2014 Toyota Sienna Child Seat Review

2014 Toyota Sienna Child Seat Review

2014 Toyota Sienna minivan this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat we’re gonna see how well these interact with the minivan now obviously any minivan this Toyota Sienna included is designed to be family friendly you’ll find very similar

performance when it comes to child seat
installation in the Dodge Caravan the Chrysler Town and Country the Honda

Odyssey the Kia Sedona etc so instead of comparing this vehicle to those competitors which all do very well in this segment I’m really gonna be focusing this video on the toda Highlander and I think that that’s a valid comparison

because if you’re shopping for a toda Sienna or a Toyota Highlander then the alternative is going to be right there on that

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Toyota lot and why should you pick one over the other if you’re a growing family

one of the big reasons to pick a Sienna over a 3-row crossover is that we do have the sliding doors now versus a regular hinged door like this if you’re gonna be ducking in and out of the car to try and get a child seat in and out of the car you

need the door open as far as possible and if you’re in a tight parking situation it’s just a little bit trickier to get a child seat in and out of a car with a traditional hinged door but if you have a sliding door you have this enormous door

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opening right here it’s much easier to get a child seat in and out of the car you’ll also find a much lower load floor in the minivan so that means this floor that I’m

sitting on right here is closer to the ground we do have less ground clearance going on in the minivan but also in general the minivans design it’s just designed to have a lower load floor and we also have a load floor that’s almost completely

flat in the

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Sienna as you’ll find in most minivan so there’s no hump in the middle to sort of interfere with foot traffic or with installing child seats first up we have the

rearward-facing child seat test and I realize I’m in the front seat of the Sienna but there’s a reason for that you can see that I have about six or seven inches between my knees and the dashboard that’s because this front seat is all the way back in its

tracks I’m now on the third row of the Highlander and you’ll notice something very different back here then your average 3-row crossover I’m not

talking about this second row moonroof and sunroof right here that’s actually cutting down on my head room now my head is touching the ceiling just barely I would have a little bit more Headroom if we didn’t have the optional sunroof in our particular Sienna model back here I’m really talking about this bottom seat

cushion it’s a decent amount higher off the floor which makes it much more comfortable for adults or taller
people now if I move this second row seat back in its tracks this seat will actually slide for me if I pull the right lever on it I can actually adjust this second row seat

to where I have about a half an inch of legroom right here now let’s move around and see what that does to the child’s seat in the second row and right here we can see the prime reason to buy a minivan over a three or across or a vehicle because I had a six foot five passenger in this front seat at six feet tall i sat in the third row

seat right behind the second row seat in the second

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row seat I can still install a rear-facing child seat and have an acceptable amount of room around it for safety reasons now you will find approximately this much rearward facing child seat room in the Sienna the Town and Country the Odyssey

as well as the Sedona like most minivans the Sienna is fairly wide so I had no trouble fitting three child seats across the second row of an eight passenger model but since this is a 7

passenger model I only have two seats in here right now this forward-facing model and this rear-facing model right over here if you’ve ever wondered why top tether anchors on child seats are so long the answer is vehicles like this Toyota Sienna because we get the 7 seat option we have these captains chairs in the second row

and the top tether anchor is all the way down here at the bottom right by the release lever for the second row seat and you do need an anchor that’s this long in order to actually use that tether location now that this belt is all the way
cinched up you can really see what this looks like so we only have about four or

five inches of this belt webbing left and that’s really just so you can pull it tighter this is about as far as you can have a child seat top tether anchor away from the seat itself the Sienna is one of the very few vehicles sold in the United States that

has three sets of latch anchors we have one right here in the back bench seat and that is
just in the center of the back bench seat and then we have one set in each of the

outboard seats right here in the second row that’s the same where they get the seven passenger or the eight passenger version of the Sienna the a passenger version of the Sena does have an extra top to there anchor for the center position in the second row but it doesn’t have a set of latch anchors from that Center seat

position in the eight passenger version on the right side of this child state I do have a decent amount of space and that’s because the Sienna has a much wider third

row than you’d find in something like a Highlander or a Dodge Durango or anything else in the 3-row crossover segment even those that do seat three across the back seat that’s just because the CN is wider across the back right here I will

