a 6.1 inch screen so it’s gonna be slightly smaller
than this and it’s not going to have the navigation software but other than that the vast majority of
the features are common so we still get app integration we still get Entune apps we still get Entune data services although they’re provided via the app on the phone rather than HD radio you still get traffic in certain models that you still get pandora integration opentable all those other features that you’ll get in this system except for the navigation you will find in that lower end system standard on every highlander model that’s very different from the competition because if you take a look at the Ford Explorer then you get sync but you don’t get my Ford

touch so you don’t just voice commands for your USB device if you don’t get a nice touchscreen interface take a look at the Honda Pilot its systems are just old in general if you take a look at the the Nissan Pathfinder it has a very basic system in the base model it does get nicer
as you go up but the really sets itself apart by offering all these features in the base model as well just accept that navigation thanks
taking the time to watch this video again click that banner at the bottom if you want to be taken over to the full review on the 2014 highlander

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