2014 Toyota Sienna Limited

2014 Toyota Sienna Limited

2014 Toyota Sienna this particular model is the Sienna limited all-wheel drive model now if it’s not obvious by looking at me I am a child of the 1970s admittedly it was the late 70s but as a result I distinctly remember when my family first bought a minivan it was 1988 and it was a Plymouth Grand Voyager LE in two-tone blue as a result like many of you watching I do have a particular stigma in my head about minivans and

about the people that tend to buy and drive minivans but I’m going to try and put that to one side because there is no arguing the fact that minivans are incredibly practical the Santa style up front is very flowing and it’s coordinated with the rest of the total lineup in the United States you can definitely see how this coordinates with something like a toda Venza or Toyota Camry with these horizontal slats right here in the grill up front it’s easy to see how big minivans have become this is a great deal larger than those first minivans that Chrysler debuted in
the 1980s now this is the limited model so we have HID headlamps up here there are projector HID headlamps and we have standard fog lamps right down here we also have front parking sensors and rear parking sensors on our tester the Sienna is big it is just over 200 inches long putting

this right in the thick of the minivan competition it is a little bit shorter than something like a Dodge Grand Caravan or a Chrysler Town and Country but we actually get a decent amount more interior room because if you see this side profile right up here then you’ll notice that the
hood on the Sienna is relatively short when you compare it to the Chrysler minivans and that really gives you a little bit more interior room than you find in the Chrysler twins although even minivans have been unable to avoid this progression towards a sloping rear hatch glass we still get an awful lot more cargo practicality going on back here than you’ll find in something like a lexus rx350 or a Toyota Venza or

anythig in that two row cross or a segment because they tend to have a very sloping rear profile even the three row crossovers like the Toyota Highlander or the Nissan Pathfinder have a fairly sloping rear glass that really does cut down on cargo practicality of course in my mind the real key to minivan practicality is the sliding door and of course we have sliding doors on both sides of the stand alike you find in most

minivans out there and that really gives you a much larger opening into the passenger area of the minivan making ingress and egress an awful lot easier than in a 3-row crossover a nice design touch on the Sienna is this fuel door right here and the interlock system with a sliding door in
case you’re wondering it’s actually not possible to open this sliding door and hit the fuel door because the car actually has a lock mechanism that prevents this door from opening far enough to

actually hit the fuel door unless the fuel door is closed and then we can actually fully open the door and the power mechanism on the door will operate now most of the minivans out there are relatively similar in dimensions so the
Odyssey the Chrysler minivans as well as that new Kia Sedona are relatively similar in terms of length and overall width this is a fairly wide vehicle however so if you’re looking at something like a

three row across or vehicle and a minivan the minivan is about three inches wider or so than your average 3-row crossover that includes something like a toda Highlander or a Nissan Pathfinder or anything else in that three row segment in terms of style I think that this rear end is more attractive than you’ll find in the other minivans out on the market except for
that brand new Kia admittedly that’s not a terribly high bar to pass because if you take a look at the Chrysler minivans it’s definitely function over form there’s a very vertical hatch on that Chrysler

minivan and it’s not terribly attractive in the back in terms of exterior styling I give the Sienna seven out of ten points and I’m kind of including in this category the average 3-row crossover so keep that in mind
when I’m talking about the styling as well as other features in this minivan because I think that an awful lot of shoppers shopping for the Sienna are also cross chopping 3-row crossover at least

that’s what my research tells me admittedly this design isn’t as exciting as Toyota’s own Highlander but I still think it’s relatively attractive as far as three row vehicles go under the cns hood you will find the same 3.5 liter v6 engine as you’ll find in a wide variety of toyota products including its direct competitor the Highlander this produces 266 horsepower and
245-pound feet of torque which is a slight reduction versus that Highlander like all the other minivans on the American market except for that

