2015 Acura MDX Rear Seat Entertainment System

in addition to the sunroof being standard in all MDX models the two upper-level terms of the MDX also have a standard rear seat entertainment system so if you want to get features like the radar cruise control with the collision mitigating braking system that’s not available separately from this rear seat entertainment system now the up level model does have this extraordinarily wide

screen back here and if you get the slightly lower end model than you do get a slightly smaller screen back here and you also get one less speaker so this particular vehicle has the 12 speaker package because we have two surround speakers integrated in this rear seat entertainment unit now if you are looking for a vehicle with the rear seat entertainment package and this is a decent

value because it comes standard in the upper-level trims of the MDX do you think it’s a nice addition if you do have kids however if you don’t have kids or you’re just not interested in the rear seat entertainment package then it may bum you out a little bit that you can’t get the MDX in the upper level trims without it let’s take a closer look at this rear seat entertainment system now up here we have the IR transmitters for the included infrared headphones I have one right here in my hand these are not visible to the eye but they are visible to the cameras that’s why it looks purple up

here so don’t worry you won’t actually see that in reality we have a detachable remote that comes down from the ceiling right like that you can use that to turn on and off the system as I just accidentally did right there and because we’re in the upper level trim if we look over here on either side you will see the auxilary speakers right back here as part of this upper level package that one

right over there on the right as well now let’s focus in on this large screen over here as I said before they’re two different rear seat entertainment systems there’s this really wide screen variety that we’re taking a look at here and then one trimmed down in the MDX we get a slightly narrower screen version the key behind this particular system is that it does do a dual input so we can hit this dual button right over here on the remote sensor is actually back here so that you have to hold it a little bit closer we can actually have the dual button and then we can choose a different source for

the right side so for instance rear auxilary HDMI input right there as you can see now we have two sources displayed on this screen right here you can change the source with a source button remote is backlit as well you can also control the audio functions in the head unit up front tune forward backward channel folder etc category whatnot the menu system back here is very similar to

what you find up front in the infotainment system that’s right there in the dashboard it’s arranged so you can you this scroll wheel right here to rotate around that system and then you click to enter so we can choose play method etc stop return what not you can also choose the source right there so you can choose a source for the left screen and then we can go down to hard disk USB and put etcetera so you can actually listen to your tunes with that right now there’s nothing connected to the USB can also choose am/fm etc and it can control that completely from this remote as

well if we go back to a single screen will tell it to use the USB input at first and then we’ll change the source here back to the DVD and then once we’re on the DVD here playing you can see that we

can actually choose aspect ratio and you can stretch it out if you do want to stretch it completely out to see a full screen but as you can see this particular show was recorded in a standard aspect ratio so everybody looks really wide and very strange in my mind you do have a few different varieties to choose from we can choose a super full we can choose full or you can choose the normal aspect ratio which is really quite narrow

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