2015 Chrysler 300 DETAILED Review

2015 Chrysler 300 the model to my left right here this red one is the Chrysler 300s it’s the sporty-er version and the version right over here is the top-of-the-line 300 C platinum these two vehicles represent different ends of the Chrysler 300 spectrum the 300 runs from the sporty to the luxury in this segment they also have the 300 limited which is the base model v6 engine rear-wheel drive very unique entry in this segment in my opinion it’s actually more of a premium vehicle than a full-sized vehicle although Chrysler disagrees with me Chrysler views the competition for the 300 as

a step up or a step across from something along the lines of a hood Avalon a Ford Taurus etc they don’t particularly view this as competition in the luxury or premium market however I think that that’s a little bit wrong I think that the Chrysler 300c especially in this platinum trim that you’re looking over there in the white does extraordinarily well for itself against entries like the Lincoln MKS the Cadillac XTS Volvo s80 and the Acura RLX especially the front of the 300 has received a refresh for 2015 making it a little bit more aggressive and tying it in a little bit better with the rest

of the Chrysler family we have these bright headlamp modules right here age IDs are optional they also turn in the corners if you get the S model they’re blacked out a little bit very well integrated

front parking sensors and optional LED fog lamps that you’ll find on most trims in addition to the blacked out lamps the 300s receives a few other subtle tweaks to the front we have this grill that’s sort of a version of the Chrysler winged logo repeated across the front end and the Mobius strip at the bottom gets a dark treatment instead of the chrome treatment many people know that the

Chrysler 300 was originally based on the mercedes-benz e-class but a lot of people don’t realize that the 300 is considerably larger than that Mercedes at 198 inches long this is a very very long sedan it also has a 120 inch wheelbase this is 8 inches longer than something like a Toyota Camry and 3 inches longer that’s something like a Toyota Avalon because the 300 is a rear-wheel drive vehicle or an all wheel drive vehicle you’ll notice that this front wheel is positioned very close to the front of the vehicle that gives it a very attractive overhang up front and it also means that we

have a much longer wheelbase to give you a better ride than you’d find in many of those front-wheel drive competitors that long wheelbase really improves interior room we get especially more rear passenger room right back here in the back see then you find in the vast majority of the direct competitors to the 300 when you take a look at that ruler down there at the bottom of your

screen you’ll notice this is about the same length as a BMW 7-series that would be the short wheelbase 7 series it’s about 6 inches shorter than a Lincoln MKS the rear of the 300 has also received a refresh for the 2015 model year we have these new tail lamps right here they have a circular theme LED lamps right in the middle we still have this definite bump right up here on top of the tail

light module it’s a very attractive look and it continues all the way across to the front of the vehicle right down the headlamps all 300 models get these trapezoidal exhaust tips and if you offer the optional rear parking sensors they’re very well integrated into the rear bumper most of the 300 models have the spoiler right here integrated into the trunk lid but if you get the 300s we get

something a little bit different the 300s gets this larger spoiler that’s grafted right on top of the trunk for 2015 all 300 models start with a v6 engine same 3.6 liter v6 engine in all four different trim levels but if you get the S model you get a little bit more power the base model gets 292 horsepower and 260 pound feet of torque yes model gets 300 horsepower and 260 4 pound-feet of torque in

the S C and C platinum models you can opt for the 5.7 liter Hemi v8 engine that bumps power up to 363 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque both engines are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission sending power to the rear wheels you can opt for a $2,500 optional all-wheel-drive system on that 3.6 liter v6 engine that all go drive system features a front axle disconnect feature

for maximum fuel economy and an active center differential with a variable torque split that is controlled by the cars computer you’ll notice two things missing for 2015 we no longer have an all-wheel drive system attached to the v8 engines if you do want oki’ll Drive you have to go with the v6 only there’s also no SRT model in the United States for the Chrysler 300 certain world markets

may maintain the current 300 SRT version because there will not be a charger sold in those markets but in the US market if you want all that power you’re gonna have to move over to the Dodge

brand for the charger srt or the charger hellcat fuel economy comes in at 19 miles per gallon city 31 highway for the v6 model in rear-wheel drive format drops to 18 27 if you opt for the all-wheel drive system the v8 comes in a little bit lower at 16 miles per gallon city 25 highway but it still has a cylinder deactivation system to help get you the best highway fuel economy possible with a v8