Nissan Quest the v6 engine has made it exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission setting power to the front wheels by default very unlike the other minivans on the market however you can also get an available all-wheel drive system in the CNM it will set you back just over $2,400

and it uses a multi-plate clutch type setup to direct power to the rear wheels the system is very very closely related to what you’ll find in the 2014 Toyota Highlander very much like that Highlander this system can direct power to the virus when wheels slip or it can also send them whenever it likes so at full throttle acceleration this vehicle will lock up that clutch pack and direct about half the

power to the rear fuel
economy on this drive version is rated at 16 miles per gallon city 23 highway with a combined rating of 19 miles per gallon he do get slightly better mileage if you don’t get the algal drive system of course that’s relatively similar to what you’ll find in most 3-row crossover as well

as the rest of the minivan competition out there now admittedly the Nissan Quest and the Mazda 5 do get slightly better fuel economy the Mazda 5 because it’s smaller and the Nissan Quest

because it does use a CVT front seat comfort comes in at around 9 out of 10 points we do have a
multi way power adjustable driver’s seat in our particular model the passenger seat doesn’t have quite the same range of motion as the driver’s seat that is one thing to keep in mind we have a two-way power adjustable lumbar support and a manual tilt telescoping steering column with a decent range of motion now certain models the town of country and the Grand Caravan do have slightly

more comfortable front seats they offer a
little bit more adjustability than you’ll find in the Sienna rear seat comfort varies depending on which model of Sienna you get since we’re in
the model with the captains chairs we score 10 out of 10 points these are absolutely the most comfortable seats you will find in any minivan sold in America these seats do move forward and

backward in the tracks they move quite a large distance as you can see this is the farthest back and then this is the farthest forward that they will latch but they will scoot even further forward to help you gain access to the third
row seats now if we’re in the all the way back position you’ll notice another interesting feature here if we pull on this little lever we do have a integrated ottoman that slides out we have a

reasonable amount of legroom back here now with this seat all the way back in its tracks and that front seat adjusted for me at 6 feet tall my shoes are touching that front seat back but if you did push that front seat further forward then you could fit a 6 foot 5 person in the back with their legs on the Ottoman now rather unfortunate that 6 foot 5 person does have a
little bit of trouble fitting in here in our sunroof equipped model now we do have the dual sunroof so we have a sunroof up front and we have a sunroof right back here for the second row and it

does really cut down on the Headroom I’m 6 feet tall and my hair is brushing the ceiling
right back here in the second row now if you don’t get this rear sunroof in the upscale model of the Sienna then this isn’t much of a problem
but it is a problem in our model right here we also have a recline lever on these rear seatbacks but as you can see they don’t recline as far

as the front seats so this is as reclined as this second row we’ll get one thing to know is that these captains chairs only flip forward about this much so if you do need to carry longer cargo or larger cargo than some like a Chrysler minivan is going to be a bit more convenient especially for those spur-of-the-moment shopping trips because the center seats will just fold right into the floor like

the rear seats do in
contrast with the Sienna you’d actually have to remove these captains chairs as you can see right here they actually do come out of their tracks they’re quite heavy so I’m not really going to do that right now but you would have to remove it and then sort of store it in the back cargo

area if you did need to put a longer item in the Sienna it’s just not quite as practical as those Chrysler minivans although these seats are
much more comfortable so there is a definite trade-off those flip and fold seats in the Chrysler minivans are not nearly as comfortable as these middle row seats in the Sienna I rank them about as comfortable as the third row seats in the Sienna in order to test out the third row

in the Sienna I’m first going to adjust this sliding second row seat over here on the right now this front seat is all the way back in its track
sight a six foot five passenger in there so I’m going to scoot this chair right up to the point where I have about an inch and a half of

legroom and now let’s hop into this third row seat right back here and as you can see this is the big difference between a minivan and a 3-row
crossover vehicle because I have about six inches of legroom left between the second row seat and the third row seat in addition to being able to stretch my legs out like this I also have a decent amount more thigh cushion than you’d find in a 3-row crossover so the thigh cushions are longer they’re closer to knees and they’re also higher off the floor which makes these rear seats more

