2014 Volkswagen Passat saloon review

2014 Volkswagen Passat saloon review I’ve always felt a little bit sorry for the Volkswagen Passat you see it’s always been the bigger slightly less pretty sister everybody’s favorite VW golf

but just because it’s a car that seems to shy away from the limelight don’t let that put you off you see volt hug has been building these since 1973 and that’s one year earlier then

it started building the Gulf so it should know by now a thing or two about how to build them properly on the outside the Passats are very much in line with the rest of the Volkswagen range with some very precise

 2014 Volkswagen Passat saloon review

lines and very sophisticated details and the very serious face but it can look slightly odd from some angles you see it shares the roof and windows

with the previous watch curve you model and this new very precise VW design language can sit slightly odd but the biggest problem is that it’s all just a little bit boring and it’s not helped by

all this chrome trim which is just absolutely slightly old-fashioned feeling yeah I know that cars in this class don’t after the exciting but every single one of its rivals offers a bit more visual stimulation sorry Volkswagen it feels a bit half-hearted it’s much more convincing inside with a simple layered dashboard and there’s some really neat design details like this analog clock and as you’d expect from a Volkswagen

it’s all really nicely made from very high-quality materials it’s got a great driving position and there’s plenty of space both up here in the front and also in the back but rivals such as the Ford Mondeo do offer t

hat a little bit more room the Passat actually got a decent sized boot well because it’s a saloon you get this very narrow opening meaning

it’s not as practical as its hatchback rivals then again you’ve got a little bit more space there’s always the estate on the road the volkswagen passat pretty much easy to expect is very refined very comfortable and yes just a little bit boring but to be honest that’s really missing

the point Volkswagen gone to great lengths to make this the most refined car in its class and if it isn’t it’s certainly very close there’s no denying that the Passats a great car in which to cruise up and down the motorway

the rides very good the engines are very smooth in fact overall it’s all very rushed and if you opt for this blue motion model it also offers the lowest co2 emissions in its class and that really should appeal to the customer car uses

it’s squarely aimed up the Passats got plenty to recommend it great refinement low running costs and that budge it’s also comfortable practical in decent value but the problem is it doesn’t do anything brilliantly and that means it’s always destined to stay in the shadow of its smaller stablemate

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