2015 Acura TLX Child Seat Review

2015 Acura TLX Child Seat Review

child seat review we’re taking a look at the 2015 Acura TLX now as you might assume when replacing two models with one model the TLX slots sort of in between the TLX and the Acura TL in terms of overall size as a result this TLX is about 4 inches shorter than the Acura TL which it replaces now this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat and we’re gonna see how well one two and three

of them fit inside the TLX how will they fit in the trunk and how well adults and child seats work together on the inside the gronckle classic ride 50 seat is a convertible child seat which means it can be used for both forward-facing or rearward facing installation for children between 4 and 50 pounds now as usual the first order of business is to hop here in the front passenger seat and then adjust this passenger seat so that way I only have about an inch or so between my knees and the dashboard that’s to maximize the space in the rear for a rearward facing child seat now the TLX

offers a decent amount of headroom even in our sunroof equipped model that allows me to tilt the seat forward a little bit to a position that’s relatively upright but still comfortable for me as you

can see we have just about enough child seat room right back here for this rearward facing child seat this is installed so that way the little ball is in the green section of that slider that’s how you should install your convertible child seat when it’s in the rearward facing position always be sure and consult the manual for both the vehicle and the child seat when installing them in a car and if

you’re unsure of the installation be sure to consult a certified child seat inspector or installer and the important thing to remember when installing any rearward-facing child seat is that you should always make sure there is an adequate amount of room between the front seat and the rearward facing child seat in the event of an accident especially in a vehicle with whiplash preventing seats or

whiplash preventing headrests in the event of a rear-end style accident this front seat can move a decent mount rearward and you don’t want it impacting the child seat if you’re looking at upgrading from your average midsize sedan to something like the TLX you should know that there’s a little bit less room back here for a rear-facing child seat then something like a Honda Accord

which has a lot of room in the back now if you’re debating about upgrading from your average midsize sedan something along the lines of a Camry or an Accord to an Acura TLX you should know there is a little bit less room in the back for a rearward facing child seat then you’ll find in that average midsize sedan that just has to do with the overall dimensions of the TLX a perfect example

that is dragging this child seat over here to the driver’s side sitting behind this front seat adjusted for my ideal driving position I really can’t put this child seat back here in a safe position I would need to move this front seat about three inches further forward when it comes to the two LaCrosse child seat tests the TLX score is better than your average compact European luxury sedan and

that’s because the TLX is a decent amount larger than a 3-series a c-class a Volvo s60 or Cadillac ATS in fact this is actually more similar in terms of size to mercedes-benz e-class or a Volvo s80 or

a Lincoln MKZ this is also about the same size outside as a Lexus ES or a Buick Regal so shouldn’t be any surprise that we have a much wider bench seat across the back than those smaller options in addition I have a great deal of headroom back here thanks to the overall profile of the TLX so if I sit upright right in the center of my seat back here my hair is barely brushing the ceiling I would actually have to tilt my head to one side to sit upright in the back of a Lincoln MKZ a Volvo s60 or mercedes-benz CLA 250 thanks to the width of the rear bench seat the center child seat is actually

able to sit right here in the center of the rear bench seat that may sound a little peculiar a lot of vehicles its skewed to one side or the other that means that it is possible to remove the center child seat fold down that 40 portion of the 60/40 rear bench seat and then put this child seat back into place and latch it into place speaking of latches the TLX like most vehicles sold in the US has two

sets of latch anchors for the outboard seating positions only although we do have top two their anchors for all three seating positions and these gronckle classic right 50 child seats use very bulky top to their anchor so the distance from the end of the top tether to the end of this buckle arrangement is fairly long and the dust present the challenge for some vehicles like this TLX because it’s so long but when we actually latch it into place right back there there’s not really enough room to actually pull on that belt to give it a good nice tight fitting now that’s important because a properly

installed child seat should move no more than half an inch if you give it a firm tug thanks to all that room back here I had no problem fitting three child seats in the back of the TLX this is not something that you can do very easily in some of those compact European sedans you definitely couldn’t do this at all in the mercedes-benz CLA it’s important to keep in mind that some of those

mass-market mid-size sedans are going to be a little bit wider across the rear bench seat than this vehicle so a Passat a Camry in a quartet cetera they’ll all be a little bit wider across the back so if you do have larger child seats than this you may need to find something a little bit bigger to accommodate three of them in terms of overall dimensions the gronckle classic red 50 seat is a very

average-sized child see that’s why I choose it for this particular test it is important to keep in mind that you do want adequate room between the door and the child’s seat we do have about two

inches right over here because you need room for the side curtain airbag to deploy in the event of a side impact when it comes to cargo carrying capacity the TLX is more similar to the Lexus ES and the Lincoln MKZ then your average European entry in this segment this has an awful lot more room in the back than their cities Benz C Class the CLA the Volvo s60 or the BMW 3-series we

have a very large trunk right back here I have a 26 inch and a 24 inch roller bag even this 26 inch roller bag can fit in this horizontal position you shove it in there a little bit the only real limitation to cargo is the overall size of the opening in the trunk if I pull out these bags right here let’s see how well the child seats fit one nice thing about the TLX

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