comfortable for adults the third row does recline as well in this most upright position my head is touching the ceiling but I can lean the seat back to a point where my head isn’t
touching the ceiling anymore and then you can recline it a little further back than that for a little bit more relaxing journey when it comes to installing child seats minivans are very practical as well both of these outboard second row seats do have standard latch anchors right here whether you get the bench seat or these captains chairs if you do get the bench seat then we get a third top tether

anchor but we don’t get a third set of latch anchors right there in the middle instead you will find the third set of latch anchors right back here in the third row bench seat because the 60/40 portion of this rear folding seat the center seat has latch anchors as well as a top tether anchor an additional
thing to note is that the outboard third row bench seats do not have top tether anchors so the optimal place is to install child seat would be the middle of this third row bench and these captains

chairs right here the first thing you’ll notice back here is that this cargo load floor is about a foot lower than this rear bumper or the rear tail gate opening and that’s because we have an awful lot more storage room going on in this minivan than you might otherwise assume in fact we have more storage area back here than many 3-row crossover x’ with the third row folded now this deep

will gives us additional cargo room but it also allows this third row seat to fold completely into itself so if we pull
this handle right here I get this right what’s that one first and then there is that handle right here you can see this seat goes all the way down into that well and now the cargo load floor is level with the hatch area now Chrysler’s minivans take this the next step further and the second row in the minivan also folds completely flat into the floor and you won’t find that in the Toyota minivan of course there is a trade-off because the rear seats in the Chrysler minivan aren’t as comfortable as these captains chairs but they are definitely more practical overall the standard score is 10 out of

10 points in my exclusive truck comfort index there’s an awful lot of room back here in this cargo area we also have a nice hundred 20 volt power outlet and a 12-volt power outlet in our limited model that’s very handy right there you can easily
access that from the third row if you’re in the third row and you need to plug in your device now if you’re thinking to yourself this mechanism for raising and lowering the third row seat doesn’t look like the Sienna that you’ve seen on dealer lots there’s probably a reason for that you’re probably taking a look at the front wheel drive Sienna and if you get the all-wheel-drive Sienna we do

lose the option for the power third-row seat so there is an option in the regular standard to have this mechanism powered can’t get that with all-wheel drive unfortunately the cargo space the cargo practicality and the all-wheel drive do come at a cost and that cost is a spare tire in the Sienna all-wheel drive model instead we have run flat tires all the way around now Toyota tells us that if one of these does get a flat you can safely drive for about

a hundred miles the maximum speed of 50 miles an hour so you can get back to a tire shop but you should know that these tires are likely going to be shredded by the time you hit that hundred miles at 50 miles an hour the reason for the spare tire deletion is that underneath this vehicle of course we have all-wheel drive and that means that the all-wheel drive driveshaft has to run from the front of the car to the back of the car and that really messes with the way that everything else under the car is arranged and there’s just no room for that spare tire anymore in a normal front-

wheel drive Sienna the spare tire would be right under the load floor immediately behind the front passenger seat let’s start
our interior walk-around in the back we do have storage compartments right here in the hard armrest for the third row these are all hard plastics they’re no soft touch plastics right here for the third row passenger two large cupholders and we have a standard sunshade in our limited model right there on the opening rear windows above the window you’ll find an air vent and assist grab

handle to help you get in and out of the seat and we also have a map light right here third row pastors do have relatively easy access to the 120 volt and 12-volt power outlets that are right behind the seat back so if I flip and fold this third row right back into place there you’ll actually see the power outlets right over there in the corner of the back of the Sienna second row captains chairs have seat belts integrated right into the seat back we have map lights in the second row again another assist grab handle and our model does have the standard Sun shades that you’ll find in the

limited model second row arm rests are height adjustable so we press this little button and then we have a ability to lock this armrest into various Heights right like that and it will always return to that height our model has the enormous optional flip down rear seat entertainment
system there’s a remote control that controls that and there are also wireless headphones and then if we look back from that you’ll notice we have the button for our rear sunroof right there and this does open fully on the ceiling behind the driver you will find the controls for the rear climate control zone we do have a three zone automatic system in our limited model because the second

