2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i M-Sport Preview

2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i M-Sport Preview

the 2015 x4 is a squished bmw x3 but it’s also a little bit more than that this is basically a styling exercise on BMWs compact luxury crossover things look very similar up front because we get the same hood and the same headlamps as the BMW x3 we also get the same two liter and three liter turbocharged engines under the hood the interior is almost exactly the same as the x3 we get the

same dashboard the same steering wheel etc we do get a little bit less headroom and these seats are a little bit closer to the floor in the x3 doesn’t make too much of a difference up front but in the back we lose not only one inch of headroom but the rear seat cushions are also almost two inches closer to the floor the x4 is almost exactly the same length as the x3 it also weighs only twenty

pounds less so the handling is very very similar it is slightly better in the x4 than the x3 because we have a slightly lower center of gravity but the difference is very small the biggest difference you will notice is right back here in the cargo area because we get about one-third less cargo room in the back still have no problem fitting roller bags in the back but you definitely will notice the loss of

cargo capacity if you’re trying to put larger items in the back if you’re just looking at base models the x4 base model is a decent amount more expensive than the x3 it’s right about 4,500 dollars or so but we do get standard features in this vehicle that you don’t get in the x3 like standard all-wheel drive standard HID headlamps and a standard sunroof I of course go into excruciating detail in the full review coming up in about two weeks or so but versus the Porsche Macan this is a decent value it’s about two thousand dollars less than something similarly equipped from Porsche this is a decent amount more expensive however than the volvo v60 cross

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