engine front seat comfort comes in at nine out of ten points these are very comfortable front seats and all the power ways are standard on the Chrysler 300 so even the limited gets this four-way adjustable lumbar support our particular model also has the memory linked tilt telescopic steering column and all the steering columns have a very large range of motion so it’s very easy to find a

comfortable driving position our particular model also has the power adjustable pedals rear seat comfort comes in at ten out of ten points even though we have a little bit less Headroom back here than in some of the competition we have an awful lot more legroom an awful lot more width and more comfortable seats that’s despite the fact that this is a rear-wheel drive vehicle and in general

rear-wheel drive vehicles are not as efficient on their interior volume for their exterior sighs now one downside is that we do have this definitely large hump right here in the middle this is larger of a hump than you’ll find in those front-wheel drive vehicles that does make this middle seat a little bit less comfortable however these outboard seats are very very comfortable our particular model

has the optional heated rear seats those have dedicated USB chargers back here and this front seat was adjusted for a six foot five pasture I have about four inches of legroom that legroom has improved for 2015 thanks to slightly thinner but not less comfortable front seat backs the rear seats do fold almost completely flat with the cargo area they do hang up a little bit right there and this

Center passenger seat belt comes out of the parcel tray not out of the seat backs that does interfere a little bit of cargo carrying capacity but it is very handy in the large sedan like this if we pull

down the center armrest we have two fixed cupholders padded center armrest and a storage cubby right there inside outboard rear seats get these fixed headrests one thing to know is if you do put

top tether anchors in your child seats they will dig in on these headrests just a little bit moving across the rear well the first generation Chrysler 300 was well known for its use of very hard plastics

it’s a very different story inside this Chrysler 300 you can see we have this honeycomb quilted leather right there on the doors this also includes the rear doors and in the upper portion of the doors

on our upend trim right here is leather and you’ll find this in the Platinum version so that is sort of a navy blue leather right there and this is also real wood trim running right across the rear door the panoramic sunroof is optional in the Chrysler 300 and it comes right there above the rear passengers heads we move right on up to the front of the car you’ll notice we have height adjustable seat belts with a driver and the front passenger and these very large two-way adjustable headrests the premium leather in the Platinum model is also perforated because we get cooled seats you can

see that that stitching and quilting pattern continues right there and then translates into vertical lines right there on the bottom of the seat the premium theme continues up to the front doors the

armrests of the quilted portion in the ivory right there as well as the upper portion that’s all leather the only hard plastics you’ll find are down here along the bottom along the window switch area and along the bottle holder over on the passenger side we have large air vents and we have a very large glovebox as you’d expect in a large sedan like this taking a look at the center console you’ll

notice we have this infotainment cluster that is up front and center it’s very prominent in the dashboard we have an analog clock there then we have very few buttons as we work our way down the center console taking a closer look at the center console you’ll notice the stitch leather going on right up here to air vents on either side of this standard 8.4 inch touch screen this really separates it from the other more mass-market entries in this segment where you don’t get touchscreen navigation or infotainment systems standard navigation is not standard on the 300 on the base trim but

a lot of the trims do have it and you can add it at any time after you’ve purchased the vehicle which is also somewhat unique continuing down we have the standard dual zone climate control you’ll also find buttons for the various safety systems as well as the radio system right here in the cars volume knob tune knob right over there also serves as the mute button sport button back button

Park sensor disable traction total disable collision warning disable and lane departure warning system disable button again these depend on whether or not you have the options in the vehicle but this dual zone climate control is standard as part of the button reduction regime you’ll notice that if we click over here to climb it right inside you connect this is where you’ll find all the various

features that you may be looking for like where does the air come out of the vents what’s my fan speed set to how do i turn on my heated or cooled seats heated steering wheel rear sunshade mirror dimmer etc if you want to know more about this infotainment system go ahead and click that link at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken on over to my latest review of the same you connect infotainment system one thing to note is that for 2015 we have a few more apps integrated with the system to find those right over here with you connect apps we also have the ability to remote

start the car from anywhere using a smart phone integrated app below the climate controls we have a storage cubby with a 12 power outlet you can put a smartphone in there if you need to behind

that we have two very large cupholders they’re heated and cooled in our particular model the center armrest and 300 is softly Pat it’s also leather coated in all models if we open that up you will

find a moderately sized to center console because this is a rear-wheel drive vehicle you’ll find a little bit more room instead of those front-wheel drive competitors this is we’re able to find the 12-

volt power outlet as well as the auxilary input USB input and SD card slot for that you connect system one big change for 2015 is this all-new instrument cluster it’s themed after the one in the