row slides forward and backward so far you can actually slide these two cupholders right here in the center console forward and backward as well and the design allows you to put bags right here in the center area so that way they won’t roll around on you moving to the front we have height adjustable seatbelts for the driver and the front passenger as well as two-way adjustable headrests leather seats are available in the xle as well as the limited model but

the limited model gets this two-toned contrasting leather and vinyl so the seat faces are leather and the seat sides are vinyl because of the air this vehicle is designed and you will find a decent amount of hard plastics on the interior we do have a soft touch armrest right here for the driver and front passenger the soft touch as well but this is all hard plastic in the door hard plastics lower in the door as well they have fake wood trim in our limited model and the hard plastics continue all the way across the dashboard even including this upper darker portion of the dashboard which

you would normally find cast in injection molded soft plastics and most toyota products in keeping with the minivans cargo first mantra we have two large glove boxes we have an upper glove box right here then we have a lower glove box right down there as well they’re both very large I was able to fit tablet computer in this lower glovebox but your average iPad or 10-inch tablet is just a little bit too large for this upper compartment right here hi in the dashboard we have this relatively small display and this is used for the external temperature the clock the climate control settings as well as the trip computer below that we have the optional JBL audio and navigation system if you want to know more about the infotainment options then go ahead and click that banner at the

bottom of your screen that
will take you on over to the review of this particular head unit which is the optional JBL head unit if you want to know more about the Entune system which is the optional system in the xle models and below then you can also go ahead and click on over to that one at the end of this video they’re quite different this is basically Toyota’s older navigation and infotainment system and the Entune

system that’s available is their newer system so if you upgrade to the JBL system you do not have the ability to voice command your iPhone or your iPod or your USB media device like you can in the lower end and tune system but you do get these snazzier JBL speakers over here we have the start/stop button for our keyless go equip model we have these shifter for our standard six-speed automatic we do have a sport mode with a semi manual mode right there

it’s not a true manual mode as to sort of a sport mode that limits the upper gear range over here we have our controls for our three zone automatic climate control system this controls the driver zone this is the rear zone and this is the passenger button and then we hit the sync button right over here to sync all the zones together below that you’ll find the info select reset and setup buttons

these control the trip computer that uses that very small display up above the radio below the trip computer controls we have our heated seat controls for the driver
and the front passenger seats 12 volt power outlet this is the DVD player for the rear entertainment system and then here we have the first of a bunch of cup holders in the sienna this vehicle has ten true cup holders like that so we have two here then we have two right below it in the

center console as you can see right there I have a wallet and some other junk stuffed in that one and then we have six cupholders total in the rear that’s in addition to the plethora of bottle and juice box holders that you find in this minivan now between the array of cupholders if we go down the dashboard this is where you’ll find your auxiliary input as well as USB input another 12-volt power outlet and then we have a large

area there where you can put purses or other bags between the front seats now we’re looking behind those cupholders those are those two cupholders up there and this is the back of the center console right down there we have a storage compartment very large and very deep so you can see I have glasses I have a accelerometer I have some headphones I have the remote for the rear seat entertainment system it’s a very deep very large compartment and it goes all the way in front of these cup holders as well over on the driver’s side you’ll find this four dial

instrument cluster we have our tachometer right over here on the left hand side fuel and temperature gauges right over here on the right very large central speedometer it’s actually slightly offset to the right there there this metal effect plastic trim going right around here to our odometer as well as the drive gauge this does not contain the trip computer that is again in that small display right there in the center console overall I think this has kind of a Star Trek theme which I find strangely attractive being a child of the 70s moving out we have this
attractive fake wood and leather steering wheel we have fake wood on the bottom and on the top volume controls right over here track forward backward mode button right there hang up pick up

button for the phone system voice command button and you’ll find your cruise control on the little stalk right over there to the right of the driver we have our mirror controls with power folding mirrors in our limited model power Durov ents we pull to close them and then we push to open them right over here we have our stability and traction control button we have our parking sensors front and rear on our limited model blind spot information system and we have height adjustable headlamps in our hid equip
model well that you’ll find the additional storage compartment that holds little coins and other knickknacks right there moving over to the

