2014 Vauxhall Astra car review

2014 Vauxhall Astra car review a few other knowns of ox all Astra and chances are somebody you do know will up as it’s been a long-standing servant on British roads for more than 30 years

this sixth generation version is part British designs and also British built but whereas previous incarnations weren’t considered to be that desirable this one shaping up to be surprisingly appealing

2014 Vauxhall Astra Review & Ratings

there are a lot of handsome small family hatchbacks on sale these days but the Astra offers a level of sophistication we haven’t really seen from Vauxhall before the company calls

the design language sculptural artistry and while that may sound a little bit fluffy you can see that the car’s proportions and stance enables it to be both poised yet offers still a very practical package voxels

now signature side blade graphic that appears in most of the range is also visible here in the doors the taillights and even these very classy daytime running front LED headlights and it looks good however

if you fancy a bit more presence the three-door Astra GTC is lower wider less Doria and quite a looker owners of any previous generation Astra will consider this cabin to be a massive step up and perceived quality

it feels like a mini insignia in here with loads of storage space an excellent driving position and a steering wheel that’s adjustable for both rake and reach the side play graphic has been designed into these door grabs

which is a nice detail and the cabin also has this red under lighting which gives it a very classy ambience there are a few niggles the buttons in this center console for example may have a tactile quality

but we prefer a cleaner less confusing setup and although there’s loads of soft touch plastics to talk of they don’t really feel as sumptuous as you’d want them to also

lower spec versions get this really poorly located manual hand brake as opposed to an electronic parking brake so every time you use it you wrap your knuckles in the back the seats

have enough leg and Headroom for three passengers and you’ve also got ISOFIX point for fit and child car seats the boot is bigger than a Ford Focus and features a flex floor system that allows you to adjust

the level of the boot floor between here so there’s no load lip for loading larger items to down here for extra storage on the road the Astra isn’t the final word in handling finesse the steering is slow witted and a little bit numb so it isn’t a

Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf for that matter the Astra GTC gets much closer dynamically as it features a completely different chassis setup so look there if you have two more engagement

I said the five-door does offer a really impressive high-speed ride quality with a reassuring stability that makes it an excellent motorway companion in terms of engines there’s a kaleidoscopic range to choose

from the 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol unit that provides a really great balance of performance and economy providing you don’t go to mental on the miles right through to the very popular one point seven liter CDTI diesel now

although they deliver some really impressive running costs the do sound a little bit gruff and they just don’t have the same level of mechanical refinement you get from the equivalents Ford or Volkswagen units sorry Vauxhall

this sixth generation Astra is undoubtedly the best small family hatchback the Vauxhall has ever built it’s quietly impressive in almost all areas the trouble is it doesn’t have the prestige of the Volkswagen Golf or the dynamic

Flair of the Ford Focus that pretty much sums it up really this is a good car and a category full of brilliant runs

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