Chrysler 200 we have this tech on right over here on the Left speedometer right over here on the right very thankfully unlike the crisis of 200 we don’t have the labels that say tech ometer and speedometer right down there below the display very much like that smaller sedan we also have this 7-inch multi-information display right between the gauges multi-information display is

controlled via this five way joystick button arrangement on the left side of the steering wheel up down side to side and okay taking a closer look at the multifunction display we do have trip computer information right there Sirius XM satellite radio information you also get media player information if you have been connected vehicle messages if there were any we also have a digital speedometer readout vehicle info that gives you tire pressure coolant temperature some additional gauges basically transmission temperature oil temperature oil pressure etc I also have an oil life

gauge and a battery voltage gauge we can also move on down very similarly to the driver assist systems see which ones are active and what they’re doing on the vehicle we get our fuel economy

average right there instant fuel economy display as well as well as vehicle range and we can move on down to our trip info we had a trip computer a and trip computer B move on down we’re again at the audio screen all 300 models use the same basic steering wheel but there are variations in each model we get a standard leather wrap steering wheel we’re in the top and platinum also we

have this two-tone steering wheel with this silver strip that runs the circumference of the wheel right there if you’re in the regular 300 C model then you get a partial wood steering wheel we have sport grips high up there on the steering wheel it’s all soft leather this is that same five button module I showed you earlier dedicated phone hang up pick up buttons voice command buttons and then over here we have our cruise control buttons radar cruise control buttons right down here on the bottom shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel up on the right down on the left you’ll

also find the radio button for track up/down and volume up/down on the back of the steering wheel over to the drivers left we have more open pour wood trim window switches right over there seat memory buttons on the door and your headlamp controls right there on the dash when it comes to cargo capacity the 300 may surprise you because in general rear-wheel drive sedans are a

little bit less efficient when it comes to interior packaging and cargo volume than front-wheel drive stands but the 300 actually beats almost every other entry in the segment with more than 15 cubic feet of trunk space for reference that is a little bit more cargo space and you’ll get in a BMW 7-series if we lift up this cargo load floor you’ll find the vehicle’s battery and a temporary spare

tire right under there thanks to a generously sized truck that standard spare tire grocery bag holders right over here and a standard handle to help close the rear trunk lid we score 10 out of 10 points in my exclusive trunk comfort index tires have a big impact on ride and handling our particular C model has the 225 60 r18 tires 60 year for us to the amount of rubber going on right up

here they do get a considerably lower profile in the optional wheels on the s and the C platinum in addition to that you should know that this is a 4,000 pound vehicle and the base model has somewhat narrower tires and of course the top-end levels have really wide tires so it really does cause a big difference between the ride and handling depending on what option you get in the

vehicle in general the wider the tires and the narrower the rubber the better the handling we’re out here in traffic in Austin Texas taking a look at the v6 version of the Chrysler 300 the 300 is a very easy car to drive in a very easy car to live with behind the wheel whether it’s v6 or v8 or all-wheel drive 300 feels very confident very connected to the road even though we now have electric

power steering in this 2015 model the power steering effort isn’t very adjustable right here from the UConnect system however I didn’t really notice that big of a difference between the three different levels it’s not quite as noticeable as the Hyundai and Kia models that allow you to vary that power steering with the button on their steering wheel out on these rough roads in Austin Texas the difference between the various versions of the wheels and tires is a bit more obvious if you get the S model or the platinum model with the top and wheel packages we have a lot less

cushion between you and the road and it’s definitely more noticeable however they do feel a little bit better in the corners likewise with these 225 with 60 series tires we have a more polished ride but we do lose a decent amount of grip acceleration is excellent in the 300 thanks to this 8-speed automatic transmission this is essentially the same 8-speed automatic that you find under the

