2014 Volkswagen Passat RNS 510 Infotainment Review

2014 Volkswagen Passat we’re taking a look at the RNs 510 navigation and infotainment system now this particular system is standard on the SEL premium

version of the Passat we’re taking a look at here and it uses a six and a half inch color touchscreen interface right here centered in the dashboard above the display you’ll find dedicated track forward-backward button a single slot CD and DVD

player Jack button and then of course this button repeats our navigation instruction let’s take a look at the features one by one first you’ll find am/fm and satellite radio over here on the band button because we’re on the satellite radio

interface we can hit this tune button and we get direct access tuning to various channels so we can just hit channel nine for instance click OK and then we’re over

here on 90s on nine the extras button is where you will find additional features specific to the particular band that you’re on so we have scan serious sync travel link jump alerts display off and tag et cetera serious Travel Link is where you can get additional travel information like whether information fuel prices ski info movie listings etc this is all delivered by Sirius XM satellite radio it does

require a subscription if we click on back we hit the band button again we go over to our FM and now when we click the tune button we have a little slider down here on the bottom this does allow you to drag the slider like this it’s not as responsive as the more modern systems from various competitive manufacturers moving on to the media interface right now we have an iPod connected to the MDI interface this does work very well with the wide variety of USB and Apple devices we have repeat extras again right here is where you can mix can you can see what your hard drive

capacity in the system is right now and the system does have a built-in 30 gigabyte hard drive of which 19 gigabytes is usable to the user for the media library you’ll find that right up here on the HDD you can import media files via either a USB stick or via a secure digital card slot inserted right in this slot right here now the system does not offer voice commands for selecting your tunes on your iDevice or your USB media device but you do have full access to your USB or media device in this system via the display screen and it will let you use this while you’re driving you also can drag the slider although it is again not quite as responsive as some of the other entries Bluetooth media streaming is standard on all models of the Passat we also have that integrated hard drive as

I said if you had a CD or DVD in the drive this option would be lumen same goes for that SD card right there the video option right down here applies only to those DVDs if you insert them in that slot the sound button right over here is where you can change your equalizer your balance and fader we also have volume settings for the various systems in the car like navigation telephone readout volumes we have our speed dependent volume control you can turn that on and off we have our av video output and you can turn that on and off if you want to connect an auxilary screen

to this system and we also have the touch screen tone you can turn that beep on and off right there last option on the left is the phone interface if we click on over there you can see we have memory presets available right here these are basically speed dial buttons we have our direct access dialing keypad right there which I find very handy recent calls extras is where you can turn your mute on turn your hands-free off and conference call we also have access to our phone phone book right here downloaded via bluetooth the one thing you won’t find in this phone interface is any sort of SMS text messaging support that’s just not offered in this particular model if we click on over to the map button on the right-hand side you can see that we do have a fairly typical mapping

interface and we now have traffic information available on this display which is very handy this traffic information is displayed via serious traffic so you do have to have a serious subscription in order for that traffic to appear you can’t change between various views we have a traffic view we have a 2d view we have a 3d view unfortunately the traffic doesn’t display on all of the views we also have weather views provided again by Sirius XM as well as sort of weather front view so you can zoom out and you can see what the weather forecast is like in your particular area navigation

entries in the system are fairly easy we can enter a new destination right here on the screen it is fairly snappy since all the information is stored in the hard drive here we will try and enter a destination so we can see what this is like I have no idea what streets are available in Vancouver so let’s just go ahead and enter one now that address is entered you can see how it effects the various system views so if we click on over to our traffic view you can see that we do have route information right there in the traffic view as well you also will get that route information if you look

at the weather reports you can see right now it’s supposedly suddenly in 73 in San Jose and you can see that we do have route guidance even on that map right there if we click on this button right here we do have a short access button to our presets for the radio so you can change the radio station when you’re in the navigation interface and if you click on over to the extras button you can change and see what the destination view is like that’s the end of your route you can also see other places in the map you can activate Lane Guidance activate the split-screen right here so you can

see the turn-by-turn directions right there on that side of the screen which is kind of handy and we do have direct access to our weather day/night mode display off as well as serious travel link again and that’s the same screen we saw earlier with weather prices fuel prices sports scores movie listings etc now the setup screen that’s where you will find system options and these are basically just system options for the rns 510 system these really aren’t system options for the vehicle most of those vehicle setup options are in the multi information display between the speedometer and

the tachometer and if we click the Guide button down here the system will repeat your route guidance one thing to know about the arness 510 system especially if you had used this system in Prior generations of Volkswagen products is that Volkswagen has actually decreased the number of available voice commands in the system versus a previous generation of the RNs 510 system so the

voice commands in this 2014 model aren’t going to be quite as complete as the 2011 or 2012 models of this essentially the same system and that was done for performance reasons Volkswagen was getting a number of complaints that the performance in the system wasn’t acceptable and so to help fix that they reduced the number of available voice commands in order for the processing to happen a little bit faster overall well I like the system and this would definitely be my choice if you’re going to be buying at the sought I would definitely option up into the RNs 510 system from the other

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