2015 BMW X4 Child Seat Review

child seat review segment we’re taking a look at the 2015 BMW x4 which is sort of the sexy styling exercise on the bmw x3 this is a great go classic ride 50 child seat it’s a convertible seat suitable for forward or rearward facing installation and children between 4 and 50 pounds the important thing to know about the x4 versus the x3 is that we’re trading an awful lot of practicality for the

sexy good looks on the side profile it doesn’t affect child seat installation too much in the back but it definitely affects cargo area right back there the first step in our child seat review segment is of course to move this front seat forward until I have only about an inch of room between my legs and the dashboard that’s going to maximize the room I have especially for a rear-facing child seat I’m also gonna put the front seat in as upright of a position as possible this is still very comfortable in the x4 because these seats are very comfortable and I still have a decent amount of headroom

even though the sunroof is standard on all models now one thing you should know in terms of thigh support is that these seats are a little bit closer to the ground than you’ll find in the x3 even though Headroom is relatively similar up front with the front seat in that position I was barely able to install this rearward-facing child seat in this position keep in mind if you have a larger child

seat you may have more clearance issues right here with the front seat now this is not buckled into the car and if it was it would be pushed a little bit further rearward you do want about an inch to two inches of clearance between the front seat and a child seat because it can move rearward in the event of an accident the x3 has really grown in terms of width since it was first launched and

that really translates to an awful lot of width in this x4 as well it means that this outboard child seat is really sitting right here in the center of this outboard sitting position I know that sounds a little bit odd but a lot of compact vehicles it’s actually shifted towards the center it means that we can still access the center armrest we can still fold down this 20 section of this 40/20/40 folding seat back now that’s kind of important because I found it a lot easier to install top 2 their anchors by just lowering this 20 portion reaching my hand around and then latching it onto the back of the seat back things start getting a little bit tight when we add a second child seat to the center of the vehicle it is slightly offset to my side however this is definitely wider than the x3 has been in

the past installing the top tether anchor for the center seating position is a little bit trickier than in the x3 because you do have to crawl into that more compact cargo area then latch it from the back the cargo area is quite deep but it’s not terribly tall in the x4 when it comes to my three across child seat test I was barely able to fit three child seats in the back if this situation describes you

you will want to find narrow receipts for the X for the width on the lower portion of the seat is the critical dimension because that is impacting the armrests on the side of the vehicle when it comes to anchors we have latch anchors to the outboard sitting positions only as you normally find in most vehicles in America but we do have top tether anchors for all three seating positions those latch anchors are a little bit unusually placed in the Spiegel they’re a little bit higher on the seat back than I found in some other vehicles so depending on your child seat they may make installation a

little bit trickier the biggest difference between the X 3 and the X 4 is cargo capacity we get about 1/3 less capacity right back here in the cargo area than you do in the x3 it’s all down to the shape of this cargo area the x3 of course has a regular old hatchback it’s a little bit more of a lift back we take a look inside that means that we can’t put 26 inch roller bags in this position in the cargo

area but you can’t put a whole lot right here behind it cargo area is fairly accommodating however in general now if you want to know more about the cargo area you should check out the complete review on my channel of the 2015 BMW x4 when it comes to child seats the important thing about the x4 to remember is that this is shaped like a very large trunk which means that it actually it’s

fairly easy to put child seats in the vehicle right like that they actually will fit right here with the cargo area closed you can’t fit some additional luggage around them but we don’t get a whole lot of additional height above them like you’d find in a traditional SUV I now have three child seats in the back and to put this in general terms 17.7 cubic feet of cargo space is about the same as you’ll find in a large luxury sedan so it means we can fit those three child seats in there we can fit this 26 inch roller bag but I have this feeling that this 24-inch roller bag will not fit in here with the cargo

hatch closed and yep sure enough it won’t so about three child seats and one 26 inch roller bag and some additional hand luggage is all you can fit in the back now that’s very different than you’ll find in the bmw x3 because we could fit a great deal more bags in the back still the BMW x4

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  1. So this is the difference my mechanic was continuously trying to explain to me and why the X4’s seats wouldn’t fit into my X3’s. You cleared it descriptively, which is really great. Thank you for.

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