2015-2018 Audi Q3 review

2015-2018 Audi Q3 reviewon the face of it it appears that this Audi q3 has all the right ingredients for success it has a premium badge good quality interior and raised ride height

with excellent forward visibility which is exactly what family buyers are looking for and it’s a small SUV which is one of the largest markets around

travel he is the size of that market means competition is tough just three of the rivals are BMW x1 Volkswagen Tiguan and Range Rover Evoque so can the Audi

q3 still cuss it or has it lost its day to find out we’ll start by taking it on the UK roads for a small car there’s actually a big choice of engines

2015-2018 Audi Q3 review

available from a small 1.4 liter petrol up to a 2 litre and 2.5 litre petrol plus a pair of 2-liter diesels it’s the lower powered diesel option that we’ve

got fitted at this car and if you do any motorway miles is the one that we ultimately recommend because it’s smooth has enough power delivery to cope with a

fully loaded car and is relatively economical even on its standard suspension the q3 offers a comfortable ride at all speeds in fact this is the setup to go for

because the one fitted to the pricier s-line models is less forgiving as you might expect raising the ride height of any card doesn’t do any favours to its handling

that said compared with its SUV rivals the q3 does pretty well it has plenty of grip through the corners and keeps its body well controlled the petrol engines are

quieter than the diesels and aside from some small vibrations sent back into the interior overall refinement is good g for the 6-speed manual gearbox and

you’ll enjoy some precise well weighted changes while the S tronic automatic we’ve got here is largely quick and smooth like the best our DS the q3 has

the kind of interior that oozes quality everything you touch feels solid and there are plenty of soft touch materials you won’t have any trouble getting comfy

either because there’s plenty of adjustment in this seat and the steering wheel can be moved for reach and break which is great and even the entry-level

versions have got adjustable lumbar support and you can even alter the height of the armrest although if you’re only five foot four and a half it’s not

really that much good every version of the key three gets this retractable 6.5 inch color screen you get da B radio and Bluetooth a standard sat-nav is an

optional extra what you can’t get though is apple carplay smartphone mirroring and Audi’s virtual cockpit instrument display so let’s see how easy it is to

set a destination in that optional sat-nav and pair my mobile phone okay let’s start by setting destination in the son of if we go to

address scroll up here let’s go somewhere and in Portsmouth okay so we’ve got Portsmouth okay let’s add a street let’s go to High Street my street

house number 100 if I exists yes it does excellent start reached guidance what is being calculated well that was quite easy to

use next up let’s my mobile phone ok search for new mobile make sure m bluetooth is on Bluetooth quite a few cars there I might have to have a bit of

a clear-out find Bluetooth devices ok waiting waiting waiting waiting ah Rebecca’s iPhone on that hands-free yes the connection is being established

please wait Pere hands-free yes yes that code matches your connection is being established excellent we are connected even if you’re tall you’ll have plenty of space

in the front of the q3 and these door bins are large enough for a big bottle of water plus you’ve got two cupholders here some more storage here for everyday

bits and bobs move back here and it’s not quite so spacious there’s not much more room than you’d get in the back of a family hatchback in fact a BMW x1 does

have more space although there’s decent sized door bins that’s where I’ve put my umbrella and you can reasonably comfortably sit two adults back here but

three will be a bit of a squeeze the q3 s boot is smaller than that of the Mercedes GLA however in reality it’s the Audi’s boot that’s easier to live with

because it has a wider opening and although this boot floor is not adjustable there is a little bit of storage space underneath and if you’d

like to turn your outie q3 into a van all you do is press this button here and Q camera trickery the audi q3 is a premium car so it don’t look expensive

when compared with the set attacker or Nissan Qashqai that said up against a Mercedes GLA or BMW x1 is priced competitively and with strong residuals

PCP finance deals are rather tempting which team are recommended 2 litre diesel engine with SE specification this may be the entry level trim but it still

gets you everything you’re likely to want including 17-inch alloy wheels dual zone climate control and rear parking sensors and when it comes to safety the

Audi q3 received a full 5 star rating when it was tested back in 2011 the Audi q3 is good to drive compact and inexpensive to run so if you’re looking

for a comfortable small SUV with a premium badge it definitely deserves to be on your short list and if you are thinking of buying one hectare watcard calm and go to a new car deals section where we can save you some money

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