2014 Toyota Sienna JBL Infotainment Review

2014 Toyota Sienna taking a look at the infotainment and navigation system in our limited model now this particular system is the optional JBL touchscreen infotainment and navigation system it’s part of a four thousand $105 package in the Toyota Sienna limited model now all the other

Toyota Sienna models have a more modern Entune system so if you want to know more about that Entune system then click on the link down there at the bottom of your screen and that will jump you over to the modern Intune system in the newer

Toyota vehicles it won’t be inside a Sienna because I don’t have one of those videos it does operate relatively similarly to this system however it has actually more feature-rich now the

trade-off for that is that this system does come bundled with the 10 speaker JBL speaker package which is definitely an upgrade over the basic speakers going on in the Sienna however this interface is much older than that Entune system in

addition to the speaker and the amplifier upgrade we also have a four disc CD changer which is accessed by flipping the screen open right like that and we have a

CD player slot right up
there and then right below it we actually have a map slot for the map DVD in this system and the map DVD is used because this system again as I said is not as

modern as the other Intune systems available in the Sienna those other systems all store their map data on a secure digital card slot that’s usually right over here

on this side of the radio head unit let’s work our way down the features one at a time we have our power volume button over here this button right here switches between the multi disc CD changer and the auxilary input etc as you can see right

we have CD DVD we have USB and auxiliary as our input tabs across the top you

can also use these direct access buttons on the side to navigate around the main difference between this system and the Entune system which you’ll find on the other sienna models is that we don’t have voice commands – voice command our

music library they still have complete access to our music library using the on-screen interface we still have songs podcasts audiobooks playlists artists albums

etc and you can use these to select songs right on your device but as you can also see this
is actually a lot slower than the Entune system and we don’t have the ability to

drag sliders around like you’ll see in the modern engine systems either still the layout is very similar to the other systems and I have my iPhone 5 connected with it and didn’t have a problem with the latest build of Apple’s iOS I also tried one

Android that was Ice Cream Sandwich and a USB device they all worked very well with the system as well we have AM and FM radio over here we don’t have HD

radio in this system you will find that in certain versions of the Entune system but
not necessarily on a Sienna at this time we have XM sirius satellite radio our audio screen right here is how you get back to this if you’re over on the map button so if

we’re actually over here on the map and you want to go see the audio that’s what that buttons for right there setup refers basically to this system although there are

some limited vehicle settings that you can adjust right there as well the load closed
button is how we open and flip the screen to insert CDs into that multi-disc changer or the navigation disk if we go right on over here to the map you’ll see

that we do have a very similar map interface to the other tota and Lexus products it’s the same basic software that Toyota has been using for some time it is fairly snappy but it’s not quite as responsive as the flash based system so this one does

use a DVD again for
its mapping technology we do have traffic information provided by Sirius and XM

it does require a subscription on the system but as you can see we have a little green line there right on highway 17 indicating that the traffic is flowing freely and

during a destination in the system is very simple and straightforward and you can do it either via voice commands these not again the same natural voice commands that you’ll find an

end tune but they are fairly familiar if you’ve used any of Toth and Lexuses products the system is relatively responsive all things considered we can enter an

address in here like this you can actually see that this is taking a lot longer to select the address than the SD based systems
and you can actually if the car is off like it is right now and it’s very quiet in the car you can actually hear that DVD right in there seeking around you can see we do

have that right there we can hit the go there button and it will be set and it will calculate the route as you

can see it’s not that much slower than the SD card based systems but you can really see why the manufacturers have moved to the flash storage versus the DVD storage over here on the info and phone button we have our basic phone map data

and calendar option these are fairly basic again
you can see the graphics do look a little bit old-school they have a fairly you know basic Bluetooth phone interface right here and if we take a look at the call history

button we do have call history on this system but it doesn’t download the call history from your phone so my call history on the phone is more extensive than

that and more modern systems will download your recent call history this also doesn’t sync your Bluetooth phonebook like you’ll find in the other end tune

systems lastly over here on the display buttons where you can change the contrast the
brightness and that’s also where you can control the rear entertainment system and you can turn the screen off if you so desire overall I find the system a little bit

less intuitive than the modern Entune system and I really see relatively less reason to buy the system it is bundled
with the tota premium package in this Toyota Sienna so this is the only way to get

to the wireless headphones the rear entertainment screen navigation and the JBL speaker package in this particular model of sienna now you can get navigation in the lower end and tune systems in the sienna it just uses a different software set than the system and that actually is my preference in the Sienna again you can

click the link at
the end of this video to be taken over to a review on that Toyota Entune system it looks relatively similar to this but definitely has more features you don’t have any

app integration going on in this setup like you do in the other end tune systems so this definitely is just a little bit of a step behind so you have to decide whether that trade-off is worth

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