2014 Volkswagen Passat Child Seat Review

2014 Volkswagen Passat Child Seat Review

50 child seat which means it is time for our weekly child state review and today we have a 2014 Volkswagen Passat this particular model is the 1.8 liter TSI model if

you want to know more about this this review should be up in about a day or so so be sure and check back with this channel on that review if you want to know more about the turbo diesel version of this same Passat you can check out one of our

older videos on the Passat just go ahead and click this button right over there on that side of your screen and be taken over to that video and then we’ll wait for you

back here the Passat has a decent amount of rear seat legroom which translates into a great deal of room for rearward-facing child seats this child seat is oriented so that the ball is in the Green Zone which is the way that they should be oriented

so it’s not all the way back in the seat it is in that Green Zone which is essential and it is touching this front seat back that’s because this front seat back is all the

way back in its tracks that really means that you can put a fairly large passenger in this car and still have a child seat behind that person if I move it over to the driver’s side here where this front seat was adjusted for me and we again aligned

the ball into the Green Zone which is where it is right now you can see that I do have about two inches of clearance between this rearward-facing child seat and the front seat which is ideal the Passat provides latch anchors for both outboard

seating positions and they are hidden right here behind the fabric very easy to get to very easy to latch a child seat anchor on there as well as remove it even though they are relatively close to the surface you really can’t feel them while you’re sitting in the back seat these Grotto classic around 50 child’s seats have a rather

long top tether anchor and that’s the distance between this portion of the buckle and this portion right here that means that in tighter situations like the Passat where as you can see this top tether anchor is relatively close to the seat back

makes it relatively easy to latch them into place but relatively difficult to get a very tight fit on it if I pull this as tight as possible you can see the seat is kind of in the way and the seat is still quite loose so even if I pull on this much tighter it really

won’t get any tighter that is a consideration when you’re taking a look at a vehicle like this make sure that you get a seat that fits your vehicle appropriately obviously the Scirocco classic ride 50 child seat might not be the best fit for the

Passat with a great deal of additional fiddling I was able to get this a little bit tighter Biz you can see it still has a decent amount of motion and according to Groucho and most child seat manufacturers if you tug on the child seat tightly

there should only be about a half inch of movement it’s at this point that I should say that the North American Passat and the European Passat are two completely different vehicles the North American Passat is several inches longer and decently wider than the European Passat that really plays a role when it comes to installing

child seats the last generation of Passat in the United States didn’t really do so well especially in rearward-facing child seats but this version of the Passat is nearly four inches longer than that Passat so we do have a decent amount more

rear legroom which translates into a decent amount more rear-facing child seat room the North American version is also wider than the European version both on the inside and on the outside so we have two child seats installed in the car right

now I do have about three or four inches of room between this child seat and that door over there and I can still fit right here next to this child seat and buckle myself in this also means it’s relatively easy to install three child seats across the

back in the Passat in order to install the center child seat you really ought to remove this center headrest that is a little bit tricky the Passat because you can’t do that with just the little button on the side of the headrest alone you need to insert something like a screwdriver into a little hole on the other side of that

headdress in order to completely remove it this car is a good example of the reminder that you should always follow both the instruction manual for the car as well as the instruction manual for the child seat because well the vehicle manual

doesn’t specifically say anything about removing the center headrest Krakow tells you in their instruction manual that the top tether anchor should not go over the top of a headrest it should go under the headrest or the headrest should be removed and in the Passat the headrest doesn’t really come off terribly easily you

do have to have a screwdriver with you in order to completely remove that headrest you have to insert it in a hole on one side will you press the tab on the other side it does make it a little bit more difficult to remove the headrest and then reinsert it later if you need to remove the child seat so that with someone else can

sit here this brings us to the three across child seat test as you can see these three child seats are not completely strapped down this is just representative of what this would look like if you had three in the car over here on the driver’s side of the vehicle you can see I still have about two to three inches of room between this

child seat and the door and this is critical because the Passat like most vehicles today is equipped with side curtain airbags and those do descend from the ceiling right down there so you do want a little bit of room between the child seat and the door just for added safety at over 15 cubic feet the trunk is very spacious right here

I have a large 24-inch roller bag this is the one you can carry onto a flight that easily fits in there and here I have a 26 inch roller bag this does not carry on to a domestic flight I have that in there as well and I was able to put a combination of about eight or so bags of that nature into the trunk if you arrange them just so and

let’s see how well three child seats fit in here they do fit relatively easily into that opening it is a relatively large opening there we go all three child seats are now in the car and we still have room for this 26 inch roller bag right there and there is almost room for this 24 inch roller bag next to it we might be able to do this by

stacking and let’s see if the lid will close and it will so there we go we can fit a 24-inch roller bag a 26 inch roller bag and three child seats in the trunk of the Passat

thanks taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI if you want to know more about the 1.8 TSI version of the Passat

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