2014 Triumph Thruxton review

the Triumph Thruxton was born out of the 60s as a homologated Cafe Racer version

of the much-loved to Bonneville the modern-day thruxton aims to recapture

the look and spirit of the original but adds some modern-day refinement to

appeal to both new riders and a more mature crowd ready to relive their youth

just without the need for a kickstart

and a drip tray as soon as you look at the scales you’ll

know the Thruxton is only really a cafe racer in aesthetic albeit a very pretty

aesthetic but just as in the 60s this bike actually borrows its frame and

mechanicals from its next-of-kin the Bonneville which in this case is a

thoroughly modern 865 cc fuel-injected parallel twin that develops 86 brake

horsepower and here it’s been slightly retuned so that peak power comes in a

little bit earlier it also boasts drop bars a chrome chain guard up sweat pipes

2014 Triumph Thruxton review

rear set pegs and these really lovely retro inspired Lucas style grips the

thing is when you’re on the bike the riding position isn’t anywhere near as

aggressive as it looks the drop bars are actually set quite high so there’s very

little pressure on your wrists the flyscreen does a great job at deflecting

wind over you at high speeds and the mirrors work well provided that you’ve

adopted that tucked in riding stance plus despite the single seater setup

this racing car can actually be removed to accommodate a passenger unfortunately

like the Bonneville there are a few details on here that let the overall

finish down such as the clumsily located rectifier and ignition chamber there’s

2014 Triumph Thruxton review Models

no lock on the fuel filler cap and this side stand is really difficult to get a

foot too the Truxton doesn’t bark and bite like a

true cafe roadster instead it’s smooth and refined and that makes a

surprisingly capable all-rounder whether it’s for commuting for polishing or the

fancy roads like this one looking a bit dapper it will do the ton just but you have to

bear in mind that as you build up speed you do begin to notice a lot of

vibration in the bars and although it reassured our adjustable for free load

there’s still very basic items if you fancy the look of a classic cafe racer

but would prefer the mild manners of a modern motorcycle then the Thruxton is a

fine vintage but the best thing about this bike or indeed the entire modern

classics range is the massive aftermarket community standing by you

see by on earth Roxton is just the start it’s making it your own that’s the fun

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