2014 Volkswagen RNS 510 Infotainment Review

2014 Volkswagen RNS 510 Infotainment Review

2014 Passat SEL taking a look at the RN s510 infotainment and navigation touchscreen system this is very similar to the smaller system that you’ll find in a decent number of Volkswagen products including the lower end trims of the Passat that features a slightly smaller touchscreen but operates very similarly to this system let’s go over the buttons right here we have track forward and

backward we have an eject button this is a single slot CD and DVD player will play DVD videos you can play those right on this screen right here on the sides we have our direct access buttons for our various inputs we have am/fm and Sirius XM we have our media interface that includes this SD card slot right down here as well as a Bluetooth interface as well as a USB and iPod interface sound button takes you right to your sound preferences fader treble bass etc we have our phone button direct access to your Bluetooth phone interface fairly detailed phone interface we don’t have

messaging support like we do in a number of other systems but we do have a convenient dial pad here which I find very handy over on the extras buttons where you’ll find mute hands-free off as

well as the ability to make conference calls you can store presets if you look right here you can store presets in the system just like you would radio presets just hit them to dial particular phone numbers and we have access to our phones phone book right over there working our way back up the media tab this is where you’ll find that CD player DVD player the SD card slot again which is

right down there below you have the option to rip some music to the internal hard drive in the system and the MDI is where you’ll find the interface for your iDevice or your USB device etc in this system it does work fairly well you have complete access to your USB your iDevice whatever device you have plugged into the system playlist songs artists genres etc but no voice commands for any

of this activation so it doesn’t operate like sink or Chryslers you connect or even gm’s new systems or even to it as new systems for that matter where they allow you to voice command playlists artists albums genres etc we go up to the media tab we have access to our AM and FM interfaces band right here changes between am/fm satellite channels button is where you’ll find your categories you can also change to select particular categories there to see those directly we don’t have direct access to nning in the system but we do have quite a number of presets over here on the

extras tab is where you will find travel link travel link gives you weather info fuel prices ski info movie listings etc this is a recent addition to the RN s510 system this system has been around for some time but serious travel link was added a few years ago I believe in 2012 mapping interface is fairly snappy we can zoom in and out fairly easily in the system as you can see the screen is fairly

high resolution but the mapping is just a little bit more basic that same extras button is where you’ll find Sirius travel link information on this screen as well you can also have a split screen view and you can display whether on the screen we have the option of 2d or 3d mapping in this software as well as again Sirius XM information overlaid on the screen navigation entry can only be done

on the screen there’s no voice command interface in this version of RN s510 as I understand it there was the ability to voice command addresses in earlier versions of this interface but Volkswagen remove that ability in about 2012 entering interact entering addresses in the system is very easy and it can be done well in motion so your passenger can do that or if you’re willing to risk it not that I would advise it you can enter addresses while you’re driving as well over on the setup button is where you have access to your system options and the Guide button repeats your last guidance

thanks for taking the time to watch this video overall I rank this system fairly low in the midsize sedan category and that’s because this segment is very competitive and everyone is putting their

latest technologies into their midsize sedan and right now pretty much everybody else allows complete voice command of the navigation as well as the multimedia interface that’s something that you won’t find in this particular system however there’s nothing objection about the system it does everything very well has a full iPod interface which I really

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