button Bank in the ceiling we have our light controls these are for map lights dome lights right there we have a sunglass compartment right in there and we can move that to a mirror position so we can see what’s going on in the rear seats we have our dome light buttons right there power door and power tailgate buttons right across here so power door for the left power door for the right and then we have our power rear hatch right there these buttons control the Sun roofs this is for the Sun front sunroof this is for the rear Sun roof and this is the disabled

button so the rear pastors can’t play with the rear Sun roof right over here you’ll find the SOS safety connect button and this is basically
Toto’s version of OnStar gives you telematic emergency services so if you’re in an accident and your airbags deploy they can help find you if you need medical assistance that sort of thing you just press that little button and you’ll be connected to the Toyota safety Connect system well I went and visited my local Toyota dealer they did not have any all-wheel-drive versions of this car to test and I do think it’s important that you test starve the all-wheel drive version if you are considering buying one because it does Drive a little bit currently than the front-wheel drive version of the

same minivan the reason for that is both the all-wheel-drive system as well as the run flat tires because of
course with the all-wheel-drive system we don’t have torque steer or any of those other front-wheel drive driving dynamics that you get in the regular old seen on the front wheel drive model and with these run flat tires you do get a firmer and stiffer ride it does actually improve the handling as well but it does result in a slight toll on the ride in this car and one thing you should know about these run flat tires is that all the tota does say that you can drive about a hundred miles on the run flat safely that doesn’t mean that the tire is going to be repairable after that hundred miles is over

so by the time you get to the tire shop you will more than likely have to buy a new tire in addition to that run flats are also more expensive than a conventional tire so you do need to keep those sorts of things in mind if you are looking at the all
wheel drive version of the Sienna the santa weighs about 150 to 200 pounds more than a Toyota Highlander and about 200 pounds less than a Chrysler minivan as a result acceleration is fairly

brisk even though this doesn’t have quite as much power as that Chrysler minivan does I scored zero to sixty in seven seconds which is pretty good for a minivan pretty good for your average midsize crossover as well in fact the highlander only scores about two one hundredths of a second faster than this vehicle which is really nothing when you actually average out
those times and you adjust for different road conditions etc this is pretty average for your mid-sized crossover segment so I give it about eight out of ten points overall logically with a curb weight that’s relatively similar to the rest of the minivan competition as well as most 3-row crossover the Sienna handles very much like your average 3-row crossover this doesn’t handle like a 1980s minivan it’s not Bodie or floaty it’s not wallowy etcetera it really does handle like your average 3-row crossover so I give this about seven out of ten points overall obviously the Sienna is not going

to be as dynamic as a sporty or oriented crossover something like an Acura MDX but versus your average run-
of-the-mill crossover a pathfinder a Highlander etc this holds its own minivans are designed to carry a lot of people and a lot of cargo braking does take a little bit of a hit as a result I give it a six out of ten points overall there was a little bit of fade in my braking fade tests the distances are relatively respectable for a minivan now one thing to note is that the Highlander did perform just a little bit better in that test it does seem to have perhaps a slightly more aggressive brake compound in its brakes perhaps a little bit more fade resistance

there any way you slice it just before a little bit better than the Sienna when you compare this to the other minivans in the segment it’s relatively similar to the Chrysler minivans as well as the Honda Odyssey it’s a little bit better than the Nissan Quest but not quite as good as that Mazda five of course the Mazda 5 is very small compared to this so it should handle and break better than this this vehicle has a very composed and very comfortable ride I give it 9 out of 10 points in the front wheel drive form in the Oval drive form like this you do give up a little bit for those run flat

tires they give it about 8 out of 10 points overall in terms of cabin noise this vehicle scores 9 out of 10
points I measured 69 decibels at 50 miles an hour in this cabin up front it is a little bit louder in the back so it really does vary where you sit in the Sienna but overall this is very very quiet it actually is just about as quiet as a number of luxury car entries as well so minivans have definitely come a long way since the 1980s unfortunately any time you’re trying to push a big brick like this through the air your fuel economy is going to suffer especially if you add all wheel drive on top of it fuel economy came in at around nineteen point eight miles per gallon in about 650 miles of very

