2015 Ford Kuga first review

Ford’s 2-liter TDI engine accounts for the vast majority of UK sales of its midsize SUV the Cougar so for 2015 is decided to add a whole host of revisions to give.

It a bit of an upgrade including 178 brake horsepower 295 pounds for a talk and it emits 135 g/km of co2 so roughly speaking performances up about 10 percent year-on-year and yet it still dropped a vehicle excise duty group into Group E which is great news for the consumer we’re here in northern Italy to test this top spec titanium export with the 2-liter diesel in manual and it is by far and away the most standard version in the range especially if you expect.

This new Tiger metallic other additions to this trim level include huge 19-inch alloy wheels it’s on winters for today you’ve got body coloured wheel arches Bali coloured sill extensions though be warned.

They don’t I’ll pick up quite a bit of mess in that bottom soil so you’ll be cleaning it a fair amount you’ve got real privacy glass for the kids a rear spoiler and this silver coated Roy diffuser this test car also specs Ford’s hands-free tailgate system and this is really effective because if you’ve got a obviously a handful of luggage or or shopping or whatever this helps you just get into the boot and one in three cougar customers actually specs.

This which is a nice little touch so are those performance difference is noticeable while the talk certainly is there used to be quite flat this engine just below 1500 rpm just because you were waiting for the boost to come in but now I think the band has reduced slightly and the in gear acceleration is obviously vast improvement the performance isn’t anything to write home about nor 260 miles an hour takes nine point two seconds but performance isn’t the deciding factor.

Here comfort is and on that from the Cougar does very well the suspension is incredibly compliant it’s kind of like a middle road it gives you enough sort of feedback in direct response through the wheel when you go through a sweeping turn but it also has a nice compliancy and it stops you rolling around so it’s not soft enough to make you feel a little bit carsick so it’s really wonderfully balanced to things I’m not so keen on the fact that you still only can’t get it as a 7 seater.

Which is a bit frustrating the 2-liter diesel is now more than up for the task and also if you have a look at this dashboard whereas a lot of Ford’s competitors are now going for a cool digital infotainment system with minimal buttons and a touchscreen interface for is still persevering with Sony and this sort of panoply of buttons it’s an overload of buttons and I think even when you’re on your own in the car it’s enough of a hassle to work out what every button does but when you got a car full of kids a bit alike mission that all said I think this is a really credible midsize SUV and it’s one that we could see that could fit into family life very easily

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