also comment that this is a good example of why this latch anchor system in this third row is a big deal in the Sienna if you do plan to install three seats in a car that’s because right

now this Chauncey does not installed using the latch anchor you can see the bottom of the child seat especially Wiggles around a decent amount even though

this seat belt is attached properly to the child seat that really doesn’t happen if you use the latch anchor system as a result the optimal place for three child seats in a CNM is two one on either of the outboard second row seats and then one right here in the middle of the third row that’s because the seats will all use the latch

anchors which will prevent excess movement of the child seat because of the way the
back row in a Sienna is designed I have a little bit less room over here on the left

and that’s because the 60/40 folding seat right back here in the Sienna most of this sixty portion is actually occupied by this child seat so if we do have the child seat installed and then two people on each outboard seat position we don’t all get a third of the seat room that outboard seat right over there on the right side gets a

little bit
more room than I do over here on the left one thing worth noting is that with these Grotto classic ride 50 child’s it’s because of their high height I did have to

remove the headrest in the second row seat in order for the child’s seat to be properly installed it is however very easy to remove now be warned that if you do have child seats in the second row captains chairs and you are trying to put people

in the third row the
best route of getting back there is actually right here through the middle and the reason for that is the second row seat cannot collapse on the child seat like this

like you find in something like a Nissan Pathfinder or the Infiniti version of that Nissan Pathfinder that really can’t happen if the child’s seat is properly strapped into the seat and although the second row does slide very far forward like this it

actually touches the front seat back of the front seat it is a little bit tricky to get in the rear through the limited amount of room that you still have left right there and if I pull this second row seat back you’ll also notice another problem you can’t

escape sideways this way from the back row because this little release lever right here only tilts this front seat back forward and of course since tilting it forward doesn’t

really do anything for me I can’t be escaped out this way so I do have to get out around the middle of the seat like this if that’s second row is all the way forward like this and then move the seat all the way back and then get out of the vehicle

not surprisingly it is pretty hard to be at the cargo space provided by any minivan when you compare it to a 3-row crossover in fact full-size SUVs typically don’t have the same
out of cargo room that we do in a minivan so right here hiding under this load

floor I have a 24-inch roller bag it’s the largest one you can carry on a domestic flight I also have a 26 inch roller bag over here this is larger than you can carry on a domestic flight so you can see I can actually stack them right over here and they will still fit behind that third row and then I can very easily toss in and as you can

three child seats don’t even come up to the back of the seat back in the third row in the Sienna this right here is truly why you would buy a minivan over your

average 3-row crossover yes we do get a wider third row bench seat we also get real usable third row seats but we also have enough cargo room that you can take five or six people for a short trip and fit five or six people’s worth of luggage right

here in the back now if we do fold down to this one portion of the 60/40 split-folding child seat you can easily carry six people in this fan and six people’s
luggage away for a weekend now I will be the first one to say that I understand the

anti minivan stigma because my mom drove a 1988 plymouth Grand Voyager for years and years and years so I really understand the anti minivan crowd pretty much we just don’t like to drive the kinds of
cars that our parents used to drive and even though I did run around as a small

child in a station wagon for a short amount of time my formative years were in minivans so I personally don’t see anything wrong with a station wagon even taking that stigma into account however I have to admit that if I had a growing

family I would put a CMO or any of the other minivan options on the market over a 3-row crossover right now you don’t get really any more towing capacity in the 3-row crossover so you don’t get any more all-wheel drive prowess this Toyota Sienna is one of

the few minivans available with all-wheel drive and it is exactly the same all-wheel-drive system as the Toyota Highlander the same engine same transmission basically the same all-wheel drive system in this minivan as we have know Toyota Highlander the off-road capabilities honestly are just about the same now we do get a little bit more ground clearance in the Highlander and well that will allow

you to go you know mild off-roading and I’m talking about gravel or dirt routing not true true off-roading the Sienna will be right behind it for the most part now on the flip side the Sienna is going to be much easier to get in and out of because the lower load floor are lower load height Center on the inside is gonna make getting in and out of this vehicle

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