2015 Volvo XC90 SUV review

2015 Volvo XC90 SUV review the Volvo xc90 is the flagship seven-seat SUV from the Swedish car maker that has proven hugely popular amongst British car buyers this second generation version builds on that success with an emphasis on comfort style and of course safety as you’d expect from the company that gave us the seat belt for Volvo the xc90 is the vanguard of the company’s new design

direction on the parent company gilli everything about this car is brand new the platform the engines even the logo is new with all of it designed and built entirely in-house the Swedes have such a rich heritage of design and that confidence around clean organic forms is very evident in this car most notably in this large floating grill and the standard fit daytime running LED headlights

2015 Volvo XC90 SUV Review & Ratings

I also really like the clever surfacing and these high shoulders that quite clearly disguise this cars considerable bulk all versions receive at least 19-inch alloy

wheels as standard but if you fancy a bit more bling then inscription trim adds a chrome grille and soft nappa leather while the our design pack boasts agressive bumpers and sport seats inside feels like stepping into a boutique luxury hotel with clean lines gorgeous materials and beautiful detailing standard equipment is excellent with keyless go climate control digital da B radio these gorgeous

multi adjustable leather seats not to mention this 9 inch touchscreen infotainment system there are just a handful of physical buttons up front for your hazard lights your heated screen your cooled glove box and your volume controls but pretty much everything else is controlled via this portrait shaped tablet and it is so user-friendly where just like a smartphone you’ll

swipe left to right to reveal new functions and new menus and it’s all very logically laid out unfortunately as is the case in most Volvo’s it’s let down a little bit by the sat-nav

which just doesn’t seem to be quick enough to respond to pinching and dragging however there is some help in the form of the optional apple carplay system which now allows you to basically use the infotainment screen as an extension of your smartphone so in the worst case scenario you can always piggyback your phone’s navigation rather than use Volvo’s another option we’d really recommend you picking is the 360-degree surround

new camera system which makes reverse parking an absolute doddle in the middle row there’s loads of space for three adults to sit side-by-side never mind three children so you get two sets of ISOFIX lashing points for child car seats and child locks for those rear doors this test car also comes with Volvo’s family pack

which includes rear Sun blinds and an integrated booster cushion in this middle seat if you haven’t to use the rear most set of chairs a lot then you’ll prefer the xc90 over seven seat versions of the bmw x5 and Range Rover Sport because there’s so much easier to get in and out of their proper sized chairs

with decent legroom plus there’s air conditioning curtain airbags and some Spyder friendly storage back here too there isn’t a super practical split tailgate sadly but it is fully automatic the load bait is totally flat plus there are some handy dividers for all your shopping and even when all seven seats are in use and you’ve gone for the optional spare tire there’s still plenty of room for a baby buggy fold

all those rear seats flat and you’ve got enough space for everything including the kitchen sink despite its size the xc90 is a very smooth and relaxing car to drive it feels surprisingly light on its feet

with sharper accurate steering and body lean that is well composed and controlled to the standard steel springs are a little bit firm and fussy at low speeds but they’ll be fine for most families and if you want a bit more suppleness from the ride quality then there is the option of air suspension engine choice is limited to a t6 petrol which is thirsty a t8 twin engine hybrid that looks good on paper for company car buyers

but it’s very expensive and this most popular d5 diesel unit which is our pick of the range admittedly 2 liters and 4 cylinders doesn’t sound that impressive when compared to other rivals that law firm or cylinders

but with 222 brake horsepower performance is decent and the 8-speed automatic although it isn’t the quickest box on the block it’s very easy to get along with more importantly for the bank of mom and dad is the fact that this thing will be delivering nearly 50 miles per gallon consistently the xc90 is well-priced well-equipped cheap to run plus manages to be both deeply desirable and practical as large family SUVs go this xc90 ticks all the boxes you

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