mixed driving in the Sienna overall I give that six out of ten points you will find better fuel economy in
the other minivan entries in this segment however the CN is the only one with all-wheel-drive so it’s not necessarily the most fair comparison the front-wheel drive version of the standard will give you one to two miles per gallon better fuel economy but even so it’s not exactly stellar in this segment rather unfortunately I’m told the toda has never considered putting a hybrid drivetrain in the

Sienna and I think that’s relatively unfortunate because I think it would help differentiate this a little bit more from the Chrysler and the Honda competition
even though the Sienna Zabul Drive system is very similar to what you find inside the Highlander and Toyota’s other crossover products we don’t
have a lock button for the center clubs in this car so you can’t lock it like you can in the Highlander or in the rav4 or certain other

vehicles and that does mean this is a little bit less useful in certain situations than the Highlander but in general it behaves very much the same this active all-wheel drive system is always sending a least a little bit of power to the rear and it will direct up to 50 percent of the power to the rear whenever it’s required although there are some very limited circumstances where this style of all-

wheel-drive system can send more than 50 percent of the power to the rear you need to know that they’re relatively limited overall the traction control system in the
stability control system and the all-wheel-drive system worked very well together to help keep this car feeling very sure-footed on or off the pavement so if you’re buying something with aw go drive because you occasionally go camping down a gravel road and you’re worried about it getting muddy in the rain or you’re going to a ski resort and you’re worried about getting stuck or you don’t want to deal with chains on your way to the ski resort it’s definitely a valid reason to get an all the drive system in my book then this is going to perform exactly the same

as the average 3-row crossover there’s really not going to be that much difference you won’t have to chain up in this as long as you have mud and snow tires and honestly if you’re going to go into anything you know severe enough to get your Sienna stuck in it then your pathfinder your Ford Explorer your Nissan whatever your toyota highlander they’re all going to get stuck right along with you there’s not really going to be that many situations where the extra three inches of ground clearance in a highlander are going to give you that much benefit in a crossover vehicle with this kind of volatile drive system overall I must admit that the Santa really impressed me out on the road I hadn’t expected
something quite this dynamic out of a minivan now don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to handle like a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry or anything like your average mid-sized family sedan

however this does handle relatively well for itself all things considered it’s very similar to your
average 3-row crossover or even those large toooo crossovers that are out there on the market like the Ford Edge and even the Toyota Venza what
that really means to the average 3-row crossover shopper is that you can get something like this that has a greatly increased cargo capacity
greatly increased cargo practicality and solidly increased comfort for the rear passengers versus your average through a crossover without giving up anything in terms of driving dynamics now

giving up something in terms of style that’s a different question the Sienna is not the least expensive minivan for 2014 pricing starts at twenty six thousand nine hundred twenty dollars for the L model the le model which adds the
display audio the backup camera power doors and the three zone climate control will set you back thirty one thousand five hundred seventy dollars it’s a decent not more expensive than bass and similarly configured Chrysler minivans the Grand Caravan starts at twenty thousand five hundred ninety five dollars for its admittedly stripped-down version but you still do get that v6 in the

Chrysler minivan if you check all the option boxes like the ones that are checked on this particular model here you end up at forty seven thousand nine hundred sixty dollars and this is again for the limited all-wheel drive model personally I think my optimum configuration is thirty nine thousand two hundred eighty
eight dollars for the xle model with all the drive it has leather and the Entune system with apps I really didn’t care for this JBL sound systems interface and that’s actually the head unit that’s in the

dashboard it does sound very good but I really didn’t like the way this particular system worked I do think that the Entune system is a better system even if it doesn’t sound quite as nice the limited model has a slightly dressier interior but overall I think the xle interior is just fine for me and I really don’t need that rear seat entertainment system
but that’s just a personal preference if you’re shopping around you should know that the Sienna ends up a little bit on the expensive side compared to the other minivan options out there Honda

