2017-2020 BMW i3 review

2017-2020 BMW i3 review the i3 with BMWs first major break away from tradition powered petrol and diesel engined cars it’s also the first from its futuristic I sub brand thankfully

it’s still enjoyable to drive thanks to modern construction techniques and the use of carbon fibre and aluminium offsets the weight of the battery

importantly for anyone who cares about being bubblies heritage its rear-wheel drive the only difference is it’s an electric motor driving those wheels you

can buy it with either a pure electric powertrain or as a range extender hybrid with a small petrol engine and electric motor the electric i3 has a decent

2017-2020 BMW i3 review

real-world range of around 124 miles between charges while the range extender will take you approximately 90 miles further between Philips and you can use

the petrol motor to keep it topped up on the move keep watching to find out everything you need to know about buying a BMW i3 and which version you should

choose like other electric cars the i3 gives you all of its power the moment you press the accelerator that means it’s seriously quick off the mark and

nippy enough to negotiate its way around town traffic although the power tails off as you reach its top speed that maximum is 93 miles per hour so the i3

is also well suited to motorway driving the i3 has three driving modes to choose from Comfort Eco Pro and Eco Pro Plus in contrast to conventional systems its

comfort that offers the best performance switch the Eco Pro Mode and the cards energy recuperation system cuts i sooner take your foot off the throttle

and it slows the car down harvesting that energy and feeding it back to the battery it also minutes of speed 270 miles per hour unless you

put your foot hard on the throttle to override it Eco Pro Plus is vast left for urban use as it limits the top speed even more and also shuts off the climate

control while the i3 sticks to the road well and has little body rolls through the twisty sections the trade-off for this is a pretty firm ride it’s quite

crashy on the 19-inch wheels and if you go for the 20s it’s even worse than we would avoid those there’s plenty of adjustments in the seat and steering

well which means people of all shapes and sizes should find a comfortable driving position our only criticism is that there’s no number adjustment which

means that non journeys can get under 4 uncomfortable it’s easy to get in the back once you get used to these hinge doors but once you are here there’s not

much leg or Headroom even though the i3 is the smallest BMW can buy I have to say the interior is up there with others in the range the switches look like

they’ve been borrowed from a big executive saloon and now are exposed splashes with carbon fibre and appealing finishes dotted all over the cabin BMW

business is the standard infotainment system on the i3 and it comes with a six and a half inch screen and a chunky rotary dial on the center console it’s a

breeze to use go through the professional system and you get a 10. inch screen and a pad on the middle of the dial which enables you to write in

postcodes both systems have been fine-tuned for the electric car user and they show you the newest charging points and a suspected destination in the sat-nav

it warns you if it’s out of range so let’s see how easy it is to set a destination and also to pair my mobile phone if we go to menu and telephone

Bluetooth devices add a new device let’s see if I can see on my phone bluetooth there it is BMW e90 10 pair okay okay excellent I am paired now I am going to go back to

the nav now and give it another opportunity to find a charging point if I do go two points of interest and vehicle charging station

there we go now that I know my phone is paired I have slightly more patience and look at that now it’s had a chance to think about it there are plenty of

charging stations around so let’s just click on one this one there’s plenty of room up front in the i3 thanks to no traditional hand brake and the gear

leaver is on the steering column plus the dash has a deep piece collet base which aids legroom even further the same can’t be said to the rear though it’s

easy to get in the back once you get used to these hinge doors but once you are here there’s not much leg or Headroom boot space is enough up there

with the class leaders unfortunately there’s enough room for your weekly shop but sewing push chairs or golf clubs could be a challenge there’s no getting

around the fact the bends of the i3 is expensive to buy even taking the government electric car grant into consideration it still costs almost

twice as much as a regular hatchback such as a Ford Fiesta it should be cheap to live with though because you can charge it from virtually empty on a

domestic plug socket overnight premiere few pounds so everything should be reasonable – especially if you go for BMWs fixed plan which lasts for five

years or 60,000 miles so should you go pure electric or for the range extender unless you’ll be doing regular 100 mile + tracks we’d

stick with the electric i3 it’s a few thousand pounds cheaper to buy and you won’t have to buy petrol for it and the difference in distance between the two

is not as much as you might think that’s one electric i3 goes 124 miles in between charges and the one fitted with the range extender it’s only around 100

miles more at 210 miles in between fuel stops whichever BMW i3 you choose you can be happy in the knowledge you’re driving

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