2014 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck Review

2014 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck Review

2014 Toyota Tundra this is totus full-size pickup truck designed to go head-on with the American competition now the 2007 model of tundra was introduced to

do that same thing that that same mission but the styling was a little bit off and it was introduced at exactly the wrong moment if you recall in 2008 the whole market imploded truck sales went down the toilet and toda has responded for

2014 with this new more aggressive looking tundra some tweaked features all the

way around hoping to ride this next wave of increased truck sales that we’re experiencing right now let’s walk around let’s dive under the hood dive into the

bed and take a look Toyota is sticking to the meat of the full-size truck market with the tundra so this is a half-ton pickup truck competing with the 1500 series

trucks from Ram General Motors and Ford we have three different cab configurations there is a two-door version it’s available only in that base model

tundra we have two different four-door versions one gets a little bit longer than the other and of course we have two different bed links out here in the back unlike

that old Toyota t100 pickup truck which we haven’t seen in some time totus

pickup truck is a full-size machine so that means it’s almost exactly the same size

as the big three competitors full-size pickup trucks 2014 brings all new sheetmetal to the tundra especially up front you’ll notice this hood is an awful lot higher than the last generation tundra it makes the tundra look bigger even though it hasn’t

really increased in size now that old tundra as I said was about the same size as the American competition but because of the shapes going on in the front it really didn’t look quite as big for 2014 they’ve addressed that with much more aggressive

headlamps and this absolutely enormous grill now there are five different trim levels of the tundra for 2014 there’s the base SR model there’s the sr5 the limited the platinum and the 1794 that 1794 is relating to the date that the ranch was

established on the location in Texas where the tundra is being manufactured hopefully I got that right now the grille changes based on the model and in your limited model you get this particular arrangement here with this matte several bar

theme going on here on the front I think it’s a little bit large and just a little bit imposing but then again so is the front on pretty much everybody else’s pickup

truck this front is incredibly flat that is one thing you’ll notice about the tundra is that this front bumper doesn’t really stick out that much further than the grille since we’re in a limited we have the optional LED daytime running laps integrated

into these headlamp modules we also get parking sensors up front integrated into the chrome section of this front bumper this is a three piece front bumper it’s

black in the middle and chrome on either side that makes it a little bit cheaper to repair and it also mirrors what’s going on out back as with any pickup truck there are a wide variety of tire and wheel options we have the 20-inch wheels on our

limited here wrapped in 275 55 our 20 rubber there are still high profile tire options available in the tundra to help you in those off-road situations or on

construction sites things like that where you might encounter some concrete curbs or other things and you really don’t want to bend your wheel most models that you’ll see on the dealer lots are out on the road will have a three-piece chrome and

black plastic rear bumper arrangement and that’s designed to reduce repair costs when you get in mind or fender benders or scuff your rear bumper things like that

this Center black section is one piece and also includes the sort of shoe grips right here on top of the bumper section and this side bumper section can be replaced

independently it’s either chrome or body color painted it’s body color painted in our limited model because we have the rear cross path detection and that’s not

compatible with a chrome bumper if you don’t get that you get those chrome rear bumpers Toyota was very quick to remind us that they’re the only ones that follow

the new SAE standard for rating towing capacity in America however these tow numbers are a bit lower than the American competition so that is something to keep in mind if you do a lot of heavy towing there are two thoughtful touches out

here on the Tundra’s tailgate the first is a high mounted backup camera that gives you a very good view of your hitch receiver as well as your trailer when you’re

trying to align the two up we also have a tailgate with an integral spring that makes opening and closing the tailgate an awful lot easier and it prevents that tailgate slam that you get in a number of other pickup trucks Toyota is obviously

going for the bulk of the mainstream truck market so you won’t find some of those optional handy features that you have to pay extra for but are not typically

purchased in the competition so you won’t find those lockable toolboxes integrated into the bed of your pickup truck like you’d find on the Ram product

you won’t find the man step integrated into the tailgate like you’d find in an f-150 as you’d expect from a pickup truck the tundra scores a 10 out of 10 in our exclusive truck comfort index under the hood you’ll find three different engine

options things start out in that base model with a four liter v6 engine produces 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque it’s only found in that base model

Tundra and only in rear-wheel drive on the EPA cycle it scores 16 miles per gallon city and 20 on the highway all the other models of the tundra start out with the 4.6 liter v8 it’s good for 310 horsepower and 327 pound-feet of torque 15 miles per

gallon the city 19 on the highway our particular model here has the up level 5.7 liter v8 engine it produces 381 horsepower 401 pound-feet of torque and fuel

economy drops 13:17 miles per gallon those are all the rear wheel drive EPA 2008 numbers the v6 is made exclusively to a 5-speed automatic transmission while the v8s get to it as more recent six-speed automatic transmission those vietze can also

be had with a part-time four-wheel drive system that incorporates a two-speed transfer case let’s take a quick look at the Tundra’s interior here we have the

limited seats these are leather of course down here we have fairly aggressive bolsters but they are fairly far apart so they’re suitable for larger passengers we don’t get too much lateral bolstering on the seat bottom cushion on the doors

you’ll find more soft touch plastics than we saw in 2013 from this stitched upper panel right here to the soft touch armrest continuing across the interior you’ll find

faux wood grain trim again more soft touch stitched plastics going on on the dash right here moving on you’ll find a center stack that should look fairly familiar to

you if you’ve seen the last generation tundra Toyota has made some improvements they’ve moved this center stack about three inches closer to the driver making it easier for the driver to reach those controls since our model is the

limited model we get the dual zone climate control here as well we have fairly large storage compartments and storage areas we have a little tray right there with

a removable plastic gripper we have another one right there with a third cup holder power ports USB and auxiliary input over here we have two large drink holders these were capable of carrying the largest size drink you’d find in an

