2015 Honda CB125F bike review

2015 Honda CB125F bike review the Honda CB 1 2 5 F formerly known as the CB f 1 2 5 has been the UK’s most

popular motorcycles since 2009 it’s a one licensed friendly and represents a

very affordable entry point onto two wheels whether you’re new to riding or

simply need something small and dependable for commuting

the honda CB 1 2 5 f is an unpretentious motorcycle the focus is on simplicity

and keeping your running costs down to an absolute minimum that said you’re not

left with any impression that you’re riding around on a budget bike here for

starters the styling mimics that of the bigger Seabees in the Honda model range

although cleverly the lack of any large fairings means there’s less bodywork to damage and have to replace it also

features large 18-inch alloy wheels acentre stand which is really handy for

2015 Honda CB125F bike review

when you’re having to maintain lubricating that chain and preload

adjustable twin shocks this 90 by 90 section rear tire may look a bit on the

skinny side but it’s totally acceptable for this 1 to 5 as is the front disc and

rear drum set up because when bikes weigh the same as a bag of crisps items

like abs aren’t really needed and aren’t missed sitting in the steel frame is an

air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke unit that develops just over 10 brake

horsepowe it features an engine balancer shaft to

offset any vibrations and it’s hooked up to a Nazi but very precise 5-speed

manual gearbox the Ryan position is upright open and comfortable and this

dashboard is a very clean analogue affair there having 90 miles an hour on

this speed though I think is a bioptimistic handily for lunar riders the

engine cutoff switch has been deleted so to turn the bike on or off you simply

just use the key it’s also got a gear selector screen a very prominent set of

indicators just to let you know when you’ve accidentally left the turn

signals on after a junction and a fuel gauge which given the incredible economy

of this thing will barely move all week everything about the cb1 to 5f is easy

parking and u-turns are a cinch the collectors two fingers light and the

power delivery is so smooth and linear right the way through to the 9000 rpm

redline there’s a complete lack of vibration

2015 Model Honda CB125F bike review

from this engine to which given the fact it’s a single cylinder is really

impressive but the only vibes that you do feel on this thing go through the

wing there is true you haven’t got that much power to play around with but it is

such a giggle to keep the throttle absolutely pin for the majority of your

ride and you find yourself planning ahead a lot more carrying a lot more

corner speed down hill just so you got enough momentum to take you back up it

and with a good tailwind you can easily see 65 miles an hour on this speed oh

the brakes are stable the suspension is unflustered the majority of time though

on a few occasions that front fork has come a bit unstuck on some very severe

potholes but overall this is a very secure very solid entry-level Honda

the honda CB 125 f is well built cheaper than a rail car to finance and for new

riders there’s the added advantage of Honda’s vast dealer network for support

as entry levels into two wheels go this thing is as easy as it gets

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