Odyssey starts at twenty eight thousand eight hundred twenty-five dollars which is a little bit more than a bass Sienna but once you adjust for standard features they end up right about the same tOA’s own Highlander starts a little bit more expensive than the base model at twenty-nine thousand two hundred fifteen dollars and for that you only get the four cylinder
engine and front-wheel drive in that model now the Sienna and that bass Highlander will both carry eight passengers and so the Santa is a relatively good deal when you compare it to that Highlander in base form once you work your way on up to the limited model or the xle model the difference ends up being quite a bit smaller however although the Highlander doesn’t deliver the

same practicality that you can get in this Sienna overall the standard will give you an awful lot more rear passenger comfort and an awful lot more rear cargo room than that Highlander
really the only area where the Highlander excels over the Sienna is simply in towing capacity it does have a five thousand pound towing capacity versus the about three thousand pounds or so that you can tow in this Sienna when it comes to pricing we have to talk about the thirty thousand
pound gorilla which is Chrysler it’s really 230 thousand pound gorillas because Chrysler sells the town and country as well as the Grand
Caravan in the United States and put together they sell twice as many minivans as the Sienna or as the Honda Odyssey so whereas the Sienna sells
relatively well when you compare it to just the can’t Grand Caravan or just the town of country when you put the two of those minivans and Chrysler together they are definitely the dominant

factor in this segment price is a big part of why Chrysler is so dominant in the minivan segment if you compare a similarly equipped version of the Sienna or a Honda Odyssey to the town a country or the Grand Caravan these will end
up several thousand dollars more expensive than either of those Chrysler options if you’re just looking at basic transportation then that base model of the Grand Caravan is extraordinarily attractive because it’s nearly six thousand dollars less expensive than the cheapest Sienna now the Chrysler is just about as comfortable up front it does have some added tactically features that you

can’t get in the highlander like the stow and go second row seats the Grand Caravan and the Town and Country do have second row seats that fold completely into the floor and you can also use that floor storage compartment when the seats are unfolded and in position like they are right here in addition the Siena’s
interior is full of hard plastics as I noted earlier and you will find an awful lot more soft plastics in the rest of the competition hard
plastics aside the Sienna really scores highly when it comes to comfort especially second row comfort right here these are easily the most comfortable second row seats I have ever sat in and that

includes an awful lot of those three row competitors out there you won’t find a three row competitor like a Highlander with built-in Ottomans like you’ll find in the Highlander and these are really quite comfortable I’m not sure
why I would buy my kid Ottomans in the back but they’re really comfortable of course in addition to rear seat comfort tote is classic values of dependability and reliability are big reasons to buy the Sienna over the rest of the competition one of the most frequent questions I get from viewers is what is the most comfortable third row in any crossover that you’ve ever sat in and the answer really

is this Toyota Sienna a minivan has an awful lot more room to work with than your average through a crossover so any minivan is going to have a more comfortable third row than your average 3-row crossover and that even includes luxury brands like volvo BMW mercedes etc the third row in any of those vehicles is going to be an awful lot more cramped than anything in the minivan category keeping in mind that the Sienna is the only minivan available with all-
wheel drive I would say this is also the only minivan that can be directly compared to your average three row all-wheel drive crossover and indeed because this uses basically the same all-wheel-drive system as Toyota’s own Highlander I think I would recommend this to the average shopper that planned to use their third row on a regular basis over the Highlander now if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more rugged that would definitely be the Highlander it does have slightly more ground clearance than this Sienna and if you’re only looking at that third row bench seat

as an emergency bench seat so you’re only going to use it to toss people back there occasionally then it might be okay but
if you actually plan on having people regularly sitting back there if you have that many kids if you have that many people in your family that regularly travel with you in your car then a Sienna is going to beat it any day to be honest if it were my money on the line however I would probably buy the Chrysler Town and Country and the reason is entirely in the folding second row that second row folds flat and also folds completely into the floor neither of those things happen these captain’s chairs in the limited

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