2015 Chrysler 200 Child Seat Review

2015 Chrysler 200 Child Seat Review

Chrysler 200 sedan this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat which of course means this is the child revue segment now let’s be perfectly honest the last generation Chrysler 200 wasn’t a terribly good car the best thing that it had going for it was a gem of a v6 engine under the hood and the fact that it was very inexpensive for all that power but this Chrysler 200 is a completely different

animal Chrysler has gone back to the drawing board and they’ve completely redesigned it and this is now one of the larger midsize sedan entries in this segment this of course competes with the likes of the Honda Accord the Ford Fusion the Toyota Camry as well as the Hyundai Sonata now before we dive on inside one important thing to note is that although this is one of the longer

entries in this segment it’s not one of the wider entries in the segment and that will have some impact on child seats so let’s hop in the front seat first and see how that legroom divvies up all right the first thing to do is to move this front passenger seat forward until my knees are about an inch and a half two inches away from the dash border so I am 6 feet tall so use that as a reference point

in this video I can do that relatively comfortably and I do have a decent amount of headroom right up front this is towards the upper end in terms of headroom for front passengers as you can see thanks to the generous length of the 200 I was easily able to put a rearward-facing child seat right behind myself in the passenger seat now this isn’t strapped in so if it was strapped in properly

would move even further rearward as you can see right there but even in this position I have an acceptable amount of room between the front seat and this rearward facing child seat this weird facing child seat is install so that way the little ball is in the Green Zone in the seat the video does tend to make it look a little bit more upright than it really is so keep that in mind moving over to

the other side of the vehicle I did notice that the driver’s seat for me in a comfortable seating position is moved a little bit further rearward than the front passenger seat for me in a comfortable seating position that means that in this situation I don’t have an acceptable amount of room for this child seat behind me however I could easily move the starboard seat up about an inch or so a

little bit less comfortable in a driving position but I could definitely fit a child seat behind me let’s hop in the back with two forward-facing child seats the first thing that I noticed right back here is that Headroom is limited now this is something that I’ve also noticed in the Ford Fusion and some of the other swoopy er entries in this segment this low profile in the back definitely makes the

car look very good from the rear three-quarter shot but doesn’t do a whole lot for rear passenger room because I do have to crane my head to one side in order to fit upright in this receipt I could slouch but that’s not gonna be terribly comfortable the 200 is a little bit narrower at the back then most of the other entries in this midsize sedan segment that means that this rear bench seat is

also a little bit narrower than entries like the Accord or the camry giving less room back here in terms of width for both adults and child seats alike like the fusion and a few other mid-size stands that i’ve noted recently this top two there anchor is somewhat close to the child seat that means that if you have a child seat like these grok Oh classic ride 50 models that I’m testing right here the

top tether anchor is strangely large this buckle arrangement right here it’s strangely long and that means that’s difficult to get this tightened appropriately you should have no more than half an inch of play in a child seat if it’s properly installed in the vehicle and as you can see from this angle that’s just not possible without really ratcheting this down very closely to the child seat it’s gonna be bigger pain in this vehicle than in some of the other ones out there I wouldn’t necessarily call that a problem with the crest of 200 it’s more of a problem with this krakow classic ride 50 because

it does have this very large buckle it’s about 5 inches long or so between the attachment point and the point where you can actually tug on it to tighten it because of the relative width of the 200 you won’t find nearly as much room across the back for this three across child seat test that I’m taking a look at right here it’s most notable in the hip room measurements of the crest 200 and that affects right down here towards the bottom of the child seat in this area right down here it means that in a side-impact accidents going to be a little bit less safe than some of the other entries in

this segment because there’s not quite as much room between the child seat and between the door there is however enough room right up here towards the top in the shoulder room area for the side curtain airbags to deploy properly between the doors and the child seats if you do need to put three child seats in the back of your Chrysler 200 you may want to consider it narrower child seats in these gronckle classic ride 50 models from this angle you can see where the link than the 200 is going a lot of it is going right here to the trunk this actually has one of the largest trunks

available in this category at 16 cubic feet this is about a full cubic foot larger than something like a Camry or an accord right here I have a 24-inch roller bag and have a 26 inch roller bag they fit right back here very easily but unlike something along the lines of a Nissan Altima you cannot insert them in this fashion and then close the trunk lid it’s very close but it just won’t close now that means that when it comes to inserting large roller bags like this I was able to fit a few more inside the trunk of the Nissan Altima however when it comes to most other cargo items it will be easier in the 200 under the cargo load floor we do find a compact spare tire instead of a can of fix-a-flat like you’re finding in a few other vehicles let’s see how well those child seats fit now as you can see

I was very easily able to fit three child seats in the back of the 200 thanks to the overall dimensions of the trunk it is relatively high meaning you can’t fit the child seats in this fashion right here in the trunk that leaves you a lot more room for roller bags in addition to these child seats so I suspect if I can easily put both the 24 and the 26 inch roller bag right back into the cargo area all right like that and still close the trunk lid one thing to note is the trunk lid doesn’t have an assist handle on the inside or on the outside to help you close the lid so you are left to paw at the paint right

there it is hitting a child seat just barely but the trunk lid does close now in addition to these bags there is still plenty of room right in here for some additional hand luggage and other soft things throughout on either side and there’s actually yet more room right behind some of these child seats because of their general shape in the trunk this is a very accommodating and very large cargo

area for this category thanks taking the time to check out this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the all-new Chrysler 200 if you want to know more about the 200 you’ll find the full review

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