American take out go heating going on into the center console you’ll find a very

large center console bin this is a positively enormous bin they tell us that they’ve increased the size about four liters over the last generation tundra definitely believe them something interesting here you’ll know is that the center console lid

is not symmetrical the driver gets a slightly wider armrest than the passenger does you’ll find another little area there where you can stick knickknacks going over

here to the driver’s side we have a new steering wheel design it is fairly similar to the outgoing steering wheel but they have improved the leather quality the size of

the grip it is a little bit chunkier than it was last year they’ve also altered the controls on the steering wheel and here in the gauge cluster we have lost the dial

so we no longer have the transmission temperature sensor there instead they’ve integrated the transmission temperature sensor into the warning lights so there’s

no separate readout for the transmission there’s just a warning light to tell you that it’s a little bit too hot we have a full color LCD there in the center of those gauges as well you won’t find an integrated trailer brake controller like you’ll find

in the American models however Toyota has seemingly found a spot to jam a trailer brake controller right there inside the dash not sure if they’re going to

provide instructions on how to do that aftermarket or not one area the tundra seems to come up a little bit short compared to the competition is in the glove box

this is not a terribly large or terribly deep glove box you see that’s as far back as that goes we have this two-level tier here so you can store your instruction

manuals for your truck down there on the lower tier and then have a little bit of space left over for your other knickknacks front seat comfort in the tundra is very

good regardless of which trim model you get even the base SR model gets a multi-way power driver’s seat and a tilt telescoping steering wheel with a decent range of

motion that front passenger isn’t going to be quite as lucky because the front passenger seat is manual only in all models of the tundra and only moves in four

different ways it moves forward backward and the seat back reclines in terms of seat bolstering these seat bolsters are fairly aggressive but they’re also fairly far

apart so I’m about 190 pounds or so slightly overweight as you’d expect the average American to be and my side is touching one bolster but my other side is

about three inches away from the bolster so in order to be comfortable or be gripped into the seat you may need to either be a larger person or find smaller seats there are two different cabs offered for 2014 and we’re in the larger of those

two regardless of what you get rear seat comfort is very good and the seats are

exactly the same all that really changes is the legroom and that’s epic in this large version that we’re in right now this front seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall and I

have about a foot between the seat back has a decent amount of give as you can see and my knees in the back that somewhat makes up for the fact that this rear seat bottom cushion is a little bit closer to the floor than I’d like as an adult it’s

probably okay for children however there’s not much of a hump right here in the middle which means that rear passengers in the middle will have a much happier

time than they would in certain other trucks in the segment this a decent amount

of room back here because the tundra is a very wide pickup truck we have these

rear air vents and a power port here if we scoot all the way over you can see we have a fairly large center armrest with two cupholders for 2014 tota has changed the way the rear seats operate in the 2013 model these seat backs folded forward

and at 2014 these seat bottoms fold up allowing you to supposedly put larger items in the door right there in the back all tundra models come standard with

Toto’s latest second-generation Entune system things start out with a six inch touchscreen system that operates very similarly to this 7 inch touchscreen that we’re looking at here system is defined by having some physical buttons here but

most things are operated via this touchscreen we have a home button which takes us back to this default home screen varies of course if you have navigation in your

particular model apps takes us to our smartphone apps as well as Entune apps and navigation is one of those Entune app so you won’t see a direct app button there for the navigation system over here on the audio button we can select our audio source this is where the map card is kept it’s a secure digital micro card in this second generation system and we have a seek up and down buttons the tune and scroll dial right here and of course our volume and power button over here the system is very snappy just like the first generation Entune system and Tut has

gone ahead and added a few additional features that weren’t there in that first system most notably is of course that home screen you can select and hold to add contacts and you can make them your little shortcut buttons there for your phone interface if the audio system was on it would give you information right there

about that audio source we do have XM radio available in certain models of the

Entune system you can also get HD radio that’s an upgrade the base 6 edge system is your pretty basic iPod interface with visual guide for that iPod voice commands of course for the iPod as well no smart phone integration that based system but we

do get the backup camera as standard in all models of the Toyota Tundra the iPod interface and in tune is very fully featured it’s also fairly snapping we have full

access to our playlists genres composers artists albums etc the interface is fairly speedy because it reads it off your USB or your iDevice in advance and then