hood of outtie and BMW Bentley and rolls-royce models etc this is a very very competent and very quick shifting 8-speed automatic for 2015 Chrysler altered the programming a little bit to make the shifts half the time that they were in the 2014 model and that is noticeable when you shift the transmission into S mode the shifts are definitely much faster they’re also a little bit harsher don’t

feel quite as refined but that’s really a trade-off that you get for those faster shifts according to Chrysler that means a reduction of about two tenths of a second in 0 to 60 time of course the v8 model is really the king in this category when it comes to acceleration especially for talking about comparing this to the Ford Taurus or the Chevy Impala because those vehicles don’t have nearly

as much power under the hood compared with those front wheel drive competitors may seem a little bit unfair because they have six-speed automatic transmissions and this has an 8-speed automatic transmission that gives us not only a taller final gear for better highway fuel economy but also a lower first gear for better low-end acceleration acceleration however compares very well with the Hyundai Genesis as well as some of those turbocharged vehicles from the German competition that you may be thinking about comparing your Chrysler 300 with thanks to the rear wheel

drive drivetrain this is much more fun to drive than something like a Toyota Avalon or a Kia cadenza or Hyundai Azera this has an entirely different kind of dynamic out on the road you don’t get any torque steer get an awful lot better feel out on the road in terms of steering feel as well as just in general driving dynamics surprisingly enough we don’t see the active noise cancellation in the

Chrysler 300 that we recently got in the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee in top level trims so cabin noise comes in right about the same as every other entry in this near luxury – I suppose you’d call it mass-market Premium type competitor so something like a Avalon again the cadenza the–is era the Impala etc they’re all just about as quiet out on the road of course I haven’t had this vehicle at home so I haven’t been able to drive it on my usual roads or use my usual test equipment to evaluate this vehicle so be sure and stay tuned for a complete review coming up at some point soon

however I can say that without a doubt the Chrysler 300 has one of the highest polished levels of any vehicle anywhere near this price range so I could very easily with a straight face compare this to something like a BMW 5-series or city’s benz e-class in terms of driving dynamics out on the road this is of course a larger vehicle so this will drive larger than those midsize European rear-

wheel drive competitors so this will drive larger than something like Cadillac CTS Cadillac CTS feels very nimble very lightweight in comparison out on the road but this is a much larger vehicle this is actually more similar in size to the Cadillac XTS than the Cadillac CTS the biggest benefit of course to the Chrysler 300 is that you get all this rear-wheel drive dynamic of course all the luxury features going on the inside for a very good price so let’s move on over to pricing pricing for 2015 is relatively simple a base limited v6 model will start at thirty one thousand three hundred

ninety five dollars now that base Limited model does come with an awful lot of standard features that you don’t find in the competition like standard leather seats and that standard 8.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system you can add navigation to that base system either before or after you leave the dealer but it’s also kind of a unique feature in this segment if you want the v8

option then you do have to move up to the 300s and that will start at thirty four thousand eight hundred ninety five dollars with the v6 add the v8 for three thousand dollars now you can add all-wheel drive on any of the trim levels of Chrysler 300 even that base limited v6 model if you want the Chrysler 300c which we’re taking a look at right here in this blue trim that will set you back

thirty-seven thousand eight hundred ninety five dollars throughout the top-end model that would be the Platinum version that will set you back forty two thousand three ninety five again you can add three thousand dollars for the v8 and twenty five hundred dollars for the all wheel drive now as I mentioned earlier all-wheel drive and the v8 is no longer an available combination so if you want all-wheel drive it’s going to be v6 only competition for the 300 is very tricky because there really isn’t anything like the 300 on the market except for perhaps that Chevy SS but the Chevy SS is

v8 only it’s also more powerful than any of the versions of the Chrysler 300 for the 2015 model year in reality if you want to compete with the Chevy SS in the Chrysler family you’d be taking a look at the Dodge Charger the Dodge Charger is still available in SRT or Hellcat version with just about the same amount of power as that Chevy SS or considerably more power in Chrysler’s competitive set they were calling out things like the Ford Taurus as well as the Chevy Impala but I actually don’t think that’s the right competition for the 300 in my mind because the and the Ford