displays it on the screen we’re back here on the audio screen but also us we have I Heart Radio we also have Pandora screen switches in the system are very fast very snappy you do need a smart phone connected to the system with the Entune app

in order to use it that app is available on Android as well as iPhones gives you access to the things like being pandora iheartradio movie tickets calm open table

etc if you’re back here on this main app screen you’ll see traffic and weather those

are not provided by the smartphone app these are now provided by HD radio so

that’s a little bit of a change from the last generation where those are provided by XM there also are going to be some additional apps coming in the future all the toda hasn’t really said what those will be overall this system ranks very highly in this segment it’s just about as easy to use as Chrysler as you connect it’s more

reliable than my Ford touch I think that I like the current generation GM system just a little bit better although the voice commands in this Toyota Entune system have taken things to another level in addition to full voice commands of your

iDevice as well as most entries in this screen the system now has the ability to learn your particular vocal qualities so you can actually go into a voice training

section inside this system read can phrases off the screen and the system will gradually learn to anticipate what you’re trying to say better so it’ll just become better at recognizing your particular voice especially if you have an accent or

different inflections or something out of the norm that the system is not quite

used to the navigation interface should be very familiar to if you’ve used any

modern toda products fairly high resolution fairly decent graphics of course

displays on-screen traffic as well the system is very easy to use destination entry can be done either via the voice commands or a via this little button on the screen

entering an address into the system is fairly easy well do one here for you to see you can see there we go all this data is flash-based so it’s fairly snappy on the

response time there we go as you can see searching for an address is very quick in this system rerouting in this system is also very snappy adding waypoints everything interacting with that nav system is very quick in a system because all

the data is stored on that fast flash card right there in the face unit so it’s very

different than the hard drive based system or the DVD based systems that people may be used to because they took an awful lot longer to do those same routing functions there’s no such thing as a pickup truck with a bad ride these days

everybody in this very competitive segment has spent an awful lot of time tuning

their trucks to deliver more crossover SUV style rides of course if you have a pickup truck with an empty bed like we do right here you’ll still get a bit of a harsh

feeling out on the road when the road is uneven because there’s not a whole lot of weight back there and we have to have fairly stiff Springs in order to be able to put

2,000 pounds in the bed and haul it around but other than that the ride is very

well composed in this new 2014 tundra the steering is still a little bit numb but that’s pretty much to be expected with electric power steering anyway with nearly

400 horsepower on tap the 5.7 liter v8 engine under the hood of the tundra is pretty easy to toe with honestly we haven’t had a chance to test performance in

this vehicle because we are at a launch event so we really haven’t had a whole lot of time in this car be sure and check back for a full review video when we get our

hands on one of these for a week and we can run it through our normal array of tests and we’ll also compare it back-to-back with some of the other competition at

that time right now I can tell you that the six-speed Automatic transmission has a very good shift feel to it the five-speed automatic transmission we were not able to

test however but we’ve been told that there are no major changes for 2014 so you should expect it to shift just like that old 2013 5-speed with the v6 that five-speed

and v6 combination is not the best combination out on the market it feels a little bit underpowered when you’re towing around you know a truck that’s nearly

5,000 pounds or so so you shouldn’t expect stellar performance out of that v6 engine everything about the tundra out on the road feels very mainstream very

much like those big three American competitors the tundra feels very large as a

very high hood to it now just like the American competition everything feels very solid and very large when you’re driving it on the road we have about the same

size turning radius as the American competition very similar braking and acceleration distances to the petition we haven’t seen what Chrysler’s new 8-speed

automatic transmission will do for them in the 2013 pickup truck but stay tuned for that very soon because we’ll be getting our hands on it in about a month if off-

roading is more your thing toda tells us that the tundra will be available with Bilstein dampers in an off-road package you’ll also be able to get a TRD package

aftermarket that adds a supercharger to the 5.7 liter v8 buffing horse power up

from just under 400 horsepower to right around 500 horsepower that should make this one of the faster pickup trucks on the market with the 2014 tundra

Toyota has definitely created their first mainstream full-size pickup truck

everything about this new tundra is very mainstream from the towing capacity to the payload capacity the engine and transmission options the interior options the

cab options that are available in this vehicle as well but nothing about that is class

leading or class blowing in any way other than Toth is reliability and dependability reputation this vehicle doesn’t get the best fuel economy it doesn’t have the best towing capacity it doesn’t have the best payload capacity doesn’t have the most

powerful engine options either if however you’re in that bulk of this full-size truck buying segment that really probably doesn’t matter that much because most

people won’t be towing over a 10,000 pound trailer most people are going to be getting the v8 options they’re going to get about 15 miles per gallon anyway I do

buy into that section of totus purchasing argument when it comes to the Toyota Tundra so if you’re the average truck buyer easily more than 50% of this segment

so it only commands about 10% of the segment now so if you’re considering those American pickup trucks then you should definitely put the Tunder on your list

however if you’re looking for the truck with the best fuel economy or the best payload capacity or the best towing capacity or the most powerful engine or the most interior gadgets or other features then you’re going to have to look

somewhere else thanks for taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex

dykes and this has been a 2014 Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck be

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