Taurus start much lower than the 300 you don’t get leather in the standard versions and they’re much less of a premium product even in the base form value is obviously what the 300 is all about and that’s really obvious when you take a look up the ladder something like a Hyundai Genesis starts seven thousand dollars more than the base Chrysler 300 I think actually we get about the

same kind of feature content inside the 300 as the Genesis that makes this a very very good value compared to the Hyundai of course if you want a v8 in your Hyundai Genesis that will set you back at least fifty one thousand five hundred dollars and fifty one thousand dollars is right about where the 300 stops so the 300 is still an excellent value at the top of its trim when compared to something like a Toyota Avalon a Kia cadenza or a Hyundai Azera that are right in this segment this compare is very well feature for feature in terms of price however the 300 is by far the better

handling vehicle we also have a few standard features in this that you don’t get in that competition comparing the 300 is tricky enough that when I did my own research against the Chrysler 300 and what I thought its competition should be I ended up with completely different answers than what Chrysler actually thought I should be comparing it to so I’m just going to go with what I

thought it should be compared to the Lincoln MKS is a little bit bigger than this but it starts at 38,000 $850 it’s about $7,000 more than this we actually get a few features in this that you don’t get standard in that MKS like that 8.4 inch color touch screen well you can get the MKS with a twin turbo v6 engine this v8 engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission is much more responsive it’s also much more of a dynamic vehicle than the MKS even though the MKS is longer we get a little bit more trunk space but not a whole lot more rear passenger accommodation the same sort of comparison happens when you take a look at the Cadillac XTS of course the Cadillac CTS could be compared with the Chrysler 300 because it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle but that CTS is smaller

than this the XTS is about the same size in general as the Chrysler 300 they have a lot more rear passenger room in this as well as the XTS but the XTS is considerably more expensive it actually starts at 44,000 at $600 that’s an awful lot more than a bass Chrysler 300 with not a whole lot of additional feature content the XTS does have that very impressive LCD instrument cluster but if

you thought the Delta between a bass 300 and a bass XTS was big you should see the difference at the top end where you get that as well as the twin-turbo six engine that doesn’t really produce that much more horsepower than the v8 that’s optional in this vehicle of course the v8 powered Chrysler 300 is going to be rear-wheel drive it’s going to be much more dynamic out on the road and I actually think that the interior is better in the Chrysler 300 especially in the top-end trims you don’t get a stitched leather dashboard stitch leather doors quilted leather anything’s in that

Cadillac XTS the Chrysler 300 really crosses over between the mainstream segment and the near luxury segment in my opinion this really is somewhere in between because we have the rear-wheel drive layout and luxury features on the inside that you normally find in a luxury vehicle but it is still a Chrysler branded vehicle with a few hard plastics on the inside and of course a Chrysler logo and Chrysler brand and Chrysler warranties chrysler dealer experience baked into it as well so this compares very well in my mind to something like a Volvo s80 which starts at 41,000 450 we’re

even possibly a BMW 3-series starting at 30 $2,950 that BMW is of course rear-wheel drive but this is actually larger than a 5 Series it’s actually more like 7 Series size so if you’re looking at that comparison you need to keep in mind the 3 Series is 30 mm 950 that starts about where this vehicle starts but you’re getting a vehicle that’s much much much bigger Acura RLX comes to mind at forty eight thousand four hundred fifty dollars as far as a competitor to the top in terms of the Chrysler 300 the 300 has real wood trim that you don’t get in the US and the RLX we also get a

leather stitched dashboard that you don’t get in that RLX some very nice features on the inside you’ll also get more room in the back seats in this than you will in the Acura RLX and in my opinion

a better driving experience and better passenger experience all the way around of course now it makes sense to circle all the way back to the Impala the Taurus as well as the Avalon because the Chrysler 300 really compares very well with them as well as the luxury set it actually sets the 300 in a much better light in my opinion than if you only looked at the Taurus of the Impala and the Avalon this has a much nicer interior on the inside it’s also rear-wheel drive it’s much more fun to drive out on the road we get the optional v8 engine we get the 8-speed automatic transmission

that you don’t find in any of that competition but we also have an interior and an exterior that can very easily be compared to vehicles costing ten thousand dollars more than this again with a straight face it’s really no stretch to say this is a very good alternative to something like that Volvo s80 or the Cadillac XTS if you’re shopping even in the mid-sized sedan category looking at something like a fully loaded Fusion Sonata

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